Weekly Shonen: Bleach 589, Naruto 685, One Piece 753

I am a bit late in saying this, but this has been a pretty bad week when it comes to loss of innocent life. May the 298 passengers on flight MH-17 and those who died in Gaza (at least 225 civilians thus far, I think) rest in peace.

Anyway, let’s get back to your irregularly scheduled Shonen post.

Bleach Yoruichi


Bleach oomph

I ended up sort of spoiling the best part of this chapter by accident because my tumblr feed was full of jokes, comics, spin-offs and just actual images of the chapter. I say sort of because I thought some of the actual images were too ludicrous to be real and by best part, I of course mean the Orihime dress discussion.

Bleach Exhibitionist Bleach Exhibitionist 2

Hahaha, that was actually kind of funny. I figured her new attire was something solely for the viewer and would go unacknowledged by the manga itself. I was wrong and I am glad I was wrong.

Apart from that and Mayuri deciding to take on Giselle, not much happened. On and the semen thing from last time was cleared up. As it turns out, Bambietta could only be controlled when she is dead and her expression when being killed caused Giselle to, uhhh, ejaculate. Kinda amusing.


Well, aren't you happy Sakura. You finally got your boy to hold you.

Well, aren’t you happy Sakura. You finally got some attention from Sasuke.

I guess it is good that Sakura finally got a moment to shine? I felt it was too little, too late and just not flashy enough. I mean, it is not like she was doing anything cool. She was mostly just pumping Obito full of chakra. I guess with this, she is done being useful for this fight.

Naruto and Sasuke should be able to meet up next chapter but since the hokage haven’t done anything, this fight probably still has a ways to go. Can you believe this fight has been going on for like 2 years now?

Oh and we found out Sasuke’s magic eye power. Being able to swap places with something seems pretty handy.

One Piece

One Piece Bellamy

I guess it is a bit strange we didn’t get the flashback we might have been expecting. Not quite sure why though. Maybe, we will get it next time or maybe we will get it later on at the end of this arc? It could be quite long and a good way to transition out of this.

Don Flamingo’s “DESTROY THE WORLD” bit was weird and a bit out of place. I figured him to be the type of person with a more concrete, realistic, less goofy-evil ambition. I am still hoping that that is the case and he was just messing with Bellamy.

Poor Bellamy though. The guy really wanted to do well for Don Flamingo and even though he used to be a vile scum (back when he beat up the good guys on that island), he has certainly matured and become a more reasonable person.

It is kind of cool to see how everyone is rallying together around Luffy. They were chaotic before, but now them all have faith that he will be the one to defeat Doffa and are thus doing their best to support him. I am getting a bit tired of seeing all of this large scale fighting with little actual progress.

The coolest thing about this chapter though was the Dwarf rebellion. Those dwarfs are pretty gullible, but I am glad the message got through to them. I really hope we get to see the Princess soon. For some reason, I am really hyped about her.

One Piece Dwarf attack


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