Weekly Shonen: Bleach 601, Naruto 696, One Piece 764

A post that is actually kinda, sorta not that late? Well, I will be.

One Piece halloween


Bleach Oetsu
Oh man, Ōetsu is pretty cool. He just cut all those super “tough” Quincy down like it was nothing. That super sharp sword of his is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, everything involving him just confuses the already muddled existence that is the Zanpaktou. I can’t tell if a Zanpaktou is part of the soul or whatever, or this guy makes em, or if he just makes the physical blades. If it is the latter, then can you use any physical blade? Like could Ichigo use that super sharp “failed” weapon? It is all a bit of a muddled mess, but well, it doesn’t really matter.

It is almost a shame that these super powered Quincy got cut down like tofu, but not really. I am eagerly anticipating the enemy’s defeat, but I am not naive enough to think it is happening anytime soon.

Askin will probably end up defeating Ōetsu and then losing to one of the main characters. This is just speculation on my part, but I think he might be alive in the end and will just leave behind everything and disappear.

Oh and I liked how the Quincy with a robe died before his face was even revealed. Actually, that is kind of suspicious. He is probably still alive. The others might still be alive as well. This manga is dumb like that.


That is an interesting comment Sasuke made.

That is an interesting comment Sasuke made.

I will be honest, I have no idea how this fight between Naruto and Sasuke is going to end. I mean, yeah in theory Naruto will win (but a what a twist would it be if he was proven wrong and didn’t get Sasuke back), but I don’t know what the end result will look like.

Sasuke is totally set on this whole “I will back the bad guy everyone hates forever” plan. I have to admit, he doesn’t sound totally unreasonably. People tend to bond together when they have a common enemy and Naruto is probably preventing the best change the world has at world peace right now. Well, realistically speaking, people always find something to hate about one another, so even if Sasuke directed most of the world’s hate towards him, people will still hate each other, just maybe not as much.

This is a pretty intense fight.

This is a pretty intense fight.

One Piece

One Piece has the best cover pages.

One Piece has the best cover pages.

This was another fantastic flashback chapter. Corazon is such a softie. He is the reason, new hires (mostly children) don’t stick around for long. He scares them away. He has been secretly doing his best for god knows how many children while pretending to be a jerk. What a great guy.

I never expected him to be a marine spy. I was right in my assumptions. Don Flamingo is actually evil and mad. Corazon is just there to try and keep him in check. That makes sense. He inherited his parent’s gentle nature unlike DonFlamingo.

Poor Law. The kid did nothing wrong and he isn’t even contagious, but everyone fears any possible contact with him. They don’t even consider giving him a shot at treatment. They /literally/ want to see him dead. The civilians in the One Piece universe are so cruel.

I am assuming that Oda had this planned out before and isn’t making a comment on the recent Ebola outbreaks, but he may very well be making some commentary on our fear of sick patients and what not.

That phone call from DonFlamingo at the end was pretty ominous. I am guessing Doffa found the Ope Ope no Mi. Law will probably get his hands on it and maybe it can be used to save his live. It would be a bit of a tragic twist, if Law is forced to use the fruit to transfer his ailment to someone else, like say Corazon. Given that DonFlamingo admitted to killing Corazon, I don’t think that is what will happen.

Either way, I feel sorry for Corazon and by extension, Law. I look forward to seeing how this will all play out.

One Piece cora-sanOh and we learned a little bit more about the letter “D”. We learned that the Tenryuubito really dislike people with that letter in their name. Apparently, there is some prophecy where the D folk are bad and will take down god (the Tenryuubito). Pretty funny actually. It always gets me, how weak, spoiled humans like the Tenryuubito can hold themselves in such high esteem.


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