Weekly Shonen: Bleach 580, Naruto 676, One Piece 747

Woops. A bit late with this. Then again, pretty much nothing happened in this week’s Weekly Shonen.

Fortunately for us Canadians, Monday is Victoria Day and Victoria Day is a holiday! Happy Victoria Day. Yay~


Bleach cruel seppuku

That’s just cruel.

I am not too surprised Kenpachi lost. Poor guy got hurt really bad. He still put up a fight though and I was quite pleased with his effort. If he wasn’t badly injured, those poor girls would have been defeated really, really quickly.

I would talk about the abilities of those girls, but I am

  1. lazy
  2. not at all interested in them

As for the mysterious help he is about to receive? I am not quite sure who is coming. I think it is a bit too early for our golden haired main character, but it could be him. The explosion in the sky bit seems a bit of touch with Ichigo’s usual entrance style though.

Other people on the forums are suspecting a return of the remaining Fullbringers.


I need to come up with some witty, floating Madara comment, but I can't come up with one.

I need to come up with some witty, floating Madara comment, but I can’t come up with one.

I was hoping Obito would put up more of a fight. I assume he will still somehow get involved again very soon, but I am quite tired of this back and forth business over his body.

It was nice seeing Sakura try to take action, but she failed miserably and once again proved that she didn’t receive the right powerup treatment in this manga. No, just making her use Tsunade’s technique is not good enough. She actually should have done something useful, but she didn’t.

I did like Naruto’s Tailed Beast Ball Spiraling Rasengan and Sasuke’s improved flying Susanoo.

As for Madara. I am quite fed up with this nonsense. Like, we went through so much crap to prevent him from using his overpowered genjutsu and then he goes ahead and uses it anyway.

That’s just great.

Fantastic plot development.

I love this manga.

(Note: Previous sentence was sarcastic.)

One Piece

One Piece Pica

It looks like it isn’t just Emperor Kaido doing shady deals with Don Flamingo, but other countries as well. This looks very interesting. Don Flamingo appears to be the organizer of an incredibly elaborate underground trading link.

I don’t quite understand what Fujitora is saying. I am not sure if he is frustrated with the current situation and wants to help but can’t, or if he is pointing out that the World Government is not benevolent and should not be expected to be righteous.

Fujitora is a scary guy though.

I did not expect Law to care as much about the Executives as he does. He is okay with them sacrificing themselves, but he will not tolerate insults towards them, nor will he be happy if they are defeated. It is an interesting relationships and helps demonstrate what we already know about Don Flamingo.

He is, like Luffy and other folk, a nakama caring guy but unlike them he is of the opinion that his own existence is far more important than his comrades. It is not arrogance per say either. It is a bit like the speeches Rider and Archer gave to Saber in Fate/Zero.

A king is someone who inspires his/her subordinates and rules above them. It is an existence, that by definition should be prioritized. Or something like that anyway.

The “Pica has a super low voice” gag does not work so well in manga, but I am sure it will be hilarious in the anime (assuming they cast him correctly). It was still really funny to see Luffy burst out in laughter. Here he is, fending off some serious enemies and when a very dangerous person arrives, Luffy still has the audacity to laugh at his voice.

This is why Luffy is wonderful. He can always sneak in a laugh even when he is in the most serious of situations.


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