Weekly Shonen: Bleach 628, Naruto 700+5, One Piece 788

A bit late with this, but I hope no one minds.

bleach royal palace




Eh, we learned more about the Quincy landscaping and how they have taken over the reiatsu in the air and shit. Also, Yoruichi’s little brother is cute. I have nothing else to say.




lol @ Naruto's face

lol @ Naruto’s face

Well, just as predicted Sasuke did have a good reason to leave the village. I still think he should have visited often, but at least he wasn’t out smelling the roses. The whole “worse than the villain we fought last time” story is dumb. I honestly didn’t care for the endboss last time and care little for the villains this time around.

I liked how Sarada gave Sasuke a real piece of her mind. He deserved that. I still love seeing Naruto be all boss. I love how he was able to deflect that attack so easily. Hopefully, we will get to see Sasuke do some cool stuff next time around.

Oh and if Sakura ends up kidnapped and turned into a damsel in distress again…

Naruto badass

One Piece

This Dressrosa arc is taking far too long to finish. This chapter was just more setup for Doflamingo’s defeat, but it did re-enforce just how much everyone wishes to be free of Doflamingo. It was nice seeing everyone rally around Zoro and actually succeed in pushing back the cage a little. The Dwarf Princess was also finally useful. Maybe she should have healed Luffy, so he could get back to punching Doffy sooner, but whatever. I was very happy to see Fujitora step up and try to help. He is a just Admiral (loved his “oh my my I unfortunately can’t see who you are” excuse.)

One Piece fujitora

I really hope Doflamingo finally gets put down next time around.

Oh and the real hero of this chapter was Viola. She is pretty badass and cool enough to even earn Doflamingo’s respect.
One Piece Viola


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  1. #1 by foshizzel on June 1, 2015 - 1:04 am

    Bleach: Yoruichi’s little brother LOL YES so good! I am sad we wont see this arc ever animated, but at the same time it is sooooooooooooo long and I guess it looks like were getting into the battles soonish…I can’t wait to see what BS kubo comes up with for Ichigo to save the day.

    One Piece: It’s great to see the marines and pirates working together, but then again Luffy has that effect on people to make them and together for a common goal! Yeah I can’t wait till they wrap things up which looks like we have maybe 5-6 more chapters of the Dressrosa arc.

    • #2 by Reiseng on June 3, 2015 - 5:35 pm

      I get the feeling they will make more Bleach anime someday…or maybe a bunch of movies…to much of a cashcow. I do hope that if they do, they compress this arc, you a right in that it is soooooo long and mostly boring.

      Yeah, Luffy has that whole “makes people like him” thing going on. I really want to see how Luffy and the others meet up with Sanji and them!

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