Weekly Shonen: Bleach 571, Naruto 667, One Piece 740



Bleach Yajirou is the best

This was a great chapter. If was always kind of obvious that Yachiru was very strong. When she first met Ichigo, she appeared on his shoulder without alerting him. She scared away a messenger (relaying news of Aizen’s demise) via Spirit Pressure and so on.

As it turns out, that initial impression was quite correct. She is very strong (at least in terms of reflexes) and more so than that, she is just as bloodthirsty if not more so than her Captain.

Bleach Sanpo Kenjuu

Her Shikai is pretty cool. It is definitely one of the more creative ones (at least in terms of simple effectiveness) in recent memory. I hope she is able to finish off this goofball on herown and Kenpachi doesn’t come out of nowhere to save her (though I do want to see Kenpachi again).

That said, it is quite interesting to see Yachiru and Isane Kotetsu hang out like this. Both of them supposedly lost their Captain to the others Captain.


I am just going to casually sit here and insert my Snake into Sasuke-kun.

I am just going to casually sit here and insert my Snake into Sasuke-kun.

I am not too surprised to see Kabuto there, though I do kind of wish it had been someone else. It was kind of cheesy seeing him talk about redemption and all that, but well I liked the Kabuto backstory, so I guess it is good to see him as a good guy of sorts now.

Guy-Sensei was kind of cool. Okay, I will admit he is always cool. It is a bit of a shame that his super strong Taijutsu did no real damage to Madara.

We have been told that if you open the 8th Gate you die, but given this manga’s foray into frequent plot-jutsu and deus-ex’es, I wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up not being the case at all.

I am also concerned, or rather convinced that even if Guy opens all 8 Gates and goes all out, he won’t do much more than scratch Madara.

It is unfortunate, but Madara will not be beaten unless Naruto (and likely Sasuke as well) are on the scene, so Guy’s sacrifice (should he die) will likely be in vain.

That said, Madara did show some fear of the 8th gate, so maybe we will see him lose a bit of blood.

According to the translators, the Kanji for “green” also means “youthful”, so whenever the word green was used, Guy Sensei was not only referring to the Steam released by his 7th release, but also to the notion of youth.

For Guy, it has always been about youth. To him, youth means enthusiasm, energy and endless spirit. I guess, that is why his final lines this chapter mean quite a lot. The “Springtime of youth” is not over, but it will be when Guy decides to cast aside the Green Beast (his youth) and become the Red Beast of Konoha (his death).

Naruto Red Beast

…Or Something.

One Piece

One Piece Disguise

It was a pretty eventful chapter, but for some reason, I don’t really have too much to say. It looks like Zoro’s first proper fight is going to be up against that Rock guy, but he is going to have to figure out a trick to beat him.

The Don Flamingo disguise was hilarious. He looks just like the real thing to!

It was kind of funny how everyone (first the Toy Soldier, then Franky, then Robin and finally Leo) all put their hopes on Usopp only for Usopp to run away.

I am a bit disappointed actually. I was hoping that by now, Usopp would have grown into his role and would be a bit more brave by now. I know he is going to man up and fight back somehow, but still he shouldn’t have run away in the first place.

( I wonder if he’d have been more brave if he remembered Robin and knew she had been turned into a toy. I also wonder if Robin had to sign a contract or she managed to run away.)

Robin makes for a cute toy.

Robin makes for a cute toy.

There is one hope of redemption though. Someone suggested that he was only running away to put distance between himself and the enemy (because he is a sniper) and once he gets far enough, he will pull out SOGEKING.

That would be wonderful. I want to see Sogeking return, but it better happen soon. I want everyone to remember Robin as soon as possible.

Regardless of what happens though, I still think it is kind of cheap of One Piece to use such a cliffhanger like this.


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