God Knows How Long Shonen: Bleach 610-615, One Piece 771-776

Hey, did you think I had given up on the big three, err two or something? I probably should have, many years ago, but well, here we are. At least One Piece wasn’t total crap.


So silly

So silly

Speaking of things that are crappy, Bleach is total and utter crap. First we had that dumb fight between the monk and moustache-kun. From the get go, they went down the route of “YOU HAVE A COOL POWER BUT I HAVE A COOLER POWER” and repeated it far too many times (I am too lazy to go back and count the exact number). The battle between the two was really boring because no matter how cool the power the Monk would use, you knew that moustache-kun would win in the end and he did win and it sucked because he sucks.

Then Ichigo showed up and the monk told him to go and save the King. Then the monk said the King could not be saved. Then Ichigo got to the King. Then Ichigo killed the King because apparently he is Quincy enough to want to do that. Then Orihime tried to save the King, but she played her role of useless character perfectly well. Then Ukitake made a face suggesting a dire solution to the rather pressing concern of universal collapse.

I am guessing Ukitake will either sacrifice himself or maybe bring Aizen out or something and make a substitude for the Soul King and then somehow moustache-kun’s predictions of collapse and disorder will be thwarted and all will be well. At this point, Bleach could probably bring in Don Kanonji as a substitute and I wouldn’t really bat an eye at how silly it all is.

(Okay, well Kanonji would make me bat an eye or two. Also, I am hating on Bleach, but I am still reading it…for now.)

And hey, at least the good guys look pretty stylish.

And hey, at least the good guys look pretty stylish.

One Piece


Slooooooow. I really hate it when I feel the need to criticize One Piece, but it happens sometimes and I feel like these past few chapters have been very slow. That said, they haven’t been all that bad. One Piece is still pretty damn creative.

I honestly don’t care about Kratos and Rebecca any more. Rebecca is boring as hell and her dad is way too patronizing. Oh well, at least his fight is over and I guess it wasn’t all that bad a fight.

Cavendish was very cool(I really liked his manipulation of his other half) as was Sai of the Happou Navy. I guess I ship Sai and Baby 5 now? Though I am very curious about who that Uhoricia person was. I get the feeling she will be important later on. Senor was amazing. I was so touched by his backstory. When Senor first showed up, we were all “who is this weirdo dressed up as a baby”, but now that we have seen his past it all makes perfect sense and it is amazing.

I am a little disappointed in the Princess though. She is pretty cute, but it looks like my dreams of having a mini princess aboard the Straw Hats probably won’t come true (though her ability is very useful).

The best “good” character these past couple of chapters though has to have been Robin. She ran from fight to fight demonstrating both wit and great purpose. I love her.

I hope this arc ends soon. It feels like it should, but it has felt like that for a while.

OnePieceSenor OnePieceSenor2



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  1. #1 by Lazarinth on February 16, 2015 - 11:56 pm

    Didn’t bleach end after Aizen died? jk

    • #2 by Reiseng on February 17, 2015 - 12:35 am

      Some people say it should have. Others said it did. 😛 To be fair, Bleach had been talking about the Soul King and Squad Zero for a long time, so it might have been worth going on.

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