Weekly Shonen: Bleach 569-571, Naruto 665-666, One Piece 738-739

I am so sorry this post is late. I have been dropping the ball quite often lately. Though, in my defense, I did have midterms last week.

Bleach As Nodt 04


Bleach Rukia Ice

In the last post I made on chapter 568, I expressed some discontent at the fact that Rukia had to be saved. As much as I love Byakuya, it was still a bit disheartening to see Rukia need his services.

Then Bleach went and shocked me…twice. The first shock came when we learned that Byakuya was only using his shikai. He was able to generate all those petals with his shikai. That was impressive.

The second, perhaps far greater shock, came when Byakuya let Rukia finish the fight. It was great not only because Rukia finally got a moment to shine but also because it demonstrated Byakuya’s changing attitude towards her.

In the past, he had always been slightly overprotective (preventing her from getting a numbered seat for example), but here he was willing to step aside and believe in her.

Rukia’s bankai definitely lived up to Byakuya and my expectations. She wiped out a heck of a lot, but its quite a double edge blade.

I assume we will get to see her use it again sometime this arc. I look forward to it, but I am also looking forward to seeing Byakuya’s improved bankai.

Such a good older brother.

Such a good older brother.

Äs Nödt was a pretty creepy, well done villain. I liked his back story. I thought he had a pretty fitting end.

Oh and this Gwenhael guy is pretty creepy. I wonder if Yajirou will beat him or will Kepachi show up somehow.


Naruto Kakashi Obito Final Mission

It was nice seeing Obito finally regain some common sense and fight back against Madara. It was also nice because after so many repeated cycles of small hope -> great despair, we finally got what appears to be the start of the successful fight back (or at least I hope so).

The flashback in 666 was all right. It was a bit corny and time consuming, but whatever.

I don't know if Kakashi would ever actually say that, but I laughed anyway.

I don’t know if Kakashi would ever actually say that, but I laughed anyway.

I wonder where Madara saw Guy before. It would be pretty funny if Guy or one of his ancestors accidentally ruined one of Madara’s complicated plans.

I guess, we will see a revived Naruto next chapter. I wonder what Obito is going to do with the little bit of the 1 and 8 Tails that he retrieved.

Speaking of bijuus, isn’t it funny how easy it has become to seal/unseal these tailed beasts now? Before you needed some super powerful sealing jutsu’s, but now you can just stick your arm in someone.

Oh and I am tired of the 4th being useless. The poor guy keeps trying to be useful, but he always seems to fail for some reason. Maybe he will act as a shield or something before dying properly.

One Piece

One Piece Meteora Trebol

I can’t believe the dwarves are naive enough to work for Don Flamingo. Those poor guys, they are so innocent and cute.

Robin’s idea of distracting Trebol was a pretty great idea, but unfortunately, neither Robin nor the dwarfs knew Sugar was actually so strong.

Trebol is not only strong, but pretty cruel to, what with setting those poor dwarfs on fire.

I was wondering how the Captain became a soldier and retained his independence. Apparently, Sugar forgot to make a contract with him. That makes sense, but boy was that a big mistake on her part.

We already knew he was the previous King’s son, but now we got confirmation that he was also Kratos, the Gladiator champion.

I really hope Usopp and Robin (especially Usopp) get a chance to shine here.

Oh and I do wonder why Sugar was expecting


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