Tri-Weekly Shonen: Bleach 576-578, Naruto 672-674, One Piece 744-745

I want to apologize for doing this “late thing” so frequently. I don’t really know what sorry is worth at this point, but I am sorry regardless.

As an aside, doing posts like this often reminds me of just how slow things move in the Shonen world (well, for Bleach anyway). Anyway, let’s go go. I will make this short.

Bleach Kenpachi Wits End


I know a lot of it is just whitespace, but goddamn if this isn't well drawn. The miniature Zaraki looks like a Zaraki too! Bleach'es art never ceases to impress, I guess.

I know a lot of it is just white space, but goddamn if this isn’t well drawn. The miniature Zaraki looks like a Zaraki too! Bleach’es art never ceases to impress.

Haha, that meteorite was pretty scary. That point was really driven home when you saw even the enemies panic. The 2nd in command was worried about moustache-kun’s safety! It must have been some threat, eh. Fortunately, Kenpachi dealt with it without a hitch.Bleach Kenpachi Nozurashi

Kenpachi’s new sword is pretty interesting as well though I don’t quite understand what it does. Does it just cut through anything and everything or is it capable of devouring anything and everything?

Regardless, it is pretty strong for a shikai. It may even be the strongest shikai we have seen yet ( well, the only exceptions that come to mind are the previous commander’s fire thing and Byakuya’s new and improved shikai ).

I was left a bit confused by the bad guy’s death. I guess, he just tried to morph himself into some kind of unimaginable monster, but died because he couldn’t imagine something greater than Kenpachi? A truly dumb thing to attempt, I guess.

Bleach Fucking Dumbass


Naruto Sasuke Rinnegan

Guy-sensei’s final attack was truly great. Surprisingly enough, it did a fair amount of damage to Madara, but it just wasn’t quite enough. I guess it is a good thing that Naruto was able to save Guy. Madara got a powerup and became even more powerful, but I don’t really care.

I don’t really care because we get to see Naruto and Sasuke fight…together. It is quite fun seeing the two of them fight together. Most of the explanations of the jutsus used (namely the occular jutsus) go above my puny brain, but again, I don’t really care. It is just nice to see Sasuke and Naruto kick Madara’s butt.

It looks like Sakura is going to get involved somehow as well. I hope she doesn’t end up a hostage and actually does something to thwart Madara’s plan to get that Rinnegan from Obito.

This made me chuckle. I mean, how do you get your eye stolen/steal someone's eye like that?

This made me chuckle. I mean, how do you get your eye stolen/steal someone’s eye like that? So, hilariously silly.

One Piece

One Piece covers are always the best.

One Piece covers are always the best.

Well, it looks like the second Lucy was confirmed to be Sabo after all. To top it off, Sabo was revealed to be the second in command of the revolutionary army. In other words, he was always very strong, but now that he went and ate Ace’s devil fruit, well….

One Piece FireFist

The Usopp worship bit was hilarious. I can’t believe it. This guy and his lies. He is basically Captain Buggy. The divine ray of light in particular was hilarious.

One Piece Usopp

One Piece Usopp Lead

lol, Cavendish is impressed as well.


Don Flamingo is one scary guy. Not only did he survive the beheading, but he fought on par if not better than Luffy and Kyros and then bird cage. After I saw him warn King Riku about what would happen, I actually thought he would try to frame someone again, but nope. He just plans to kill them all and he intends on using them to kill one another.

One Piece dofa kill

He is using his strings to kill innocent civilians and now he is going to try and get Luffy and the others killed by listing their names and have folk go after them. It is kind of fitting actually. A common theme behind this arc was the rallying of individuals for a common cause.

The dwarfs came together with the StrawHats and other folk to take down Dofa. The StrawHats came together with Law. Usop rallied the ex-arena participants together via his “divine light” thing. Luffy made lots of friends with powerful people as well (like the Don Kanoji fellow).

It will be interesting to see which if any of these alliances hold under Don Flamingo’s bounty rules. I am pretty sure Luffy, Law, Kyros, Violet and the samurai dude will aim to bring him down directly, but I am not sure who else will accompany them.

We still haven’t seen the dwarf princess and it is possible that the Samurai masquerading as Don Flamingo is going to play a very important role in Dofa’s downfall. I look forward to seeing how everything will play out. Then again, this is One Piece, I am almost always looking forward to seeing what will happen next. 😛


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