Weekly Shonen: Bleach 567, Naruto 663, One Piece 737


bleach 01


bleach 15

Rukia was quite the badass. It is great seeing her play a cooler (GET IT) role. Her zanpaktou is very interesting. I think this is the only zanpaktou I know that works by modifying the wielder (or at least to this extent).

The whole “Fear does not affect the dead” is Bleach logic at best, but it is quite acceptable as far as Bleach logic goes.

I hope the bad guy doesn’t get a powerup and come back. It would be such a shame to not end the fight with that final “So this is fear” line.


Obligatory Sage Madara picture.

Obligatory Sage Madara picture.

Not bad.

I knew the 9 Tails had a plan to save Naruto. In hindsight, it is quite an obvious plan, but I hadn’t thought of taking the other half and putting it in him.

Sakura had quite a bit of gutso this time. She made an incision and grabbed Naruto’s heart (literally) and manually kept it beating. That was pretty cool.

This battle is actually quite confusing. I forgot where everyone is located relative to one another. I think the 4th was near Obito, but he wasn’t shown fighting Zetsu(Toby), so I am not sure where he is.

Speaking of Zetsu, Orochimaru and his goons are pretty talented and their teamwork is actually quite top notch. Looks like Karin has the same Uzumaki powers that Naruto’s mother had. Maybe she will teach them to Naruto someday (unlikely).

Madara went and got himself another powerup. At this point in time, I am quite bored of his near limitless power. That said, he did look pretty cool.

A lot of people suspect that the “mysterious shadow” approaching Sasuke is actually Kabuto. We will see if that is the case.

One Piece



So, that executive person can assimilate with Rock, eh. That’s interesting. So, he doesn’t just become rock, but becomes one with it and gains the ability to control it as he sees fit.

Sabo is strong. Burgess is one of Blackbeard’s top men and Sabo was not only able to withstand a blow from Burgess but break Burgess’es armor in the process.

I feel sorry for Cavendish. He deserves better, but hopefully the toy curse will be broken soon enough. Though it does make me wonder. If these toys have to obey every order, then how did Soldier-san get away?

The Dwarves’ plan to knock out Sugar is priceless. I don’t think it will work, but trying to knock her out via use of a super spicy grape is adorable.

This kind of demonstrates the difference between the Dwarves and Don & his crew. Don & his crew always seem to take the rash, cruelest option to get what they want, but the Dwarves are much more innocent, more naive and all around, much more nice.

I predict that Usopp will somehow have to intervene and knock her out with one of his shots.

(I feel sorry for Sugar. The poor girl can’t sleep. It would be interesting if she made a turnaround and became one of the good guys, but I don’t think that is happening.)

One piece Brave Leo


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  1. #1 by stealth22 on March 13, 2014 - 4:22 am

    I really enjoy watching one piece and naruto! They are my favorites!

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