Ranking my favorite KyoAni characters.

Hibike! Euphonium 945

Every now and then, character sorters like the KyoAni one and the idol sorter get thrown around twitter. People sort their characters, share the results and comment on the bad taste of their peers.

Three or so days ago, everyone was doing the KyoAni one, so naturally I followed the bandwagon and did it as well. Then for this post, I redid it with a subset of the anime and figured I’d talk about a lot  of the match ups.

My initial attempt at this rating thing is here. If you don’t care for any of this explanation stuff, you can jump down to the summary.

Anime I didn’t include

Lucky Star, K-On!,  Air, Kyoukai no Kanata

Didn’t watch them (or maybe I watched like 1 episode of Lucky Star & Air many years back). Oh, and I did watch one episode of KnK and I am glad I didn’t stick with it.


I never finished season 2, so I can’t really judge many of the news boys. And quite frankly, for me, the Free boys seem to exist in their own little pool. When I was comparing them to the other characters I kept pushing them down to the bottom despite liking them when I watched the anime.

Chuunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai!

I am not including Chuu2 for the same reason as Free!. I never touched season 2, so I can’t form an opinion on Pink Girl! And I am sure the Chuu2 kids would be ranked low anyway.


I watched Kanon so many years ago, I remember near nothing. I have a vague idea of which of the girls aren’t bad, but beyond that I can’t say much.’

Full Metal Panic

This is a strange exclusion since I am actually a pretty big FMP fan, but it has been a while and while doing the earlier comparison, I struggled to rate the FMP cast well.

It is weird. Maybe it is because the more serious nature of the characters shown in S1 and S3 (neither of which were made by KyoAni mind you) did something to my memory.


I don’t remember most of the cast all that well and more importantly, when I was doing this earlier, the only characters that were doing well were the main three girls. Nichijou has a lot of characters and while many are certainly great, they haven’t aged so well in the recesses of my mind.

If I had to pick one, I’d pick Mio as my favorite Nichijou girl. She really grew on me towards the end.

Anime I shouldn’t include, but did.


It has been a while since I saw Clannad and I can barely remember my feelings for some of the girls. That said, I really like some of the cast, so I am including this anyway.

Hibike! Euphonium

I still haven’t finished Euphonium (I didn’t watch past episode 8 yet), but it aired recently enough, so I remember most of the characters and should be able to rank them.

Ranking go

I am not going to bother talking about the really boring comparisons, but I will make note of most of them. I think this is better than just throwing out a results list.


Winner: Taki

Shuuichi is cute, but his failures as a childhood friend and him getting in the way of the YURI OTP make him a dud. Sensei is hot and brutally savage, so the choice is clear.


Winner: Kumiko

Kumiko is a pretty great lead actually. She is interesting. She gets some character development and is pretty cute as well. Natsuki is of course no slouch and I haven’t yet watched the later episodes where she probably shines more. I will give this one to Kumiko.


Winner: Hazuki

I am generally not fond of either of these characters archetypes, but they were unique enough here for me to like both.

Sapphire is not bad and is kind of amusing, but I will give this one to Hazuki for the courage she showed in confessing and her general attitude towards life and music.


Winner: Gotou

I had some personal issues with Haruka that I wrestled with, but she sort of won me over or at least became amiable. That said, Gotou is awesome. He is probably the best boy in the show after sensei and sensei only wins because sensei is hot.


Winner: Reina

This comparison is hard and not only because I like both of these two girls. It is because they are very different and likeable for very different reasons.

Reina gets a lot of development and her character is quite deep. I mean, just watch episode 8. I was not expecting those lines, but they were perfect and totally appropriate. Dialogue of that depth (Yuri or otherwise) is just so uncommon.

On the other hand, Asuka is embodied perfection. Her character is ultimately shallow (you don’t have to dig deep to figure her out), but she is basically every awesome trait we shallow anime fans look for. I disagree with all the other characters who complained about Asuka being too good for them to keep up with. They should stop being crybabies.

