Weekly Shonen: Bleach 627, Naruto 700 + 4, One Piece 787

Hey, I will make this post short. I am going to be at Anime North on Friday (22nd May), so if any of you are coming, you can hunt me down, but I think this notice is too late to be relevant. Sorry bout that.

Naruto ease


Ichigo is so nice.

Ichigo is so nice.

We had some friendly banter at the beginning. It was nice. I liked seeing the crew act like the crew. Ichigo’s little supporting conversation with the Fullbringers was cute and it is always when he gets to act like himself and not as a convenient, failing plot device.

The rest of the chapter was meh. It was all spent on emphasizing moustache-kun’s terrible landscaping skills.




Okay, I will get to the wow a bit later.

He ain't the 7th for nothing, yo.

He ain’t the 7th Hokage for nothing.

Naruto got to be real cool this chapter! He started of totally owning the dumb kid with the Sharingan. It is a pity the kid got away and we didn’t get to end this right here, right now.Chou Chou was still hilarious with her “are you sure you are not my dad” bit. Her banter with Naruto had me rolling.

Naruto hit your head

The best part of the chapter though was seeing Naruto act so mature and dad like to Sarada. She really, really, really, really needed those conversations with him. It is so nice seeing the little Naruto I grew up with turn into this incredibly mature adult who is capable of being so frank and nice with children. Naruto is a great father figure and as this chapter demonstrated, he is more than just Boruto’s father figure, he can be one for the other kids as well. I love the fact that Sarada noted how relaxing and calming it is to be in his presence. It is a bit different from younger Naruto who was so energetic, he got everyone fired up. This older variant is completely reliable and easy to be around. I really like that.

Naruto Sasuke Talk

Hilariously enough, Sarada activated her Sharingan at an interesting time. Naruto just told her it would be bad if she activated it! (I doubt she even realized she activated it.) Anyway, I was going WOW because of the bit at the end.

Naruto Sasuke wow

WOW, SASUKE YOU DIPSHIT. You held a sword up to your daughter and threatened her. Naruto is a better dad than you. Well, we already knew that, but he is a better dad for Sarada than you! (I really liked the contrast shown here. Naruto is calm and listens to the kids and talks to them even if it is an enemy kid. Sasuke jumps right for the jugular.)

Yes, yes, he hasn’t seen her for a long time and yes, he wouldn’t be expecting to see her with a Sharingan…, but still! It was hilarious and terrible. I am really enjoying these extra chapters. I am enjoying them a lot more than that final arc at least.

One Piece

One Piece Sabo

Sabo is still awesome. Burgess and the rest of BB’s crew are still horrible. It was nice seeing Burgess get owned a little. The little situation setup this chapter was pretty cool! The cage will close in and kill everyone in 3 minutes. Luffy needs 4 before he can supposedly finish of Doflamingo. It seems hopeless, but everyone is helping out and trying to stop the cage from contracting. Good old Zoro. He is the only one who could have thought of something so simple. Sometimes, we let our overpower us and we need to be reminded that you can push back. Zoro’s little comment on how “it was insane to think that something started by one man cannot be stopped” was dead on and quite motivational. I am expecting Zoro and the others to buy Luffy a minute or two, just enough time to beat Doflamingo into the ground.

Zoro Cut


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  1. #1 by foshizzel on May 24, 2015 - 12:03 pm

    Lol Bleach still spinning it’s wheels SLOWLY getting things done, but I like that Grimjow is back even though they have YET to explain how the hell he survived after fighting Ichigo! Then again I kind of don’t really need to know anymore…also fullbringers are back? WTF are they going to do? Stand around? LOL

    One Piece! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS things are progressing! As much as I love the current arc I am sooo over Dressrosa I want to see what Nami, Chopper, Brook and Sanji are doing, but I gotta say DAYUM the artwork was great especially seeing Sabo use his new fire powers.

    • #2 by Reiseng on May 24, 2015 - 12:09 pm

      Yes, Bleach wheels are SLOW. The gear shift is probably broken.

      And I totally agree on One Piece as well. I have enjoyed Dressrosa, but I am done with it (or technically was several chapters back). I am anxiously waiting to see the others again. We haven’t seen them in close to a year and a half in real life time!

      And yes, the artwork in One Piece is always slowly getting better.
      Thanks for the comment, Fosh!

      • #3 by foshizzel on May 24, 2015 - 12:33 pm

        Anytime! I am trying to get back into commenting on people blogs again and not a lot of people do reviews for One Piece or Bleach.

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