Weekly Shonen: Bleach 602, Naruto 697, One Piece 765

Hello. The Weekly Shonen chapters this time around left me feeling quite satisfied. Not super happy mind you, but satisfied.


Bleach ExplanationHaha, oh man. The predictions I made last chapter were totally wrong. I was certain that Oetsu would get defeated and we’d never hear from him again, but he pulled a fast one! The bad Quincy dude had a pretty interesting ability with the whole lethal dose thing. Sure, it was silly (as are most of these Quincy abilities), but it was pretty interesting.

I loved how Oetsu just waited for the explanation that the bad guy just had to give and then took advantage of it. Fantastic. It is exactly as this one individual suggested in the comments section on MangaStream.

Bleach Comment

I doubt Oetsu will be able to do much about evil moustache and quite frankly that is a bit sad. Ichigo shouldn’t be the one taking on the strongest person. It should be these Squad Zero folk since they are supposedly the strongest. Oh well.Bleach Lethal

Oh and it really feels like the pace is picking up. Bleach might actually end soon (where soon is anywhere from about a year to 4 years).


Naruto Persistent NinjasI have been complaining about the “let’s throw large explosive chakra things at one another” battle style for quite some time, so it is nice to see some close quarters combat. The combat itself was not bad. It was probably even good, but black and white still images of fights don’t do much for me. It would definitely be nice to see this animated though.

You know, I am actually a bit sad about all of this. Don’t get me wrong, this fight is probably great. It has emotional flashbacks, some cool action scenes and even a few throwbacks to the ninja techniques that this manga started with. As an isolated fight, it is pretty great.

But this fight came much too late and had not way of meeting the lofty expectations set for it. The volume with the original fight between Naruto and Sasuke was released in February 2005.

That is to say, this fight we are experiencing right now has been built up for almost 10 years and it most certainly does not meet the hype. I guess it is a bit like being told that you will be treated to a 10kg delicious ice cream cake for your birthday, only to never receive it and receive a single muffin half a year later. Sure, the muffin is still tasty, but it is no 10kg Ice Cream cake.

What has killed my enthusiasm for this fight the most though has been everything that preceded it and perhaps the lack of what will follow it. Had this manga stayed a story about young ninja children growing up and finding their own ninja way, this fight would have been more than welcome, but alas.

This fight feels like a last ditch attempt to get back on the scenic trail we started on but lost sight of long ago. Unfortunately, the trail has long since eroded, its accompanying scenery corrupted, and our remaining time ended.

One Piece

Haha, this guy.

Haha, this guy.

Not much to say this chapter. Corazon is still a pretty sweet guy. His decision to go against the marines (by stealing the fruit for himself) for the sake of Law was quite nice of him.

He is pretty good at using his ability, but he is just a bit too clumsy. Haha.

It looks like things are proceeded as expected. Law will eat the fruit, cure himself and somehow Don Flamingo will catch up to the two of them and kill Corazon. I look forward to seeing this end and I am looking forward to seeing DonFlamingo get his butt kicked in the present time.

Oh and Garp interrupting Sengoku with his offers of food was hilarious.


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