In the end, I will pic Reina because her character obviously had more work done and she has stuck in my memory. Still, Asuka is perfect waifu material (whatever that entails).


Winner: Ushio

Making me pick between a granddad and his granddaughter is rather cruel. I will pick Ushio anyway because she is adorable.


Winner: Kyou

They may be twins, but this isn’t even worth asking. Kyou is so much better.


Winner: Tomoya

One of my favourite harem leads and Fuko. Yeah, I am picking Tomoya.


Winner: Tomoyo

This is a hard pick between best Clannad girl and one of anime’s better sidekicks. I will pick Tomoyo. She is great.


Winner: Nagisa

You can hate Nagisa if you really want, but you gotta admit, she is nowhere near as bad as Kotomi. I also have an irrational fondness of Nagisa. After Story did weird things to me.


Winner: Macaron

The two go well together, but Macaron is much more tolerable.


Winner: Muse

Muse is second best girl in Amagi Brilliant Park and no, Eiko is not number one (though honestly she isn’t bad).


Winner: Kanie

Out of respect for my rap filled childhood, I should pick 50 Cent, but Kanye West’s smug face and narcissism are great, so I will pick Kanie.

But yes, Sento is actually best girl in Amagi Brilliant Park.


Winner: Koboli

I don’t like Sylphy and Koboli is okay, so I will pick Koboli.


Winner: Moffle

Moffle is great. I don’t care for the loli.


Winner: Dera

Dera once saved anime. Latifa couldn’t even save her own damn amusement park. Clearly Dera is superior.


Winner: Choi

Shiori isn’t bad, but Choi is cuter.


Winner: Kanna

Mochizou is cute and adorable. Kanna, though, well you are going to see a trend whenever Kanna is in one of these (spoiler: I will ALWAYS pick Kanna).


Winner: Tamako

Midori is a well developed character and is actually in love with Tamako (which is both cool and rather rare in anime). Tamako is a lifeless moeblob. Sadly, I like the moeblob better (bad personal taste here, nothing more).


Winner: Oreki

They are both so good! I love the back and forth between these two and contrary to what you might initially think, they are genuinely good friends. That said, Oreki is one of my all time favorite anime characters, so I will pick him.


Winner: Irisu

Irisu is good! She really grew on me by the end of Hyouka. I neither remember nor care about this Ayako person.


Winner: Tomoe

One of Hyouka’s greatest injustices is that we see so little of Houtarou’s “perfect” sister. She seems pretty awesome though. That hair twirl she did with Houtarou’s hair is legendary. I don’t remember or care for this Misaki girl.


Winner: Chitanda

If you asked me this at the beginning of Hyouka I’d have said Mayaka is better, but I came to really like Chitanda by the end. Her overbearing nature became much more tolerable. I think she actually did grow a little though it was far less obvious than Oreki or Satoshi or even Mayaka’s growth. It also helped that she had that really nice bath scene. So yeah, I am picking Eru here, but it is pretty close. Mayaka is amazing as well.


Winner: Koizumi

Tsuruya is cute and one of the few genki characters I actually like. Koizumi is sexy goof incarnate. I love him, so yeah I am picking him.


Winner: Asahina

One of the more controversial anime opinions I hold is that I don’t consider Nagato best girl in Haruhi. In fact, I think I might like Asahina a smudge more (though it is probably the shallower side of my brain that is making this decision). Don’t get me wrong, Nagato is great and she is the one true friend Kyon has. I just don’t like her as much as Haruhi or Asahina.


Winner: Kyon

Haruhi is actually my favorite girl in The Melancholy of Haruhi. I love a lot about her, and Haruhi x Kyon is my OTP. That said, since I have to pick one, I am going to pick Kyon. Kyon is sarcastic, funny, cynical and the greatest narrator in anime. He is one of my favourite male characters. Heck, the studio is named after him.


Winner: Kumiko

I like Hazuki, but I like Kumiko more.


Winner: Hazuki

I like Natsuki, but I like Hazuki more.


