Tri-Weekly Shonen: Bleach 604-606, One Piece 766-768

Hello, I am really sorry I haven’t published anything in close to a month. I am normally quite bad with this puncually publishing posts thing, but I have been worse than normal these past couple of months.

This post should actually be a monthly post given that the newest chapters had their translations released yesterday, but I haven’t read them and won’t read them till Friday or Saturday. I figured I should take this chance and clean up my backlog with a very short post as soon as possible, so here we are.

Also, Naruto isn’t included here because it ended and I wanted to publish that as a separate post. Don’t worry, most of the Naruto post is already done (though it has been in that state for quite some time now…)


Bald guy went and explained his ability. You know he is going to lose now.

Bald guy went and explained his ability. You know he is going to lose now.

Almost nothing interesting happened these past three weeks. The most interesting thing was the thing with Ukitake’s prediction stuff and Urahara finally making a move.

Apart from that, the Quincy came back to life and kicked the butts of our Royal Guard. How dumb. That gun guy explained his ability and stuff and how he was now at full power, but I just yawned through it.

It would be nice if that bald guy would KO moustache-kun, but alas! It won’t happen.

Bald dude is pretty badass, but I can’t get into it. I can’t get excited for him being cool because I already know the end result. Shonen fights are generally pretty predictable, but this one feels even more so than usual. Still it was nice to see that Mr.invincible moustache-kun can be injured after all.

I wonder if the Soul King is finally going to do something. I feel like so much of the interesting setting and lore of the bleach world is wasted on boring villains like these Quincy.

I did really like the little bit with Urahara, the Visord and Yoruichi’s little sister. Hiyori’s interaction with her former captain was especially likable.

Bleach shit like Bleach shit like part 2

One Piece

One Piece Law run away

Good stuff.

The flashback was not terribly original, but it worked well enough. Corazon stole the fruit (at great damage to himself), fed it to Law and died at the hands of Doflamingo . Law’s escape from Doflamingo was well executed by Corazon, though it did have just the right sprinkling of luck (what with Doffa being confused by the marines capture of Drake).

The best moment in the flashback was when Corazon held on to his life for as long as possible, just so that no one would hear the crying Law. It was a pretty sweet scene.

This little bit was also very nice.

This little bit was also very nice.

I will admit that I wasn’t really that enamored with the relationship between Corazan and Law. It felt a bit overdone and forced.

Most One Piece characters have a sad backstory involving a character they loved and respected. Law and Corazon does not hold up against the likes of Franky & Tom, Zoro & Kuina, Nami & Bellemere and Robin & Saul.

Back in the present, not much has changed or happened. I kind of want this arc to end soon. One Piece does this thing where most arcs start with a very interesting and broad premise and then then it gets filtered down to the relationships between a small number of characters. It is not a bad way of doing things, but the filtered down bits feel a bit exhausting and end up sticking around a bit too long.

I am still looking forward to seeing more of the dwarf princess. The princess will likely end up being a disappointment, but I still hope that she will end up being interesting.


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