Weekly Shonen: Bleach 564-565, Naruto 661-662, One Piece 734-735

I have been slacking a lot when it comes to blog stuff, eh. Well, to be perfectly honest, it is mostly because I have been busy with other things, so it doesn’t feel as bad.

Anyway, as late as it is, here is the first Weekly Shonen post of 2014.

Bleach pretty Rukia


Bleach Yhwach

So, Renji never knew the full name of his Zanpaktou, huh. Well, now he does thanks to the old man that names things.

Out of context, the notion that a name could mean so much would be rather silly, but this is Bleach and we have known since the beginning that a name means a heck of a lot.

Bleach Renji bankai

I don’t have much of an opinion on Renji’s new bankai, but it seems pretty cool, I guess. The problem with any powerup at this point in the manga though is that you won’t actually get to see it used very often and you won’t get to see it used effectively (against a very tough opponent).

Still, the adaptability of his new sword matches Renji and his loose, not straightforward fighting style. I look forward to seeing how the others have improved.

I really liked chapter 565 and I liked it not because it was cool, badass or touching but because it actually made sense (by Bleach standards).

This war finally makes some sense. Moustache-villain wasn’t just a Quincy trying to deal out justice, but rather he is just an old man trying to stay alive.

I am not particularly fond of how he goes about surviving but at least this gives him a motive to start this war. A generic reason like “revenge against all Soul Reapers” is so much more lame than a selfish reason like “I want to survive and become stronger”.

bleach war

Poor Ishida though. He seems to be in a tough spot now. I wonder how this will turn out for him.

Someone on the MangaShare forums suggested that Ichigo will defeat the bad guy because he is part hollow, so when his soul returns, Moustache-kun will be poisoned and die. I am not sure if it will work out that cleanly, but I can see it happening.


Naruto great cover 03-04

Great cover.

Maybe it is because I hadn’t read Naruto for a while, but I didn’t really mind the continuation of Madara fan service.

The little skirmish with the 2nd Hokage in particular was kind of cool. That fight was one of those destined fights, I suppose, so even though it didn’t last long and the 2nd got his butt kicked, it was still nice to see.

Speaking of the 2nd, I like how he doesn’t really hold much of a resentment for Madara. Madara hates the 2nd because the 2nd killed the younger Uchiha brother and while I am sure at one point in time, the 2nd Hokage hated Madara as well, he is no longer that adamant or arrogant.

To sum it up, the 2nd Hokage is a more mature individual than we were initially lead to believe and Madara is still a spoiled brat who forces his own dogma down the throats of others.

naruto sasuke failure

naruto sasuke failure 2

Good job Sasuke.

Poor Sasuke.

Naruto Sasuke Itachi

Not much happened in chapter 662. We got to see Zetsu beat the good guys around a little bit and as a whole, the chapter’s main purpose was escalating the situation, which it did sort of well, I guess.

The good guys are in a bit of a predicament and both Naruto and Sasuke are on death’s door. OH WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?! What miraculous thing will save them? Will Hinata be involved? What cheesy lines will Naruto spout?!?

Find out next time! Not next week though (Naruto is going on a break for a while).

One Piece

One Piece Sabo

Hoh, so Cavendish has this second, ruthless personality to him, huh. I can’t say I saw that coming and to be honest, it was pulled out of a hat. Oda’s “twists” are normally slightly better planned.

I liked how Don Flamingo was actually shown to be wrong for once. Up until now, he has seen through everything Law and the Straw Hats have done but his speech to King Riku was filled with miscalculations. This is to be expected of course. He has no idea that the Fairy people have teamed up with the Straw Hats, nor does he know of the secret tunnels they are using.

It is brilliant. I can’t wait to see Don Flamingo when he realizes that his carefully made plans have gone astray.

Speaking of seeing Don becoming uncomfortable, Fujitora did a real number on him in chapter 735. Fujitora has a great sense of justice. He isn’t like other marines who simply do what is best for the Marines or the World Government, he does what is best for the innocent.



Unfortunately, this philosophy means that he is going to stop the Straw Hats because he doesn’t want the innocent people of this island getting hurt but it also means that he won’t take nonsense from Don Flamingo when this whole thing is wrapped up.

Violet is pretty cool. If someone from this arc was to join the Straw Hats, my number one choice would be the Fairy Princess, followed by Violet. I don’t like Rebecca enough to want her to join. I guess Sabo could join, but I don’t see that happening either and I want a girl anyway. OH, maybe Koala though I doubt she is interested.

I hate to admit it, but I am beginning to like “Senor”. He is kind of noble in a rather funny, likable way. I still don’t totally get the “HARD BOILED” (a person who acts like they have no emotions – had to look that up ) gag, but whatever, it is cool.

One Piece Hard Boiled Senor

The marines showed up. They are probably going to side with Senor and try to team up to take down Franky though I get the feeling, Senor won’t be too fond of that.


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