Bi-Weekly Shonen: Bleach 629-630, Naruto 700+6-7, One Piece 789

Woops. Sorry, I have been busy playing Splatoon and taking care of a few other real life things. I am also going on vacation in 2 days, so I won’t be able to post again until next month. This is also a really short post; I hope no one minds.



mayuri kenpachi

Pretty boring. In 629, we had lots of talking, some worshiping of moustache-kun and a slightly cute moment between Kenpachi and Mayuri. In 630, we got Grimjow running after annoying dude and some friendship thing between Jugram (2nd in command) and Bazz-B (fire dude). The former good friends now turned enemies angle is pretty neat, but I am so uninvested in this manga, I didn’t really care much for it.


mayuri kenpachi 2

Hanatarō x Nemu? Maybe?


She is literally amazing.

She is legit amazing.

Sasuke is still cool when fighting. I would get mad at Sakura getting turned into a damsel in distress once more, but eh, at least she liked punched the bad guy pretty hard before being accidentally whisked away. And well, she isn’t roped up or anything and is actually being asked to heal the bad guys. Speaking of the bad guys, they still do nothing for me. They are convient plot fodder, but I don’t really care for the specifics as to how they came to be and what not. Something about weird body that can produce exact clones and expect any transplant.

Meeting up with Orochimaru was interesting as well. I lol’ed pretty hard at the Karin reveal. My guess (and that of several others) is that somehow Karin’s DNA got mixed into Sasuke’s (all that blood eating maybe) or maybe she just kept Sarada’s umblical cord thing for reasons unclear. Whatever, I doubt Sarada is not Sakura’s daughter. Sasuke is not that much of a “pimp” (using water dude’s words).

One Piece

More setup and baiting this time around. It wasn’t a bad chapter, but I just want to see Doflamingo get punched hard. Rebecca is so boring for some reason. Her character has started to annoy me. All of the Luffy worship these past few chapters has also annoyed me. Oh well, not bad and I am sure the next few chapters will clean up this arc (or at least I really hope they do).


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