Monthly Shonen: Bleach 572-575, Naruto 668-671, One Piece 741-743

I am so sorry this is so late.

Let’s make this quick, shall we.

Bleach 05


Bleach 02

I was a bit disappointed when Kenpachi showed up. I kind of wanted to see Yachiru beat up the imagination dude, but oh well.

In the manga’s defense, this Gremmy fellow is said to be one of the strongest, if not the strongest Sternritter, so I can see the need for Kenpachi to show up.

(Personally, I’d have wanted Kenpachi to fight a simpler, more brute-like enemy, but that is been done again and again.)

As for the fight itself, well, it is all right. It is a standard Zaraki “break everything” fight. I will admit that 575 got interesting with Gremmy actually taking an interest in trying to eliminate Zaraki.

What a great line, face and page in general.

What a great line, face and page in general.


Naruto 21

I liked seeing Guy-Sensei go all out against Madara. I was actually a bit surprised to see Madara take damage, but quite glad he did.

As for the Naruto – Sage conversation, well, it has left me confused. There is too much back story and stuff involved that I have just stopped paying attention to it all.

All I know for sure is that Naruto holds one guy’s chakra (Ashura) and Sasuke holds Indra’s chakra. Basically, Naruto and Sasuke’s predecessors all fought against each other, but now the two (since they are friends) will no longer fight and the world will be saved.

YAY for destiny. YAY for friendship.

It is all a bit convoluted and it probably makes more sense if you have an understanding of Japanese/Budhist Mythology (which I don’t) and are paying attention while reading (which I don’t do).

Naruto also somehow got access to bits and pieces of all the Beast chakra’s. Now he can receive a powerup. Actually, it looks like Sasuke will be receiving one as well.

Guy-Sensei probably has one move left before he passes out. It will probably do some damage, but in the end, it will have to be Naruto and Sasuke that stop this Madara person.

I just hope it ends soon.

Naruto 12

I will admit, I was kind of touched by this.

One Piece



I knew Usopp would come back, but I do wish he had come back without hesitation or had come back as Sogeking. Oh well. He came back anyway and lost rapidly.

Oh well, what counts and what was absolutely hilarious was how despite losing, his face made Sugar faint.

As for the Kyros’es backstory? Fantastic. It’s been a while since we have gotten a relatively short, but very well fleshed out backstory like this one.

Kyros lead such a sad life. He spent everyday trying to redeem himself for a murder he had to commit. He fought in the stadium because that was the only place people would accept him.

Finally, after much fighting, he found a place as the spouse of the princess. Unfortunately, for him that too would not last as he got turned into a toy and she died right in his arms, not even conscious of the identity of the individual holding her.

Chapter 742 was fantastic because it told this heart wrenching story and then beautifully transitioned into the present where Sugar passed out hilariously.

Chapter 743 was nothing but chaos. So much chaos. Shit has truly hit the fan. I don’t think Don Flamingo is dead. That was too easy. Not sure how he survived though.

I am looking forward to seeing the calm that follows this storm.

One Piece 10-11

Oh and Sabos is really strong.


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