Bi-weekly Shonen: Bleach 622-623, One Piece 782-783

Hello. Sorry I didn’t make this sooner and got stuck making a Bi-Weekly post instead. Also, as an side, I find that I am swearing more and more in these posts. Are any of you put off by this? Should I tone down the language? (I ask because I honestly don’t know the demographic that reads these posts.) Related to that, these posts are generally very free form and anything goes, but do let me know if there is something in particular you’d like to see changed about how I do these.

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I think the main reason I have been able to put up with Bleach this long is that almost nothing happens in each chapter, so I don’t waste much if any time reading it every week.

In chapter 622, we learned Aizen’s half freedom really annoys the Shinigami that captured him (but really, at this point in time, it is better to risk Aizen going free then to lose EVERYTHING.) More importantly, we learned that Aizen can totally wreck shit with his reiatsu alone and could bring down the entire Soul Palace just by throwing Reiatsu at it.

Then in 623, we learned that Aizen can’t actually bring down the Palace because of how strong and technologically advanced his restraints are. LMAO. LOL. LMAO. This is classic Bleach trolling. One chapter you setup a cliffhanger, only to have it fall flat the very next. Classic Bleach.Bleach 007

Oh and some Quincy decided that it is better to join the Shinigami and overthrow moustache-kun. About fucking time. For all of their intelligence and seemingly selfish desires, the villains in this manga really take forever to see what is good for them, eh?

Bleach forasaken

One Piece

One Piece Law sterben

I was worried that Law was taken out of the picture without having done anything useful, but I am glad he got a great moment in chapter 782. I also liked how the dwarfs suddenly felt lighter. That Trebol guy had tormented them for so long, his heart being cut had a spiritual effect on them.

ss (2015-04-09 at 11.11.34)

Law really did a number on that Trebol guy, though that slimy Trebol just had to go and blow himself up. LEAVE LAW ALONE. HE HAS TAKEN ENOUGH DAMAGE YOU LOSERS. Actually speaking of damage, Dofa must be getting really frustrated. Law just doesn’t die! Someone or something (even if it is just his own iron will) always saves him in the end. Take that Doflamingo! You are not the only persistent fucker in this manga.

Speaking of Doflamingo, a while back I made the observation that he is a cruel, cruel person who just so happened to also have a hard childhood. I still think that is true,but honestly, he’d have likely ended up as a much better human if anyone other than those Elite Officers (Trebol, Diamante, Pica) had found him and raised him. They spoiled Dofa crazy and encouraged him to be a spoiled dictator. Assholes. This is why we can’t have nice leaders. I would have actually liked to see a Doflamingo who grew up under good, disciplined people (people who who would scold him when he exhibited cruelty). He’d have been a neutral-ish guy with a little sadistic, nihilistic, cruel edge to him. Could have made for a slightly cooler character.

I will make one other quick note on Dofa. I do like how he is treated as this larger than life villain. His existence is given a lot of weight/respect, even by the good guys (e.g. Cavendish’es comment on how having locked eyes with Doflamingo, he must now fight him.).

Here is roughly how my reading of chapter 783 went (Not written in real time, but I reread the chapter to write it):

Oh good Law is still alive.

Oh cool, Robin saved him. She is as useful as ever.

Luffy protecting Law. To be expected.

One Piece cabbage

Oh, Cabbage kun protecting Law and Robin. Nice. Does anyone ship Robin x Cabbage? (I am considering this ship…)

ss (2015-04-09 at 11.15.51)

Lol @ Cabbage’s interpretation of Luffy leaving it up to him.

Oh, they are trying to heal Law. They should be able to with those tears.

More Doflamingo taunting. More Luffy attacking him to no real effect. More fighting. I don’t normally care much for fights in manga (look much better animated.)

Doflamingo having a flashback about Luffy. Meh.

ss (2015-04-09 at 11.19.09)

More fighting. Oh, Law not putting up with this rescue business and asking to watch the fight till the end. How Law-like of him. Cabbage-kun protecting him till the end. How nice. Cappage kun giving Robin Robin his coat. How nice. This ship looks viable, yo.

Luffy and Dofa still duking it out. Luffy hurry up and end this. I am getting bored here.

one piece thorn in side

More Dofa taunting with the cage talk and all that. More Dofa taunting. More Luffy talking about how his nakama and friends have been compromised. Stereotypical Luffy talk, but perhaps not as appropriate in this arc (Luffy and co. never really felt like they belonged here to be honest). I like how Doflamingo told Luffy, “Luffy is a thorn in his side”, only to have Luffy respond with “You and your bird cage are the damn thorn in my side”.

Oh, Gear… is he going to use Gear Three.

one piece GEAR FOUR

Oh, Gear Fourth.





Given how different Gear 2 and 3 are, I honestly have no clue what number 4 will look like. Given that this is the first Luffy is using it (well, outside of training probably), it will likely leave him in a very bad state afterwords. I am so looking forward to this, but we will have to wait an extra week due to the badly timed (or really well timed) hiatus! It is a double issue next time though. It would also be really nice if we got to see Gear 4 in color sometime soon.

Aside: Earlier today, my roommate burst out of his room yelling “what happened in One Piece?” to another one of my roommates. He doesn’t read One Piece, but apparently everyone in his Skype chat was going crazy over this chapter. Given that my other  roommate who does read One Piece hadn’t read it in a while (saving it or something), I had to be the one to pull the yelling roommate aside and spoil the chapter for him. He wasn’t too impressed, but I guess without context, it might not seem like a big deal. BUT IT IS A BIG DEAL.

THIS IS THE FIRST NEW GEAR WE HAVE GOTTEN SINCE CP9. It has been a long time coming. I believe Gear 3 was properly shown in Chapter 421. That was released on July 31st, 2006. I think that may have been just a bit before I started reading this manga. Either way, it has been nearly 7 years, yo!

Heh. Interesting observation: Gear Two was first used in chapter 387 and Fourth in 783 (numbers flipped around).


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