Weekly Shonen: Bleach 579, Naruto 675, One Piece 746

Hello, sorry this is a bit late.

I probably don’t need to mention this, but there was no post last weekend because of golden week.

One of the funniest things this year.

This has to be one of the funniest moments in One Piece this year.


Aww Kenpachi really cares for Yachiru.

Aww Kenpachi really cares for Yachiru.

This chapter was a classic Bleach thing to do. The bad guy was defeated, but an entire chapter had to be devoted to his final words. This is probably why people complain about how slow Bleach is.

Light mockery aside, we did get two major “plot” developments. The first of course was that Yachiru is missing for some reason. The second development was the appearance of those quincy girls.

I have no idea where Yachiru is gone, but I really hope she hasn’t been taken hostage. Also, Kenpachi is hurt quite bad, I hope someone else fights those three or if Ken does do it, he makes it quick.


What a dipshit. (Please pardon the language)

What a dipshit. (Please pardon the language)

Madara is the absolute worst kind of villain. I don’t really mind overpowered, unbelievably strong villains, nor do I mind villains with elaborate, well put together plans but I don’t like villains like Madara.

Everything about him, his strength, his supposed genius plans, everything is contrived and pulled out of thin air. There is no development and no proper reasoning given for anything.

The whole “I arranged your friend’s death, so you would suffer” bit was so incredibly dumb. Like, what was the point? Why did we have to make Madara look even worse than he already is?

Madara is almost a carbon copy of Bleach’es Aizen, but I would argue that, Madara is much worse. Aizen totally sucked for most of the Hueco Mendo arc because of his “everything is a part of my grand plan” thing and because he was so untouchable. But, Aizen redeemed himself a little bit at the end and he was a very formidable villain for most of the Soul Society arc.

Aizen didn’t have some bullshit tragic story like Madara does and that made Aizen better. He was scary because he was strong, but mostly because he was shrouded in mystery and was a genuinely selfish individual.

Aizen didn’t want to bring world peace through a contrived manner or something stupid like that. He just wanted to be King and he was ambitious enough to pursue that goal and cut down anyone in his path. That ambition was what made him such a great villain in SS (it just got way overdone after SS).

Heck even now, despite being chained up, any scene involving Aizen gives me goosebumps and rightfully so. He was able to pull one over over the current Bleach villain. That is the kind of villain Aizen is and that is the kind of villain Madara will never be able to be.

I just hope Madara gets his butt kicked real soon (I hope Obito did something to prevent Madara from taking that second Rinnegan).

That said, I did like the Team 7 moments in this chapter. They were kind of cute.

Kakashi's various reactions were wonderful.

Kakashi’s various reactions were wonderful.

One Piece

Don Flamingo’s Cage Bird thing is pretty scary.

Bartolomeo’s reaction to discovering Usopp was hilarious.

One Piece Bartolomeo

Oh and you know what else was hilarious? Usopp getting first place on the wanted chart. I laughed pretty hard when I first saw that.

One Piece usopp 2

I wonder if it was a wise decision for Don to not include the marines on that chart. I don’t think the Admiral will let him get away with killing this many people.

I can understand the civilians going after Luffy and the others, even if one of them is their former king. They don’t see any other hope of surviving. By the end, we may in fact see the civilians getting together and fighting back. Who knows.

Samurai dude is probably going to play a pretty important role. Well, I have been saying that for a while, so hopefully soon.

Things with the Emperors are going to get serious after this arc. Luffy is already an enemy of Big Mom, but now Kaido will hate him as well. Actually, some folk on the MangaShare forums even suggested that this might incite turmoil between Big Mom and Kaido (“I want to kill the StrawHats”). It would be really funny if that happened.

I hope it is just Luffy, Zoro and Law entering the castle. Then we can have no distraction, cool fights (Zoro will probably end up fighting that rock dude).

We still haven’t seen the dwarf princess. I hope she is interesting. I am still holding out on her joining the Straw Hats.

Oh and Rebecca found out that her dad is still around. I didn’t really care much for that though.


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