12 Days of Anime #4: Mekakucity Actors

Mekakucity as a whole was a pretty good anime. It presented some interesting themes, had some great (albeit very overused) visuals and a very good soundtrack (no duh given the source material). It was a bit convoluted at times, but I didn’t really mind since it at least tried to have a cool plot.

Mekakucity Actors 14

Memorable Moments

Mekakucity Actors 1

The Mall Heist Being Thwarted (Blindfold Code)

Mekakucity Actors 47

Episode 1 of Mekakucity was great. Episode 2 was kind of boring. The second half of episode 3 tied back into episode 1 and it was glorious. Seeing the plan for rescue unfold and execute so well made this episode really good.

Also, Marry holding a shower head as a weapon was pretty adorable.

Screw you Cat (Heat Haze Daze)

Mekakucity Actors 35

This episode has one of my all time favorite moments this year. I liked the episode as a whole, but more so than the repeated, never ending deaths, it was that moment where the music started that I loved the most. Hibiya woke up and decided, “No. I am not going to let her die this time. I am going to die in her place.” And, he did just that.

That ending with the “Screw you cat”? Amazing. It was so good, I wrote a post almost exclusively for it.

Ayano’s Theory of Happiness

Coming into Mekaucity with no knowledge of Kage Pro, Ayano was a bit of an enigma. She was this weird floaty girl that would sometimes appear in the memories and dreams of our characters.

I actually thought she was a villain pulling strings for the first couple of episodes. Eventually it was revealed that Ayano was just an ordinary, nice girl who was the foster sister of Seto, Kano and Kido. She was also Shintarō’s childhood friend and the club supervisor’s daughter. She was the connecting link between the characters.

Episode 9, appropriately titled Ayano’s Theory of Happiness revealed her past with the three goons. It revealed that Ayano went out of her way to be a good sister. She played with them when they were young and when their mother died, she took over, cast aside her own grief, and looked after them.

Fantasy Forest

Episode 10 finally revealed what was up with the “monster” explanations presented at the end of each episode. It was a sad story about a “monster” that simply wanted to live in peace with a human and her family. I hate those humans who hurt her and refused to leave the family alone.

It was a sad, cruel episode, and it was made even sadder because their supposed utopia was actually a cruel world with no respite.

At least, the episode went to a good place with Seto meeting Mary.

Ayano sacrifices herself

MekakucityActors Ayano SacrificeTumblr source for gif

In episode 11 (Moon-viewing Recital), Kano reminisces about Ayano’s death. Ayano learned that the snake in her dad was trying to bring back her mother but doing so by sacrificing all of the snakes including her foster siblings.

So, Ayano decided that she would sacrifice herself (she acquired a snake somehow) to foil the evil snake’s plans. She went through with it and even though the evil snake did go ahead with some evil plan, his original plans had a major wrench and delay thrown into them.

Ayano’s “I am sorry, your sister isn’t strong after all” was a pretty touching line.

Ayano in a sundress

Mekakucity Actors 3 - Ayano in a sundressWhat I also really liked about the ending was that my Ayano x Shintarō ship made some progress. Good stuff.

Most Memorable Moment

Urgh. My heart.

Urgh. My heart.

There were many emotional punches in Mekakucity, but the one that hit hardest and left the strongest mark was the little bit at the end of episode 8. When he sees a picture of Ayano, memories come flooding back to Shintarō (as well as lots of other material from the manga and what not), and he finds himself in a classroom across Ayano.

Ayano gives him her scarf (possibly representative of how she wanted him to to be a hero in her place or perhaps have him be her hero) and then apologizes…for dying. Fantastic scene. It was a bit too short, but it was my favorite scene from this show.

afternoon__shinaya__by_instockee-d85spm4 Mekakucity Actors Source


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