Some thoughts on Fate/Stay Night UBW episode 15

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 3


The 15th episode of Unlimited Blade Works had quite the impact on me, so I figured I should make a short post. Do note that there will be some minor F/Z spoilers in here, so if you haven’t seen it then don’t read on (but in all honesty, the spoilers are very minor).

I had really hyped myself up for this episode because of the fight. HERACLES, the Greek Demigod vs GILGAMESH, the KING OF HEROES. It was staked up to be the fight of the anime up till now. We had had impressive fights before, but in theory, nothing should have matched the scale of this one. Visually, the fight lived up to the hype, but I ended up a tad bit disappointed because of how one sided it was.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 18

I always knew Gilgamesh would win the fight. It makes no sense to bring him in only to have him lose right away. He is also the strongest servant, so of course he’d win. But, I had hoped he would get hurt. I had hoped he would struggle, at least a little. Berserker is not a weakling. Even without his “die 12 times” ability, he was insanely strong. His swordsmanship alone was seemingly on par with Saber. The name of Heracles was not just for show.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 68 Fate Stay Night UBW p2 69

That is why, it is a bit of a shame Gilgamesh won so easily. I like the guy, but I am starting to think that perhaps his rather overpowered combat prowess hurts the story as a whole.I will admit though that setting Gilgamesh up like this made for a very powerful ending to the fight. Irrespective of the fight itself though, the Illya background story totally made this episode.

Oh god, them feels. Forgive me for using dumb internet slang here, but this was an emotionally destructive episode. I loved it so much. When I first saw Illya in F/SN (after having seen Zero), I noted how crazy she was compared to her childhood. I even watched the first couple of episodes of Zero recently and Illya was so cute and innocent. How could she have changed so much? Well, the anime made it pretty obvious that it was because her mother died and her father left, seemingly abandoning her for another family. Up until this episode, I had accepted that background, but I considered it weak because it felt like all of Illya’s yandere personality was based on a slight misunderstanding (she might not have known that Kiritsugu could not come back no matter how much he wished to).

This episode made it clear that while Illya ‘s descent into slight madness was in part because of that misunderstanding, the descent was understandable and the misunderstanding was not the only reason either. If the ghost of my mom came and haunted me with words of my dad’s betrayal, if my “family” operated on me frequently and kept modifying me, if I saw how other beings like me were treated as tools and nothing more, if I saw the uselessness of the war I was forced to fight, then I would go fucking crazy as well.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 113Fate Stay Night UBW p2 167

I am actually impressed with Illya. She didn’t become as crazy as say Kariya and instead changed her conviction to try and be more independent of the Einzberns. She gained a dangerous yandere side to her, but I don’t think she ever truly lost sight of herself.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 215 Fate Stay Night UBW p2 216Fate Stay Night UBW p2 239

It was when Illya was trying to be truly independent and not rely or come to like anyone, that Berserker showed up and asked (not literally) for her to open up to him. He showed up and proved that he would fight for her of his own will and that she need not take the burden of winning this war on her own. That she need not let her past distrust of others stop her from trusting him.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 310 Fate Stay Night UBW p2 311 Fate Stay Night UBW p2 312

Goddamit, Berserker. I thought Berserker was just a beast or a doll. I figured that the affection Illya had shown for him up until now was akin to the affection a crazy character shows for their lifeless dolls. I had assumed it was nothing more than a manifestation of her loneliness, but I was so wrong. Heracles did not fight for Illya because he was her servant or because they chained him or because he wanted the grail. He fought for her because he was kind. Heck, Gilgamesh even taunted Heracles by telling him to abandon Illya and fight without restraint. Heracles might have stood a chance had he done so, but he didn’t. He didn’t because he wasn’t fighting for the sake of fighting (as you’d expect from the Berserker class). He was fighting for Illya.

I think I have alluded to this before, but I find myself really attached to some of these mythical heroes due to the roles they played in my childhood. I loved the King Arthur bits at the end of Fate Zero because as a child, I loved Sword in the Stone. It was one of the defining Disney movies of my childhood. Another movie that defined my childhood just as much if not more was Disney’s Hercules.  That is why, it made me really happy to see that even when summoned into a bloody war by a crazy family and consumed by madness, my childhood Hero could still be kind.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 326

It was this very emotional relationship built up this episode combined with Gilgamesh’es overpowered nature, that made the ending of the fight oh so very satisfying. Illya lays dying on the ground. Berserker has already gone past his death quota. He stands there, dead and chained. Gilgamesh is about to finish Illya off when Berserker comes back to life and makes one last dash for Gilgamesh.

The entire scene was worth it for Gilgamesh'es reaction.

