Weekly Shonen: Bleach 566, One Piece 736

Hello, hello.

I have not done much this month of January. I apologize for that.

Also, no Naruto this week.

Bleach Morning 3


Bleach Fear17

Renji is a dumb butt. But, we still love him. He goes and finds a good place to hide, but then falls asleep anyway. Well, I can’t really blame him. Poor guy must be tired.

The enemy seems to be one of those “I will analyze your ability and figure out your weakness” people. Given that he observed Renji for so long, I can see him being trouble. Maybe someone else will end up fighting him.

Rukia was pretty cool this chapter. I don’t quite know if she just supressed/conquered her fear or used some kind of special ability.

You know, maybe she “froze” her ability to be scared or maybe she bounced it back to the bad guy, so now he is scared of her.

It seems more reasonable to think she just somehow suppressed her fear, but if Byakuya could not do it, I am not really sure how she can.

One Piece

One Piece Don Mad15

The Colosseum battle has gotten quite intense. I guess Diamante’s ability is all right. I am not particularly interested in it, but I can see how it can be quite useful (use hard materials such as steel like you would cloth).

Luffy is still an idiot. I mocked Renji earlier, but if we were comparing the idiocy of the two, Luffy would win by a mile. I still love him though.

Luffy’s recklessness, aside from being a demonstrator of his usual brashness, lead to Don Flamingo getting angry. I really liked seeing that.

Don thought everything was going according to plan, but now all of a sudden, he is told that Luffy is not only in the castle but in the Colosseum as well? His surprise is not shocking but oh is it ever so gratifying.

I can’t wait to see him get even more riled up once the Fairies/Toys succeed in overthrowing him. This will be lots of fun. That said, I don’t know how Luffy/Zoro/Samurai Guy will take on both Don Flamingo and Fujitora. This should be fun.

Well, before that, they are going to have to take care of that Pica fellow who is no doubt, quite strong.

I also want to see a bit of how Sanji and the others are doing. I assume they are trying to run away from Big Mamma’s ship but I am sure Sanji and the Sunny have done at least some damage.


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