Tri-Weekly Shonen: Bleach 594-596, Naruto 690-692, One Piece 758-760


I am so sorry this post is so late and that I didn’t publish anything for nearly a month. Since the previous post, I have started a new job, moved cities and spent almost every weekend having fun with friends (wow, since when have I had a life???).

Anyway, let us go. I won’t bother covering anything in detail, but let’s rant like usual. 😛

Not relevant, but Shokugeki no Soma is awesome, so I am putting this here.

Not relevant, but Shokugeki no Soma is awesome, so I am putting this here.


Bleach Love Rope

This guy....

This guy….

Giselle is so cute. Love Giselle's faces.

Giselle is so cute. Love Giselle’s faces.

Mayuri! Mayuri! Mayuri!

Mayuri’s antics are the most important things that have happened in the past couple of Bleach chapters and damn have they been awesome.

Such sass

Such sass

Mayuri is amazing. I can’t believe there was a time (back in the SS arc) where I didn’t like him all that much and found him kinda creepy. I am sure he probably is a bit creepy, but damn if he isn’t one of if not the most entertaining characters in Bleach.

His mini talk with Byakuya, his talk with the Giselle and his talk with the Love guy were all hilarious. The faces made by the Quincys and Mayuri were awesome.

Bleach Mayuri Perfection Mayuri Bleach love

Oh and Byakuya was pretty cool as well.


Naruto Birthday

So, so, so, Naruto was going swimmingly well. Well, swimmingly well by Naruto-2014 standards. The bad guys were slowly being taken care of. Slowly, but at least progress was made. Then the good guys were slowly coming to celebrate/cleanup/tie up loose ends. Again, it was kinda slow and dragged out, but you know progress was made.

I was so happy to finally realize that it was all over. That, this super long, kinda boring, arc was finally concluding. I will even admit that some of the conversations and goodbyes were kind of touching (sorta liked the conversation between Naruto and the 4th and the 1st and Madara).

[Warning: Lots of swearing ahead.]

It was all going so well, until someone decided to be a dick and ruin it all. You guys know exactly who I am talking.

Yes, it is that guy. That guy who was a cool jackass once, then a runaway, then a vengeful dick, then a senseless dick and then for a short while, he had become good or, likable even, again.

But oh no, this guy could not accept his current position or the kindness everyone had shown him. He could not accept the fact that everyone had basically forgiven him for all the dickish things he did in the past and move on and continue to be good.

Oh no, this guy looked deep inside himself and brought out the dick within. I am of course talking about Sasuke.

I will admit that the art, presentation, Naruto's reaction and Sasuke's face are all pretty damn great.

I will admit that the art, presentation, Naruto’s reaction and Sasuke’s face are all pretty damn great.

Yes, I can sort of understand the manga’s desire to come up with an excuse to have Sasuke fight Naruto, BUT:

  1. He didn’t have to fight Naruto at all. Yes, I know the manga had been implying an inevitable showdown for a long time, but that was before everything that happened in this arc. Sasuke and Naruto fought side by side. They no longer had a need to fight one another. A fight between them at this point is nothing more than fanservice and/or an attempt at closing a loose end that can no longer be closed.
  2. If the fight between the two was inevitable, it didn’t have to happen now. It could have happened long ago and to be honest, Sasuke did not need to delve into total dickhood to fight Naruto. The development between the two could have been so much better than this. Heck, even if they had a fight now, it could have been a friendly “one of us should be hokage, let’s have a match to decide that” or just a “let us see who is stronger” match. BUT NO. IT IS ALL DRAMA. SASUKE IS ALL CRAZY.

Yes, I understand that by having Naruto resolve this situation without Sasuke dying, he will “resolve” the cycle of hate between Ashura and Indra, but I feel that their earlier actions already resolved that. The desire to create a new ninja world without war could also have been resolved without killing the Kage’s especially since now all of them are quite cozy with the idea of peace and getting along with one another.

It is just you know, such a waste? I can’t foresee anyone (in the manga) liking Sasuke after this. Or well, they might like him, but it will feel fake and unauthentic.

Anyway, I am going to go and dick around with Sasuke some more. I am not actually that upset. It is just that making fun of Sasuke is really quite fun.

  1. Sasuke isn’t a boy with a dick, he is a dick in the shape of a boy.
  2. When Donald Trump wants to be a dick, he calls Sasuke for advice. Sasuke, naturally never helps.
  3. Chuck Norris doesn’t make dick jokes. He makes Sasuke jokes.
  4. When someone wishes Sasuke “Good Morning”, he kills them because he is a dick.
  5. When someone wishes Sasuke “Good Afternoon”, he kills them because he is a dick.
  6. When someone wishes Sasuke “Good Evening”, he kills them because he is a dick.
  7. When someone wishes Sasuke “Good Night”, he kills them because he is a dick.
  8. Sasuke steals candy from a baby and then its eat it in front of them because he is a dick.
  9. Sasuke’s eyes can see through you, but you don’t need a sharingan to know he is a dick.
  10. Have I mentioned that Sasuke is a dick? No? Well, he is.

Feel free to come up with more and share. I really shouldn’t waste more time on this dick.

One Piece

Stuff happened. I wasn’t too invested in most of the stuff to be honest. I am glad that it has finally gotten to the endboss stage. It is also good to see both the citizens and the Marine Admiral support Luffy and Law.There were two really great scenes though. I was a big fan of the Luffy and Law combo attack that actually landed a hit on Dofa.

One Piece Red Hawk

The other scene that was even better was Usopp’s long range snipe and his subsequent Haki activation. That was unbelievably cool. I know Usopp hasn’t really had much of a chance to truly shine and show of his stuff (despite being called God Usopp), but that snipe was perfect. It was also hilarious.

One Piece Usopp HakiOne Piece Usopp Face

As for the stuff that is going on right now. Well, I am not super excited by the current fight just yet though Law has been pretty cool and quite frankly speaking I am not that interested in DonFlamingo’s past either. He seems like a majorly spoiled brat. “Oh boohoo, my daddy didn’t let me keep slaves and be a spoiled brat. Oh bohoo”

Oh and poor Bellamy.

Again, not relevant, but every blog, no every website should have this image.

Again, not relevant, but every blog, no every website should have this image.


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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on September 23, 2014 - 2:18 am

    have you moved to Vancouver, by any chance?

    i’m reading soma too and it’s… kinda putting me to sleep, it’s really somatic bwahaha. Bleach got really weird, though I guess it was always pretty weird… I have no idea what happened in that chapter at all, did these people appear before or is the author just randomly making up enemies to stall time? I also have no idea what happened between Sabo and the Admiral, and I was about 10% sure that Red Hawk was the scanlating team being Red Hawk and all (but I guess not). I didn’t know that seeing auras was haki! Actually I still have no idea what haki is, One Piece is a pretty bad manga for introducing all those random Japanese terms >__>

    • #2 by Reiseng on September 23, 2014 - 5:44 am

      Haha, yeah I lost track of the characters in Bleach quite a ways back. It is all just based on fuzzy recognition for me now.

      And no, I didn’t move to Vancouver. I am in Seattle though, so pretty close guess!

      • #3 by Mushyrulez on September 23, 2014 - 8:55 pm

        Oh boy, that is really close! Do you have American citizenship?

    • #4 by Reiseng on September 26, 2014 - 12:53 am

      Ah, no I don’t have an American citizenship. I am here in Seattle for an internship. That’s all. Will be moved back to Canada by year’s end. 🙂

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