Gilgamesh’es reaction alone made the episode worthwhile.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 516Fate Stay Night UBW p2 520 Fate Stay Night UBW p2 521 Fate Stay Night UBW p2 522

Heracles made Gilgamesh sweat and almost reached him. That is a big deal. And the best bit? Just as he did with Rider in F/Zero, Gilgamesh was forced to acknowledge Heracles. It was even better because all along, Gilgamesh was complaining that by prioritizing Illya, Heracles had not lived up to his legend. In the end though, Gilgamesh was forced to acknowledge that Heracles had not only lived up to it, but had surpassed the myth of Heracles.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 532

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 533

(That Hercules fanboy in me went crazy when he said those lines.)


And man, the ending to the episode. Seeing Illya and Berserker walking hand in hand in that snow with that sad music in the background really got to me and still gets to me every time I rewatch it. The changed ending song with the empty desolate snow region was perfect as well.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 548 Fate Stay Night UBW p2 549 Fate Stay Night UBW p2 551

Related Aside

Is it perhaps ironic that the craziest master with the craziest servant shared the strongest bond out of any master servant relationship in F/SN? Even more so because Illya grew up in a “use servants/people as tools” household and was also the child of someone who embodied that philosophy during his tenure as Master?

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 119

I don’t really know, but I liked how Illya compared Kiritsugu to Berserker. Kiritsugu tried to use everything as a tool right up to the end when he realized that he was wrong in doing so and that he should be kind and caring instead. Berserker, right from the get go, embodied that kindness and in that respect, he acted how Kiritsugu would have had he been allowed back.

Fate Stay Night UBW p2 553 Fate Stay Night UBW p2 554

It was a very sweet relationship and I am going to join the hordes of people who are upset we don’t have an Illya route. Though I don’t want an Illya route (don’t want Emiya falling in love with her…) as much as I want a route with Illya as the focus.


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  1. #1 by highfirex on April 19, 2015 - 12:40 pm

    I don’t think Illya hated her father. Deep down inside she knew the good in him, and alludes that to Berserker

    • #2 by Reiseng on April 19, 2015 - 1:23 pm

      Yeah, I’d like to think or at least hope that was the case as well.

  2. #3 by Highway on April 20, 2015 - 12:03 am

    I’ll say this: As someone who had no interest in Fate/Zero (Dropped after 3 episodes) and has been watching, and usually enjoying F/SN, Gilgamesh may just ruin the show for me. I found his character atrocious: boring, completely overpowered, and pointless. Plus, he comes off as a total asshole. They managed to give the worst master (Shinji) a servant who was even worse. If there’s too much more of Gilgamesh, I might just stop bothering to watch.

    This episode did a lot to redeem Illya, and I liked the backstory part. It was hard for me to reconcile Prisma Illya with the Illyasviel we had seen in this show, but this episode made her a lot more of her own character.

    • #4 by Reiseng on April 21, 2015 - 7:05 pm

      To be honest, Gilgamesh was actually better in Fate/Zero. He was arrogant and overpowering, but he wasn’t cruel or evil like he is shown to be here. I haven’t seen F/SN, but I doubt there will be too much Gilgamesh. The main focus is still on Emiya, Rin and Archer.

      I have never bothered reconciling Prisma Illya with this Illya. To me, the two are totally separate. Haha.

      • #5 by Highway on April 21, 2015 - 8:07 pm

        I’m not saying that I tried to shoehorn the two Illya’s into the same person. I’m just saying that only knowing Prisma Illya made seeing this Illya have some dissonance between what was in my head and what was being presented.

      • #6 by Reiseng on April 21, 2015 - 10:05 pm

        Ah, yeah. That’s fair.

  3. #7 by kreyto on April 20, 2015 - 9:27 pm

    Gilgamesh is easier to stomach if you’ve been introduced to him from Fate/Zero or that other Fate anime. He seems to come out of nowhere for no reason if you only watch the UBW anime. I think UFOtable expects people to know who and what he’s all about already.

    I agree with this post’s review of the episode. I do however, think they could have made the fight even more epic by making it less one sided. It was a visually spectacular fight, but lacked a sort of back and forth tension that really makes matches good. Illya’s back story was interesting, but I felt they could have trimmed it down a little to allow for more fight screen time.

    • #8 by Reiseng on April 21, 2015 - 7:09 pm

      Yeah, I have watched Zero. I liked him a bit better there actually if only because he seemed less evil/cruel (his whole there are no worthy humans in this day speech to Shinji was eye rolling). If I had only seen UBW, yeah, he probably would have seemed to come out of nowhere.

      nhm. Yeah, I think they probably actually could have moved some of her backstory into the previous episode (too much talking then anyway) and had a bit more fight time here.

  4. #9 by Shuwen on May 31, 2015 - 2:44 pm

    It has been pointed out to me that in Heracles’ myth, he accidentally kills his first wife and children during a fit of madness brought on by Hera. One fanon theory is that his behavior towards Illya may stem from his lingering guilt from that incident, or something to that effect.

    • #10 by Reiseng on May 31, 2015 - 7:41 pm

      Oh snap.

      I am not sure if F/SN is thoughtful enough to incorporate that much thought, but that is a very cool fan theory. Thanks for pointing it out.

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