Weekly Shonen: Bleach 624, Naruto 700+1, One Piece 784

It has been a while since I have talked about all three of the big three in a single post. Doesn’t really feel all that different, but I guess that is mostly since the end of Naruto hasn’t really sunk in (yes, I know I never did publish that post on the final two chapters).



Bleach Kon

Aizen talks about how surprising it was to be knocked out for 5 minutes. Someone can do that to him. Our other characters are regularly knocked out for days at a time, but not Aizen! Then Bleach tried to do that thing it does where in the middle of a serious fight, it does some funny things to try and keep you from becoming overwhelmed with the dumbness of the fight.

As cheap as it may have been for Bleach to bring in Kon and Grimjow like this, I thought this chapter was much better than anything involving moustache-kun. Honestly, at this point, I wouldn’t mind if our heroes just kill time playing cards or something at the bottom of the tower and the bad guy just magically dies. I don’t even need a reason for it!

I have no idea why Ichigo feels the need to tell Grimjow what Grimjow's name is.

I have no idea why Ichigo feels the need to tell Grimjow what Grimjow’s name is.


Naruto color cover

It feels a bit weird to see Naruto’s techniques discussed so openly. I mean, we as the readers already know everything there is to know about him. We already know that he can detect people really easily in sage mode, but it feels weird to see it discussed openly. I say that because when Naruto first started, techniques used by ninja (especially the older ones) were pretty secret and well not discussed openly in public like Shikamaru talking to Baruto. It is not really a bad thing per say, but a point I felt like making (though to be honest, mentioning sage mode at all felt like pure fanservice and nothing more).

Anyway, this special chapter was supposed to be about Sarada and her daddy issues. It was rather cute seeing Sarada try to encourage Chōchō to spend time with Chōji. Sarada then went on and tried to let Baruto play longer with Naruto.

Naruto chouji

Here, to, we see a contrast between Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto is really busy with his hokage work. He is so busy, he can’t come outside, so he has to send a Kage Bunshin to train with his son, but hey, at least he does that! Sasuke is god knows where.

…or so I thought until I saw this…

Sasuke dipshit



SASUKE YOU DIPSHIT. I knew you were “busy”, but to have never spent any time with your kid at all. WOW. I had thought Sasuke had changed for the better and become, if not outright kind, at least reasonable. BUT NOPE. HE BETTER HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE FOR THIS.

The ending with the paternity issue was hilarious. Poor, Sarada. Sakura probably couldn’t get an actual picture with Sasuke, so she had to use that old photo. Some people have actually suggested that Karin is the true mother and Sakura is only looking after Sasuke’s kid out of love for him (or as an stepmother married to Sasuke). I doubt that is true. You can claim Sasuke had no proper feelings for Sakura if you want, but he had even fewer for Karin. It would be pretty surprising if it did turn out to be true and Sakura was not actually Sasuke’s wife. I loved how she couldn’t even answer “does he wear glasses” properly. Also, kind of weird how she blew up the entire house and collapsed. This chapter had a pretty roundabout way of doing plot progression.

One Piece

One Piece Gear 4

I am not really sure what I should say about Gear 4? It is a bit hard to understand (more details will become clear soon), but at the very least, it is very powerful. It is also very goofy, perhaps even more so than Gear 3 and I don’t have a problem with that. Sure, it is not as cool and awesome as Gear 2, but I think the look suits Luffy. I mostly say I don’t know what to say because I can’t quite come to grips with it without having seen it animated. I am sure I will come to genuinely love it when the anime showcases it (PLEASE ANIMATE IT WILL THNX), but until then, it is an interesting thing. I don’t think it is worth boggling our heads over the mechanics of it just yet.

We should simply revel in seeing Doflamingo get some serious ass whooping. I hope he doesn’t pull out some other trump card next chapter and goes down without much hassle. I am all but done with this arc and Doflamingo.

Oh and I wonder if Zoro will do something cool to cut through the cage on his own. It is possible that the cage won’t stop even if Doflamingo gets knocked out and someone like Zoro will have to manually cut it. Would be cool to see!


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