Seitokai Tantei Kirika is kind of interesting.

I guess this post could technically be considered a recommendation, but it is not really a wholehearted one. I say that partly because Kirika isn’t a masterpiece like some other manga I like, but mostly because it is not quite for everyone. That and well, there aren’t that many chapters out right now, so this could sink into total oblivion real soon.

This is worth checking out if you:

  • Don’t mind seeing cute girls get coerced into wearing rather revealing clothes.
  • Are cool with slightly, unnecessarily convoluted plots.
  • Don’t mind that all the girls will naturally gravitate towards the MC (not quite a harem, but close to one).
  • Are okay with incredibly strange, bizarre characters (the student council president especially).

Seitokai Tantei Kirika ch9_cover

Quick Synopsis from MangaUpdates:

Kirika Hijiribashi is the Executive Committee Treasurer managing a high school Student Council budget of 800 million yen. She is also the only committee member with an additional title: Student Council Detective able to sniff out amazing solutions to bizarre cases. Hikage Makimura, who recently transferred into the high school, finds himself not only tricked into joining the Student Council, but is now assigned as her assistant.

That is not really a great description. I think this is a bit better:

The student council consists of three members: a Treasurer, a Vice President and a President (all three are girls).

The Treasurer is insanely good with money. She is the only one capable of managing the 800 million yen budget. When a bizarre case pops up, she becomes the Student Council Detective and finds the cause.

The VP and the President are both very strange bishoujos. The president in particular is some kind of self-serving, unreadable machine (the likes of which have not been seen since Haruhi). Hikage is tricked into joining the council and becoming the Treasurer’s assistant.

I already hinted at the shortcomings of this manga. To be honest, the biggest problem is lack of clarity and coherence. Silly, almost ridiculous things happen and they don’t really seem like they should be happening in a high school.

This manga has some surprising takes on things like politics, but they aren’t always presented very clearly. Fortunately, the finer details aren’t too important because it is the characters carrying out their plans that makes this a worthwhile read.

I will also go on record and claim that while Kirika is supposedly the most important character in this manga, she is also, arguably the least interesting. I mean, yes, she is a cute girl who happens to be an accountant/detective, so she isn’t really boring per say. It is just that she isn’t as fun as the others who are downright evil/sneaky/manipulative.

Seitokai Tantei Kirika Ch10_p14

Good things in Kirika:

MC-kun isn’t a spineless twig

I have never been fond of main characters who serve as nothing more than padding for a clumsy girl’s bottom/bosom.

At first, Hikage appears to be just that. He is roped into the student council wherein he bears witness to many a perverted deed courtesy of the president.

You know how harem leads are often told “I am interested in you” by every girl they encounter? Hikage gets that as well and while it feels inauthentic at first, after a while you begin to realize that perhaps these girls are better at reading people than you perhaps thought.


Hikage is more than a lifeless doll. He does stuff. If someone is in trouble or something is happening, he takes action. He does exactly what he is told to do, but he often isn’t told what to do, so he has to make those decisions on his own and he does so. He comesup  with surprisingly sound, slightly sneaky solutions to problems.

The manga hasn’t played it of with the greatest of finesse, but he reminds me a bit of Zenkichi in the earlier parts of Medaka Box. The President is the public facing one and Hikage operates in the backend taking care of things without making a fuss.


At the very least, that is how I hope the manga proceeds. I want Hikage to operate sneakily (the other characters even call him sneaky) and resolve problems without causing a public stir. I think that is how he also wants to work. I just hope the manga gives him that chance.

The Student Council President is fascinating

God, I love that face and that malevolent nature of hers.

God, I love that face and that malevolent nature of hers.

I have mixed feelings for Kotetsu (the president).  She is a perfect (can do anything and everything) self-serving machine. That is to say, she really only cares about her own ambitions and will go to extreme lengths to satisfy her whims. I compared her to Haruhi earlier and while that comparison does hold some merit, Haruhi is far more likable, relatable and actually has some character development.

What makes the President fascinating is just how far she will go to meet her whims and the convoluted plots she has running. She is also a lesbian who has officially declared the other girls in the council as her own and well, uhh, does perverted things to them quite often.

Seitokai Tantei Kirika Ch8_p21

I can’t really describe the absurdity of the President’ plans without spoiling the newest chapters, but they are worth reading just for her. I kind of want to see a character who schemes like she does, but with slightly better motives.

Anyway, I am not really sure why I wrote up this post. I guess I just wanted to document some thoughts on this manga. Give it a shot if you get the chance. If you have a penchant for crazy lesbians, you will probably like the president. The MC at the very least is quite likable. The other characters in this manga are so strong (in many ways), he feels like the only ordinary human and yet, he still manages to hold his own and impress the others at times.

Oh and I realized this after I had already finished the post, but apparently this is based on a light novel. Well, it makes no real difference either way.


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  1. #1 by mushyrulez on August 23, 2014 - 5:34 pm

    bosom*, 800 million yen*, etc.

    the art’s nice, haha

    • #2 by Reiseng on August 24, 2014 - 10:36 pm

      Fixed. Thanks Mushy! And yeah, the art is pretty clean and nice.

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