Winner: Natsuki

Pretty much a tie, but I will give this one to Natsuki.


Winner: Reina

Maybe if we had seen more of Gotou…well, even if we had, I doubt he’d have won this.


Winner: Ushio

Pitting a grandmother against her granddaughter, huh. I will pick Ushio, though Sanae is on my anime mothers list for a reason.


Winner: Sanae

I will pick Sanae, but they are the best couple and they have their relationship is the most genuine relationship in Clannad.


Winner: Tomoya

They are both great, but again, I have a crush on Tomoya.


Winner: Fuko

See, I think Fuko is the worse character. Here though, Fuko is making a nice face and Ryou looks real dumb and useless. Actually even in the anime, Ryou was useless. At least Fuko tried and had a sort of sad backstory. So yeah, out of spite, I will pick Fuko. How does it feel Ryou? How does it feel to be rated below Fuko.


Winner: Tomoyo

My childhood crush on Nagisa is wearing off. Tomoyo is probably much better, so I am picking her.


Winner: Nagisa

Sunohara becomes very likable, but I can’t get his earlier delinquent days out of my head, so I will give it to Nagisa.


Winner: Sento

Again, Sento is best girl. I also don’t like Salama.


Winner: Dera

Choi is great, but Dera is amazing.


Winner: Choi

Choi helped save a market; Latifa served tea, so yeah, Choi.


Winner: Kanna

Tamako may be the lead character, but she can’t hold a candle to Kanna. No one can.


Winner: Tamako

I am half-tempted to say Mochizou, but I can’t get pretty moeblob Tamako out of my head.

Tamako is so very pretty.

Tamako is so very pretty.


Winner: Mochizou

The two love rivals. Sorry, Midori, I really want to like you, but for some reason, I don’t like you that much.


Winner: Chitanda

We saw almost nothing of Tomoe, so Eru it is.


Winner: Kyon

Asahina is a gorgeous moe blob, but Kyon is perfect.


Winner: Haruhi

I said it earlier, but Haruhi is probably my favourite girl in the series, so, I am picking her.


Winner: Kumiko

This one is cruel, unfair and unjust. They are both pretty great and even better together! Since we can’t have ties, I will pick Kumiko, but only because she has the better face game. I think Reina is prettier though.


Winner: Tomoya

Dad and daughter this time around. I will pick Tomoya.


Winner: Nagisa

What a dumb comparison. I will pick Nagisa.


Winner: Kanna

They are both amazing, but as alluded to earlier, Kanna is unbeatable.


Winner: Dera

Goddamit, these two! I will pick Dera, but out of all the relationships in Tamako Market, the one between Tamako and Dera is my favourite. Dera isn’t a good role model nor is he particularly wise, but he genuinely cares for Tamako and he wants the best for her. When everyone else is thinking about what decision Tamako should make, Dera is the only one who actually bothers to consider her opinion. That is how awesome he is.


Winner: Tamako

Blue-eyed moeblob beats red-eyed moeblob. (Though they are both good moeblobs!)


Winner: Mochizou

I will give this one to the cute boy.


Winner: Choi

Poor Midori. She is going to lose to Choi too. 😦


Winner: Oreki

Ah yes, Hyouka’s two leads and my OTP. Sorry Chitanda, I might have come to like you, but you can’t outdo Oreki. No one in Hyouka can.


Winner: Chitanda

Tough! See, this is where I am supposed to demonstrate I can overcome physical attraction and pick the better character, but nope, I can’t. Sorry Satoshi.


Winner: Satoshi

Ah yes, the angst doomed OTP. I will pick Satoshi, but again, I do love Mayaka.


Winner: Mayaka

The four main characters in Hyouka are also its best. Sorry, Irisu, you can be fifth best.


Winner: Kyon

Ah yes, one of anime’s best gay ships. I will pick Kyon because it feels like there is more to him (he has all that narration you know).


Winner: Haruhi

I will pick Haruhi since we see more of her character, but this one is pretty close.


