How much coffee does Master grind?

I am sorry, I have been so inactive as of late. I have been genuinely busy though, so please don’t hate me too much. This post is also totally and utterly useless, so don’t hate me for that either.

Anyway, the question we are trying to ask and find a not very accurate answer to is quite simple:

Just how much coffee does the "Master" grind?

Just how much coffee does the “Master” grind?


To try and figure this out, I conducted a simple (but not terribly useful) experiment. While watching the Hamatora finale, I used my hand grinder to grind some coffee.

I then made note of the time it took to reach 2 Cups of time. We can use that time to interpret how much coffee Master would grind in one episode of Hamatora.


So, here is my grinder:

Hario Mini Mill Slim Grinder

This is a Hario Mini Mill Slim Grinder. Please forgive the lackluster picture quality.

Note the 2 Cup mark in the picture (kind of blocked by the flash). This is our target. That is to say, how much time does it take to get those 2 cups of coffee.


Grinding was started at the exact same time as the episode and then stopped once the 2 Cup mark was reached. The time spent ( current time of the video ) was recorded.

An attempt was made to keep a consistent grind rate. In theory, the author of this post should have tried multiple trials and averaged them out, but the author was lazy.

In theory, this experiment could have been done without a Hamatora episode playing (using a stopwatch), but that would feel too disjoint.


2014-03-25 22.11.19

Time taken to get 2 Cups: 8 minutes, 45 Seconds.


Hamatora 474

A Hamatora episode seems to vary between roughly 24 minutes and 26 minutes (not lying, it actually does vary). Given that, we average out the time to be ~25 minutes.

Since, it took us 8.75 minutes (45 seconds is 3/4 of a minute) to make 2 cups, we can make 2 Cups * (25 / 8.75) = 5.714 cups in 25 minutes.

Now, the Master has a much bigger grinder than me, and he is likely far, far stronger. Knowing that, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that he makes at least 3 times as much coffee per unit time than me (probably significantly more).

So, in one episode, he makes at least 5.714 * 3 = 17.143 cups of coffee. An alternative way of thinking about this is that, assuming Master makes 17 cups per episode, he has enough coffee grind to make 17 customers coffee every 25 minutes or so.

Compared to a massive Coffee Franchise like Starbucks, this is a small number of customers. Note that while you might often spend more than 1 Minute 28 Seconds (25 / 17 ) at a coffee place to get your coffee, most of your wait is likely due to queuing delay/brewing time and not because of grind time.

(I assumed Starbucks grinds coffee on a frequent basis. I have observed that they carry Electronic Grinders in store, but I don’t actually know how often they use them.)

That said, the Nowhere cafe often appears to be empty, so they may normally not go above this number and if they do, I am sure Master will be able to handle it somehow.


In conclusion, we have sort of shown that the Master probably grinds roughly 17 person’s worth of coffee every episode. This groundbreaking fact will, unfortunately, likely not better our lives in any way.

Hamatora 479

Here is a bald picture just because.

Here is a bald picture just because.

Here is a bald picture just because.

Oh and if you want my opinion of the show, I thought it was pretty good, but the ending was quite cruel.


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