Weekly Shonen: Bleach 621, One Piece 780

Sorry, this post is too late. I know the next bunch of corners are just hours away (or maybe a day) from being released.


bleach gooms


Bleach logic is an interesting thing. Apparently, the Soul King didn’t really want to be King. He was chained up and forcefully sealed into the position by the Shinigami. So, when his seal is broken, fragments of his power hunt out and kill the Shinigami. Wow, such great plot.

The only reason I can see behind this happening is that we got to see Aizen crushing them with his reiatsu, so we’d end up going oooohhh, ahhhh, when he showed up.

bleach aizen 17

I know me hating on Bleach is getting old, but I can’t help it! Hopefully the manga will end soon and I hope that like Naruto (which by the way was absolute garbage before the final 2 chapters), Bleach will redeem itself somehow at the very end.

One Piece

one piece 009

I am glad Law is still alive. It was too soon for him to die. He really should have been the one to win this fight. He deserved it and he should have come out on top. Law setup that final blow on Donflamingo so well. Law’s failure felt especially bad because it almost seemed like it was just setup for the main character to finish it, which is sometimes understandable, but really wasn’t necessary here.

one piece law

Law was too cool here.


But damn, Dofa’s threads are powerful. They are long range enough to cover an entire city, can be used in close range combat, can be used to control people and he can use them to repair his internal organs.

As dissapointed as I am with Law not getting the fair treatment he deserved, that final page with Luffy stopping Dofa? So fucking badass. Just a few chapters back, we were treated to Zoro being a badass and there were a few other really badass moments in this arc, but this simple stomp stop might just take the cake. It is such a simple movement, but it just felt so, so, so right.

one piece luffy foot


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