Winner: Koizumi

Koizumi and his dumb philosophical rantings make him significantly better, though I will admit that I am always charmed by Asahina’s clumsiness.


Winner: Tomoya

I hate these two because I always get their names mixed up. Tomoyo is awesome, but my man-crush insists I pick Tomoya, so purple haired failure dad it is. Tomoya also has that super sexy voice (Yūichi Nakamura) going for him.


Winner: Tomoyo

This is where my bad memory is beginning to show. I know Kyou is awesome and I know Tomoyo is awesome, but my memory is bad, so I am having a hard time comparing the two. I will pick Tomoyo because I think I liked her more (at the very least, it is the more conventional choice).


Winner: Kyou

Nagisa tore my heart apart in After Story, but if I am being honest, Kyou was probably a better character, so I will pick her.


Winner: Ushio

Mother and daughter this time around. That picture of Nagisa is really not flattering. It makes me hate her a bit every time she pops up. I will pick Ushio (partly because of that built up Nagisa image inspired hate), but also because the little kid made me cry like a baby in that meadow scene.


Winner: Fuko

Fuko > Kotomi. Sorry, not sorry.


Winner: Ryou

I will give it to Ryou, but really that picture is terrible. It really makes me dislike Ryou.


Winner: Kanna

Kanie is awesome, but Kanna is unmatchable, unbeatable and unstoppable.


Winner: Dera

They are both narcissistic goofs, but Dera is more endearing.


Winner: Tamako

Getting some lead on lead action here. Tamako Market as an anime is just better than Amagi Brilliant Park (though Amagi is still a lovely watch), so I am picking Tamako.


Winner: Kyon

Ah yes, the one choice everyone complains about when they get to it. I am going to pick Kyon because of nostalgia, but both of these two are awesome. If I were to make a top anime character list, both of these guys would be on it and both would be near the top.


Winner: Chitanda

Comparisons like this highlight the flaws inherent in ranking characters across series. My heart is telling me I like Chitanda more, but part of that is recency bias and a better look. Haruhi as a character is definitely fun and more dynamic. I will go with my heart and pick Eru, but eh…


Winner: Satoshi

Battle of the sidekicks, huh. I will pick Satoshi because I think there is more dimension to him though they are both great.


Winner: Tomoya

They are the main leads in their respective series, but this is a hard comparison. Tomoya is being backed by nostalgia, but Kumiko is being backed by recency bias and shinier character design. I will pick Tomoya because I am not really sure if I will remember Euphonium 5+ years from now like I do After Story.


Winner: Akio

Putting this one in because of the 69%. I like Natsuki, but I doubt I will remember her, so I will pick Akio.


Winner: Kanna

Spoiler: This one determines 1st and 2nd place.


Winner: Chitanda

What a weird comparison. Oh well, I generally like humans with purple eyes, so I will pick Chitanda.


Winner: Tamako

Once more, the shallow part of my heart is telling me to pick the moeblob, but my brain insists that I must have loved Haruhi for some reason. :/ Sigh. I will pick Tamako I guess.


Winner: Satoshi

They sort of play similar roles as secondary cute boy leads, but they are quite different. Satoshi’s development is on a whole other level than poor Mochizou’s (though Mochizou is one of the better developed characters in Tamako Market). So, yeah, I am picking Satoshi (Mochizou is real cute though).


Winner: Mochizou

I will side once more with the moe loving side of me and pick Mochizou.


Winner: Kanie

I relate to Kanie because I was also once openly narcissistic. Sadly, I was never an openly fake philosopher. Sorry Koizumi.


Winner: Nagato

Choi is cute, but poor Nagato doesn’t deserve the treatment I have given her, so I will give her a win here.


Winner: Kyon

I love Tomoya (for reasons not entirely clear), but Kyon is better.


Winner: Oreki

Again, Tomoya is great, but Oreki is better.


Winner: Chitanda

Another one of those “the methodology is flawed and I hate myself” comparisons. I will give it to Chitanda because I think I have been too nice to Clannad (it is mostly nostalgia fuelled).


