I love OverLord.

OverLord 17I apologize for not posting anything for over a month. My so called vacation ended over 20 days ago, but I have been too lazy/unmotivated to do anything useful with my life, so I haven’t posted anything either. Anyway, that is a story for another time.

I haven’t kept up too well with this season, but night before last, I ran through OverLord episodes 1-3 and loved it. This is totally my kind of light novel trash.

OverLord is one of those “transported to some kind of game world” anime you hear so much about these days. There have been quite a few anime like this and there are many, many more light novels with this theme just waiting to find their way onto Japanese television.

Even though only three episodes have aired, OverLord has set itself up really well. I was immediately gripped by the opening of the first episode, partly because of the unexpected protagonist switch (done brilliantly by transitioning into the opening song), but also because of the sad goodbye.

While I haven’t spent anywhere near this amount of time playing an MMO, the goodbye to Yggdrasil felt very relatable. If I had spent 12 or so years playing with friends, building not only a guild, but an incredibly impressive base of operations full of well crafted AI, I also, would have felt incredibly sad saying goodbye to it all. The slightly awkward conversation with a former guild mate, the walk from the meeting room to the main hall, the rearrangement of the AI and then finally just sitting atop your throne waiting for the end is something I would have totally done had I been in Momonga’s shoes.

OverLord 89 OverLord 94

I am not sure if I would have modified Albedo like Momonga did, but it seemed like a cute, mostly harmless prank one would pull if they thought they were dealing with an NPC in a world that is about to shutdown (and arguably it was good of him to remove the, “but is a bitch” bit).

When some of these stories transition from game world to real world, they keep the game user interface in tact. In Log Horizon for example, the players still have access to their hud and still scroll through menus when dealing with inventory and what not. OverLord opted for a more “realistic” (with respect to the new world) approach by removing all the game interface stuff, but still keeping many core game mechanics (magic, class stuff, some AI programming) intact.

OverLord 161

Man, they built one impressive guild layer.

I think this approach worked well for this show and really emphasized how Momonga is no longer part of a game world, but is rather living in a different world altogether. The show even went the extra mile and modified his mentality to match his physique (he thinks like a Lich now and feels very little if any remorse when humans die).

The boob grope was a little unnecessary, but well, it was kind of done for a good reason (to confirm if it was a game world or not) and it was kind of consensual? (Though he did modify her settings earlier…so kind of?)

Then the show got to the meat of the matter. Momonga went from ordinary human playing a game to non-human overlord with actual authority and fearsome magic. How cool is that? Very cool and the transition was wish fullfillingly perfect. WHY CAN’T I BECOME AN OVERLORD WITH UNBELEIVABLE POWER AND AUTHORITY?

OverLord 213


But yeah, the main reason why I like OverLord is because it is a chuunibyou fantasy that is surprisingly well executed. Or to be more exact, it is one of my chuunibyou fantasies that is surprisingly well executed…Forget the whole plain highschool boy gets harem full of crazy girls with different hair colors, this fantasy is much more enticing.

So yeah, I am really looking forward to seeing more. I can’t wait for the fourth episode and it has been a while since I have been so hyped up for a show!

Oh and the opening is pretty good as well. The ending is decent and has some nice pictures.


(Hypothetical Frequently Asked Questions If I Was Actually Popular Enough to get any- It’s not my fault, I am not popular.)

Isn’t this just wish fulfillment, pandering otaku anime crap?

You are half right. It is a wish fulfillment, pandering anime, but it is not crap.


Because it panders to me.

Why would that make it goo-

Don’t question me.

But this is the hypothetical question asking section


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