Weekly Shonen: Bleach 582, Naruto 678, One Piece 749

Sorry, this post is late and not on the weekend. This is probably better than posting it next weekend, right?

naruto dream naruto


Nice Look

Nice Look

Not so nice look.

Not so nice look.

I think part of the problem with many long running Shonens is that by the end, the enemies know just how strong the main character is. This means that we (the readers) don’t get to see that look of sheer surprise when the MC outdoes them.

In a good manga, the enemy would come up with some kind of battle plan that tries to exploit the MC’s weakness. The MC will then just barely come out on top after they figure out how to counter the enemy’s counter.

In Bleach, however the enemy is more than well aware of how strong Ichigo is, but they chose to attack him head on anyway only to be totally outclassed.

I will admit, I enjoy seeing Ichigo kick butt, but this was less of him kicking butt and more of him whizzing around showing off his new clothes (which kinda look bad you know!).

In Bleach, the enemy is for some reason, always interested in harnessing the main character. That is also kind of boring.

Anyway, the chapter wasn’t actually bad. I just wish more interesting things happened!


naruto kaguya

I will admit I wasn’t expecting Kaguya to take over Black Zetsu and fight back against Madara like that. That said, just because a twist wasn’t that predictable, doesn’t mean it particularly enjoyable. I just meh’ed (not a word, I know).

I guess Madara was not evil enough to be the end boss. Way to go Naruto. That gap between good and evil just got bigger and those fuzzy grey boundaries that we all loved so much are almost totally gone now!

I was actually quite touched by the dreams everyone was having. In a manga, where almost everyone suffered one loss or another, it really was touching to see them dream of their lost loved ones.



lol @ tsunade's face in the scene.

lol @ tsunade’s face in the scene.

Well it was mostly Neji, but still you know! Seeing him present so casually in almost almost of the dreams was quite sweet. It didn’t even occur to me that he had died. It was only afterwords, I realized that he is no longer around.

Tsunade and Gara’s dreams were quite sweet and melancholy as well, though perhaps not as much because we didn’t care for the dead in those too much.

You can almost sympathize with Madara. I am sure everyone have a dream was quite happy in it.

Shikamaru is the best.

Shikamaru is the best.

One Piece

What a fantastic cover.

What a fantastic cover.

What a great cover. This Maru x Kazu person did the right thing in putting in this request.

I guess Law is finally on board with the “kick Don Flamingo’s butt and worry about the repercussions later” plan. Glad to hear that.

It looks like we are going to learn a little bit about Don Flamingo’s past and an individual that Law really looked up to (Don’s brother). I thought Don Flamingo was above killing his executives, but I guess he made an exception for family for some reason. I am looking forward to seeing what happened.

Hahahaha, he called him a "pebble".

Hahahaha, he called him a “pebble”.

I don’t really have anything else to talk about this chapter. It wasn’t a bad chapter or anything though. The action was quite fun and I am looking forward to seeing how Zoro cleans up Pica. The two pirates with Luffy on the cow are quite funny as well.


Luffy's gag of carrying the cow made me laugh.

Luffy’s gag of carrying the cow made me laugh.

I hope Oda gets better soon.


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