WPSAWNC: Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Episode 05


Why did I watch this episode?

In my attempt at downloading Dance with Devils, I ended up grabbing Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Episode 05 instead. Since it was there, I figured I might as well watch it and write a post on it to try and pull myself out of this blogging slump.

That and well, the few screenshots I have from Diabolik Lovers S1 are pretty popular on my random screenshot tumblr.

Note: If you weren’t aware, Diabolik Lovers is a fairly messed up series. Read the rest of this post at your own discretion.

The clock turning to indicate the episode number is really cool.

Indicating the episode number with clock hands is really cool.

Context (i.e. my experience with the series)

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 1

I watched episode 01 of the first season back when it aired (I wrote a short bit on it as a fake entry here).  I reads bits of the wikia entries for the main cast and if you have the stomach for it, I do recommend giving it a read. People, rightfully, hate on DL because of the terrible treatment the main girl gets. The series attempts to justify this by talking about just how messed up of a past the boys had (e.g. one of them killed his mom cause he was jealous, another frequently slept with his step-mom, another carries the ashes of his dead mom is his teddy bear, etc, etc…).

The main girl really has two roles in the anime. She serves as both the plaything for the male cast and as a healer for their past trauma.


Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 10 Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 11

The episode begins in Yui’s room where she appears to be brooding or in thought over something. A boy named Kou walks in a with bouquet of roses (that he was hinted at preparing earlier). He presents them to Yui as a gift. Yui is elated at having received some flowers, but then Kou’s mood swiftly shifts from sweet to vile as he reveals his true intentions.

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 12 Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 15

He only gave her flowers because he is expecting something in return (sex, blood or what have you). Yui meekly rejects his advances and Kou then mood shifts into anger. He grabs back the roses, tears them apart, belittling Yui for looking down on his kindness before deciding to have his way anyway.

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 20 Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 23



He pushes her down on the ground and against her will starts sucking her blood. Yui then faints (likely due to loss of blood) and dreams of a tree thing (likely a reference to Adam & Eve since Kou was talking about wanting to be Adam).

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 26

Yui wakes up later that day. She was left lying on the ground amidst torn roses. Kou didn’t even have the common courtesy to move her to a bed. Yui goes to living room where she encounters the other boys living in the household. She asks where Kou is. They inform her he is working, but then express concern over her concern (because they individually wish to monopolize her).

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 28

When Kou comes back, Yui walks into his room and asks him about his job. He tells her he is an idol (of course this show would have an idol). He then starts elaborating on his traumatic past about how as a child he escaped a sewer (what) only to end up badly abused by adults because of his great beauty (all of this is told while she helps take a shirt off).

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 36

Kou then invites Yui into his bead and naturally, she doesn’t even get the chance to change her clothes or anything (she wakes up in them). When Yui wakes up, Kou has some bad traumatic dream and she sort of consoles him. Then we get a final shot of one of the other boys being all broody.

I like how they only have 1 pillow on the bed and it is not being used.

I like how they only have 1 pillow on the bed and it is not being used.

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 59 Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 60


That see through hair.

That see through hair.

Yui appears to be living with a different set of boys this time around. This new household is known as the Mukami household. I gave a quick sniff at their back stories. Kou’s back story is fairly messed up, but not quite at the incestuous, mommy problems the boys of the Sakamaki household went through. I assume that at some point before this episode, Yui switched homes. Maybe she was kidnapped, or maybe the Sakamakis temporarily gave her away. I don’t know.

That forced blood suck scene looked quite a bit like sexual assault. I am sure that wasn’t intentional. Nope, not at all. Interestingly enough, while she looked really uncomfortable and unwilling the, she was back to normal around Kou the next day. She even showed a lot of  sympathy for him (again, she acts as both their plaything and their motherly healer).

I still laugh at how over the top, cruel and selfish these boys are. They are really petty and while they obviously like Yui, they treat her terribly. For some reason, Kou and maybe the others think she is a masochist, but I don’t think she has ever indicated liking anything they do her. She is just really nice and can’t leave these troubled boys alone. Honestly, Yui is cute and pretty. She might be kind of plain (personality wise), but I would be up for watching an anime starring her and you know, non-dipshit male leads.

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 63

So yeah. Diabolik Lovers is terrible and bad, but I am sure you already knew that. At least, the episodes are half length.

Oh and the opening/ending songs are pretty decent. I rather like the moving mansion thing in the ending song.

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 61



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