Weekly Shonen: Bleach 618, One Piece 779

A bit late with this. Sorry.

onepiece cover


bleach aizen

Moustache-kun is insufferable. I am glad to see things not go his way. Aizen’s conversation with Shunsei was very Aizen and hilarious in classic Bleach ways. I loved how people get rekt just getting near his reiatsu.

I guess Aizen can’t kill Shunsei and wreck everything, so he will probably help out somehow. Nothing else of note happened, but that is just par for the course.

I liked that little burn.

I liked that little burn.

One Piece

one piece zoro

Not too much happened this chapter, but it was all setup for Luffy’s fight next time around. Zoro’s little flashback with Mihawk was really cool. I love how Mihawk told Zoro he can’t drink all the while drinking himself.

I like how the factory got destroyed and snot face thought the Princess was still with them. Speaking of the princess, she still hasn’t impressed me much. She is a pretty cookie cutter character. I hope she can redeem herself, but I am getting tired of hoping for that. (Still holding out on a cool female character joining the crew!)

one piece sabo

Bellamy’s resolve was supposed to be touching, but it feels pretty meh to be honest. His dilemma and growth had some pretty emotional impact earlier in the arc, but now it feels like a waste of time. One of the rare times in this manga where a character loses significant value over the arc. I had even forgotten that Luffy was fighting him. I would have been perfectly fine if nothing had been shown but Luffy walking away from a defeated Bellamy.

What happened to Law? Is he dead? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t actually dead. It is a bit too soon for Law to leave this manga, though it would be a major twist if he did.

one piece law


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