Tri-Weekly Shonen: Bleach 645-647, One Piece 802-803

Yikes, I fell way behind. Sorry about that.

What a scathing threat.

What a scathing threat.


bleach captain commander

Not going to lie, I am not a fan of Sniper Quincy dude. His arrogance and overtly calm nature irks me. Shunsui is sort of cool outside battles, but his solo battles themselves (with perhaps the exception of Chad) have never been my thing.

The little “Trust him, he is the Supreme Commander” bit in 645 was pretty great as was his cool technique of catching up to Sniper dude. I still like the cute relationship between Shunsui and Nanao. The two make a nice tag team. Finally, the most important thing to happen this chapter was that finally after 11 years, we got to see Shunsui’s bankai (okay, more like 8 or 9 years for me). Would be cool to see what his ability is, but it looks to be a real double edged one (strong hint that he will die and people physically near him might as well).



One Piece

What a /Frankly/ awesome cover.

What a /Frankly/ awesome cover.

Haha, the way Barto’s crew handled the hail was hilarious. It really goes to show you how much of a difference an incredibly competent navigator like Nami makes. The entire ship section was hilarious. I loved the reasoning behind the gum covering everything. I also loved the hilarious goodbye between the Straw Hats and Bartolomeo. (Would be cool to see Barto’s reaction if he encounters all of the Straw Hats at once.)

op zou


The fact that the island is itself an elephant is really cool! You should listen to the One Piece Podcast podcast on chapter 802, they do a nice job talking about this (including some interesting translation related stuff).  Some people have wondered if meeting this elephant might help shed some light on what happened in the void century. The elephant is over a thousand years old, so it lived during the void century (800-900 years ago). It is possible that Chopper could speak with the Elephant or maybe Luffy or someone else could communicate with it. Or maybe they would find some clue about the century on its back! It is all very exciting and there is lots that could happen. I am super hyped.

op weeble 802

We were also introduced to Edward Weeble, self-proclaimed son of Whitebeard. I don’t think Whitebeard has any biological children, so to me, it would make sense if this kid’s mother is lying about the whole thing. And, I mean if Whitebeard had a real son, he wouldn’t be this ugly. Edward Newgate was HOT STUFF.


Stolen from the Wikia

So much happened in chapter 803. We got to see Monkey D.Dragon! Dragon is hilariously shy when it comes to talking about his son. Now the revolutionaries are all going to have a meetup and it looks like Blackbeard is joining the party. This could, or likely will be, a world changing event! We also got to see our old friend and jester, BUGGY. Dude is probably mad that his top goons are all retiring (likely out of loyalty to Luffy).

Love the new Buggy look!

Love the new Buggy look!


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