Anime North Day 1: I bought stuff and did nothing important.


Here at Toxic Muffin we strive to provide you with timely coverage of important anime/manga related events. Naturally, given its close vicinity to our home base, the most important such event going on is Anime North.

I got to Anime North a bit late ( around 4 or 5 PM, I think ) and didn’t bother going to any panel/event. Since I didn’t even have my camera with me, I couldn’t take pictures (or well chose not to anyway) of the cool cosplay folk.

No, all I did was shop, but even here I was kind of limited since I only brought $20 in cash with me (a few retailers accept debit/credit and I ended up spending way too much at them).

2014-05-23 16.49.56

Sorry about the lack of interesting stuff. Once more, if you want to meet up (should you be in the are), let me know. On that note, if there is an event you wish you could attend in person, but obviously can’t, then let me know. I will try to attend if I have time and it is not totally out of my interest zone.

People Met

In the dealer room, I very randomly encountered Orange, Shana and Table. Then I had dinner at Swiss Chalet with Asdquefty. That’s all the folk I met today (well, one schol friend as well). Hopefully, I will meet the other AN going, Anitwitter people tomorrow.


The important bit that you have all been waiting for. Please forgive the lack of well taken pictures. I honestly did not have the time to take photos properly and with care.

First, a picture of everything:


Ignore the snake. I didn’t buy him today. He is just sneaky and interested in loot.

Model Kits


I have to assemble these two sometime. Not sure if I will ever get the time. Incidentally, I got the Zaku because the dude selling them told me it is good for a beginner (I was about to pick up a Sengoku Astray which has more parts and is harder to make). The One Piece ship choice was made simply because Shanks ship looks cool and I couldn’t find the Thousand Sunny.

Inuyasha Posters

2014-05-24 02.21.47

I picked these up at the Flea Market for half a buck each. They are not actually posters but calendar printouts.

I didn’t actually notice that at the time and don’t really mind because they weren’t expensive and the pictures are actually quite nice.

The Rings


I saw Vongola Guardian Rings in the dealer’s room but they were pricy. Fortunately, I saw them again at the flea market and since they were going for a buck each, I picked up two for my brother who had recently lost a ring. Note that I got the rings for the Sun and Rain guardians. Had I been paying attention, I’d have picked up the cloud, mist or storm rings instead since the guardians are cooler. :/

The Pocket Watches

DSC_6746 DSC_6753

I got the FMA pocket watch for my other brother who is recently running through FMA Brotherhood and the golden one for myself because I like spending money and am an idiot. I regret spending so much money on something I will probably never use, but oh well. It looks quite nice and it is one of those winding watches.

The Mirror


Got this for my mother. I thought it looked quite nice.

Zoro & Link posters

2014-05-24 02.17.25 2014-05-24 02.17.32

The Zoro poster immediately caught my eye. It is very drawn and looks super cool. Since they were having a 2 for $20 (1 for $15) thing going on, I picked up the Link poster as well (was going to get an Attack on Titan one, but this one is much better drawn).

Things I might try to buy

I have already spent a lot of money (even bought regular, real person clothes at the mall before going to AN), so I really shouldn’t spend more. That said, I probably will and the following is likely what I will be investigating:

  • KanColle merc for my friend. Assuming I can not only find some but find it in his budget.
  • Some kind of inexpensive, but still cool figurine. I wouldn’t mind having something from JoJo (saw one of Jotaro going for $200 which was way out of my budget).
  • A messenger bag perhaps. I was thinking of getting an AOT one but didn’t have the cash.
  • Something iM@s related that I can get Takane to sign.
  • Manga. I really need to buy more volumes, but is always quite hard to pick what you want. I wish I could have bought some during the Flea Market. It was quite a bit cheaper.
  • Maybe a music CD? Last time, I bought a D.Gray Man cd and a Zelda one as well. Unfortunately, a good chunk of the music sold is probably bootlegged (I think), so not much point in buying it.

I probably won’t buy and DVDs/Blu-Rays because I can normally find them for the same price if not less on Amazon or RightStuff. Unfortunately, Amazon lacks variety (costs more as well)  and RightStuff expects you to spend a lot of money before they give free shipping to Canada.

Misc Thoughts

  • Imported doujin are expensive. Like $20 per doujin which to my non doujin eyes is a bit more than the ~$10 I’d pay for an entire manga volume.
  • The Flea room was very crowded. I had a hard time browsing the tables simply because there were so many people! It was quite well organized though.
  • Swiss Chalet kind of mucked up on the service they gave us. A long wait (I guess they wanted to free a table for 2) only to end up with us at a table of 4. Slightly burnt fish for me, and incorrectly cooked chicken for Asd. I am not sure, but I guess they were very understaffed and under lots of stress. I don’t really mind. It is just an interesting observation and I guess a side effect of having so, so many customers in one day.
  • Cute alpaca plushies seemed very popular this year.
  • I could not find any Kantai Collection related merchandise. I guess they haven’t hit Canada yet. Well, we found a Shimakaze (I think) dakimakura in the flea market, but it was over $200, so no one bought it. I only wanted KanColle merch because I asked for some as a favor.
2014-05-23 20.26.33

As I was exiting the Toronto Congress Center, I stopped for a second to appreciate the nice scene made by the setting sun. Trust me, this looked quite nice in person.



  1. #1 by foshizzel on May 30, 2014 - 9:11 am

    Nice loot man! I Love all the One Piece stuff 😀

    • #2 by Reiseng on June 1, 2014 - 3:47 pm

      Sorry for the late reply and thank you! I have yet to open that ship, but hopefully it is fun to make.

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