Bi-Weekly Shonen: Bleach 599-600, Naruto 694-695, One Piece 762-763


Sorry once more. I feel like I should expand a little on why I have been so bad with making posts lately. I generally read Weekly Shonen on Friday or Saturday and then make a post sometime that weekend.

For the past few weeks, most of my weekends have actually been spent going out and having fun with friends. Heck, I think this is the 2nd weekend in the past month and a half that I have actually spent in my apartment. I want to write posts on weekdays, but I have been coming home quite late and I have been pretty tired in general.

All of that combined with a lack of a proper desk and all around laziness has made me pretty unproductive. Anyway, enough moping around.

The art here is so different. I like it.

The art here is so different. I like it.


Bleach Scary Image

Well, that is a slightly gruesome image.

I kind of liked the whole “the castle you were at is a fake” twist. By liked, I mean I liked the end result and implementation, but the fact that we had such a twist is something I did not like.

It is as others have also pointed out:

Good Guys: Hah, you can’t beat this technique.

Bad Guys: Na ah, we totally can.

Good Guys: But can you beat this!

Bad Guys: Oh no, but hah! We totally can after all.

Good Guys: Drats, here have this final twist!

Bad Guys: OH NO. We are out of plot twists.

Well, it is something like that. Anyway, I was confused a bit about the specifics. I don’t know if the lady with the arms actually died and the living version of her revealed at the end was from some remaining reiatsu or her body was a lie.

I have also paid like no attention to the Quincy abilities. They appear to come out of thin air and don’t stick around my head for very long.

My guess for what happens next is that Squad Zero will fight and defeat most of the bad guys before being beaten by the main dude. Then Ichigo will come in and save the day. I guess enough of the bad guys will survive to be opponents for Ichigo’s friends and possibly Ishida when he switches sides.

This guy better actually be good.

This guy better actually be good.


Naruto Sasuke Battle

I will admit that as stupid as everything he said was, Sasuke kind of made sense in chapter 694. I mean, I still think he is an idiot, but at least he isn’t a total dick. Or rather, he is trying to do good just going about it the wrong way. Unlike Madara who wanted to put everyone to sleep, Sasuke just wants to be considered everyone’s enemy and redirect their hate towards him.

Basically he is trying to copy Itachi or Batman but on a larger scale. It is a ridiculous idea, but not so ridiculous that I can’t follow.

Naruto is quite naturally against this and is using every last bit of cheese left in him to convince Sasuke. I thought the flashbacks in 695 were a bit overdone, but whatever. We are getting close to the end (did you hear, only 5 more weeks of Naruto left), so “sad” flashbacks are not all that annoying.

It was kind of nice to see how both Naruto and Sasuke ended up being similar to one another. The flashbacks emphasized that now both of them understand the feeling of both being alone and losing people you love.

I liked the little bit at the end of 695 where Sasuke admitted to understanding Naruto’s feelings, but not agreeing with them. That is good. It shows that despite everything I have said about him, Sasuke has grown a little.

As for the battle itself, well I am sure it is grand and all, but battles in manga have never been easy for me to follow, so I generally tune them out.

Naruto Sasuke Aww

One Piece

One Piece Law Burning City

Summed up thoughts:

Chapter 762: Aww. Poor Law had a pretty rough childhood. The White City and its destruction was sad. Granted every character in One Piece has a sad backstory and Law’s while being sadder than most doesn’t resonate as much simply because it doesn’t feel all that different to what we have seen before. Also, this felt like a pretty short chapter.

Chapter 763: Holy crap. I love this manga.

If you look at my previous posts, I think you can infer that I have a slightly confused opinion on DonFlamingo. You know, sometimes it feels like he is insanely cruel and a heartless villain without a shred of good in him. I also called him a spoiled brat a few chapters ago.

And yet, a bit prior to current events, he seemed a bit more…I don’t know complex. He always gave me the impression that there was more to him than his jerkish nature. He would often show some level of compassion for his family but, he was more than willing to kill any of them if they rubbed him the wrong way.

He tortured Law, but at the same time, showed a hint of love for him as well. Up until now, he has been one of One Piece’s more confusing characters. It has been hard, if not impossible to actual pin his persona down. Chapter 763 grounded Don Flamingo’s personality a bit.

Images like this show that despite everything he says, sometimes Don Flamingo does act like a captain and a respectable one at that.

Images like this show that despite everything he says, sometimes Don Flamingo does act like a captain and a respectable one at that.

Basically, Doffa has always been a cruel asshole, but he also went through some horrifying life experiences. His family was unjustly punished due to their association with Tenryuubito despite his parents being much nicer than the average Tenryuubito.

The scenes of him just lying there thinking about the past with a book on his head make him seem human. This is a man who has had a terrible past. He, himself is a terrible person, but he has also had a terrible past. If there is one thing chapter 763 did, it established Don Flamingo as a deep villain. His personality is naturally cruel, but he is 100% human. This is more than I can say for most One Piece, no most manga, villains.

Some One Piece villains become interesting characters after they have been defeated, but it is different here. For some reason, Don Flamingo has been built up to be an actual character.

The absolute greatest thing in chapter 763 though was of course, the reveal of Law’s name and Corazon’s subsequent reaction.

Trafalgar D Water Law

I guess Corazon wasn’t actually incapable of speech after all. I am now very curious to see how Corazon saved Law from dying and whether Don Flamingo ever found out about Law’s full name.

If I had to guess, I’d guess that Don Flamingo did discover Law’s secret, but Corazon helped Law escape and Don Flamingo then killed Corazon for betraying him. I am not sure how long Law actually stuck with Don Flamingo. The chronology is a bit confusing right now, but it should be cleared up soon. Don Flamingo apparently killed Corazon some 11 years ago (from the current time in the manga) or so the wiki on Law suggests.

Oh and we might just get some more information on what the letter D means. I am so excited! I also want to know what “Water” as a taboo refers to.

I am really liking this relationshing between Law and Corazon.

I am really liking this relationshing between Law and Corazon.

Also, go read this post on MangaStream that talks a little about the names and references this chapter. Quite enlightening. (Note: Chapter 763 was called Declaration of Humanity.)


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