Weekly Shonen: Bleach 603, Naruto 698

There was no One Piece this week.


Bleach What the hell

Hahaha, Fuck me.

I can’t believe I was so stupid. I let Bleach get my hopes up. “Oh, look these bad guys are being defeated so quickly. Wow, way to go Bleach! Looks like you can do stuff without dragging stuff out.”

And then this chapter came along and went “NOPE” all over my sorry self. This didn’t even feel like it was meant to be a twist. It felt like a very deliberate troll chapter. “HAHA, we tricked you, you poor soddy reader!”

Well played Bleach. Well played. That will teach me to trust you.

That said, I liked what was shown of the Quincy in the Shinigami World. That scene of Giselle drinking Bambietta’s was surprising sensual. I guess, maybe now we can expect Liltotto and Giselle to help the good guys? Not that I particularly care, but we shouldn’t expect anything. If anything, this chapter thought us that expecting Bleach to do what most good stories do is a bad idea.

Bleach Drain Blood

That’s kind of uhh

Oh and the chapter title “What the Hell” is such a great title for this chapter.


Naruto Shut It Usura-Tonkachi

Explanation for that final line. Image below in case that comment ever goes away:

Naruto Explanation

This was a good chapter. It had the right emotional impact and a healthy dose of nostalgia and friendship. I will admit that it feels a bit like the manga keeps modifying the past to make it look like Sasuke liked Naruto more than what was implied earlier, but it is not a big deal and doesn’t really detract from much.

All of this friendship stuff is a bit too mushy, but I guess it beats the angst this relationship was once known for. Looks like both of these kiddos have grown up a little. I didn’t recognize that line Sasuke and Naruto used at the end, but I remember very little from the original series. All I know is that it is very significant, important and symbolizes the return of a friendship between these two.

I wonder if either of them are going to be heavily hindered because they lost their arms. Naruto never really used much jutsu, but Sasuke used to use a few (the fireballs and chidori required seals if I remember correctly). Maybe Sasuke will just pull an Itachi and use seals with one hand, or he will just retire and live with Sakura.

You know, I have been ranting a lot about Naruto for a long time now. This chapter doesn’t invalidate my rants, but it puts me at peace. I feel like I finally have nothing left to say about this manga. Last time, I wanted to say that this fight was a final attempt at finding the trail we left oh so long ago. We have found that trail, and irrespective of the detours and mishaps we had along the way, I feel that the step we took this week and the 2 steps we will take next week will finally take us home. And at the end of the day, that’s all I can really ask for.


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  1. #1 by Mushyrulez on November 11, 2014 - 4:07 am

    hahaha omg a part of me just wished all those quincies would just die forever literally two chapters after introducing their abilities (honestly, the lethal dose guy was just too dumb, why not just make his reiatsu poisonous or the air or his brain cells), but i guess the author decided that would be kinda unfair if he did that to literally every single guy

    i kinda read the last few chapters of naruto and you’re right, the final battle didn’t feel climactic at all for some reason. this chapter did feel kinda tied up though, and the last chapter (as with most last chapters) is pretty great. not sure if it came out when you posted this, but they do get prosthetic arms (also, they have laptops and skyscrapers, apparently)

    • #2 by Reiseng on November 28, 2014 - 1:10 am

      Sorry for the very late response. Yeah, I read the Naruto chapters, wrote most of the post on them as well. I liked the ending. I thought it tied up most things well. And yeah, Naruto and technology has always been weird. It is a bit of a mesh between our world and really old Japan. Haha.

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