Winner: Dera

Dumb comparison. I will give it to Dera.


Winner: Tamako

Tamako wins this.


Winner: Haruhi

When I clicked Tamako and this popped up, I -out loud- said “fuck”. That said, I think Haruhi struck a greater chord and to be honest, Tomoyo doesn’t do anything (unfortunately). So, I will pick Haruhi.


Winner: Mochizou

Rough! I will pick Mochizou because he was able to make his love come true.


Winner: Kanie

I am feeling some regret because in Battle 230, I picked Tomoyo over Kanie and can no longer undo it (can only do that once and I accidentally advanced too far). Kanie’s narcissism is near and dear to me!


Winner: Sento

Sento is funnier, so she wins.


Winner: Midori

I will give this one to Midori (mostly because I feel sorry for her).


Winner: Nagato

Has Kyou ever saved the main character’s life? Has she survived through thousands upon thousands of time loops? Has she ever tried to destroy reality? Okay, maybe that last one isn’t a plus, but you get the idea. Nagato wins.


Winner: Choi

Choi wins.


Winner: Nagisa

Weird matchup. I will give it to Nagisa.


Winner: Shuuichi

I will comment on this one because I haven’t said much about Asakura. I have generally been ranking her down because I don’t quite like killer aliens. She is better in the Nagato anime, but I didn’t see much of that.


Winner: Aoi

I am including this one because I haven’t talked about Aoi yet. I respect Aoi for quitting the band when she realized it was going to be hard. That said, something else about her never really meshed well with me. Maybe it is because the show tried to make such a big deal out of one person quitting a high school band. Anyway, I just wanted to say that. I will pick her over Ryouko.


Winner: Shiina

This was the final battle. I picked Shiina because lol, Fuko. If you made it through this far, I congratulate you. I don’t think I could do that.


Oh, dear Lord. That was exhausting. Sorry about that. Here is the image summary:

final KyoAni ranking

Thoughts & Excuses

I think having Kanna as number one is sort of unusual as far as this thing goes. I am not deluded enough to think that she is a particularly complex, deep or even funny character, but I just really liked everything she did on screen. It is not like I am even part of some Kanna obsessed fandom. I don’t even have any artwork of her collected…, but I could never not pick Kanna for reasons that are still unclear.

Leaving aside Kanna, I think my number 2 and 3 choices are pretty standard fare. Kyon is one of anime’s most beloved lead’s and for the most part, he deserves that. Oreki is fantastic, and I really have nothing else to say about him. Chitanda could have been lower. I am still iffy on her placement, but I don’t mind her at #4. Oreki wouldn’t have made it to the top if Chitanda wasn’t there, egging him on.

Tomoya as number 5 is a more controversial choice. He has a sexy voice, some snark and a rather mischievous side to him. And if I am allowed to be real for half a second, I still think Tomoya is one of the better harem leads we have seen (even 11 years after the first season aired). Tomoya isn’t bland. He gets some good development. He isn’t overly nice (poor Ushio gets ignored for five years), but he also doesn’t outright hate people. Or at least, he can’t bring himself to hate them (despite wanting to because of his own dad). I don’t know, Tomoya is strange. He has stuck with me for a long time and his struggle in After Story really did strike a chord. I think if I rewatched Clannad, I’d like him a bit less, but for now, I will leave him be.

Dera at 6 is amusing. I am not sure if Tamako should be lower, but I like her enough that I don’t mind her there. I have to rewatch or reread Haruhi to get a better grasp of where Haruhi should fit, but I think she would still be top 10. The rest of the entries are probably reasonable, so I am not going to discuss this any more (feel free to inquire in the comments though!). Thanks for sticking with me if you did!

Tweet I made of my initial attempt:

edit: Oh and as a cool reference, I found one I did early this year. And yes, Kanna was still number one.


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    • #2 by Reiseng on November 9, 2015 - 12:53 pm

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