Weekly Shonen: Bleach 617, One Piece 778

Hello. It is still a bit weird that I now only have to talk about 2 Shonen manga every week and not 3. It is a fair bit less work though, so I am grateful for it. (Though that final Naruto post has still not been published, but let us not talk about that…)


Damn, I still love the Bleach art.



He moustached have seen that coming.

He moustached have seen that coming.

It is kind of weird, but I don’t really care too much about the stuff happening with Ukitake. Maybe that is just telling of how far Bleach has fallen. The supposed demise of one of the kindest, most likable captains didn’t really do anything to me.

I lol’ed at the fact that the “Almighty” moustache-kun could not foresee the left hand taking over. I also find it “interesting” how easy it is for Urahara and the gang to go up to the Soul Palace when Aizen had to work really hard just to secure transportation (the whole make a key thing).

As for the ending? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Bleach Aizen

There is no better way to showcase just how overpowered everyone’s favorite villain is other than by having the release of just one, out of what appears to be 19 keys, be enough to let him go free. Amazing.

I do wonder why Kyōraku went to see Aizen. Did Kyōraku just want advice? In that case, why was he allowed to use three keys and not just the one for the mouth? Weird. I expect we will learn more next time.

Also, moustache-kun once met Aizen as well. I don’t know if Aizen had his mouth sealed back then? Maybe moustache-kun undid the seals back then or something.

One Piece

One Piece Zoro One Piece Zoro 2

My reaction to this chapter was basically identical to Usopp’s. I was going ZORO, ZORO, ZORO the entire time. He is so cool. I wish I was that cool.

It was also cool how Zoro employed that weird King or whatever’s punch for cleanup duty. That was smart. That is pretty much all I have to say, I am afraid.

one piece 01

OH WAIT! That opening cover image. Jinbei’s story. HE FOUND A PONEGLYPH. Jinbei’s story got a whole lot more interesting.


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