12 Days of Anime #5: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Pt.2

So, Stardust Crusaders Part 2 aired this year and I loved it. If you are curious, I feel like my thoughts on Part 1 are still mostly applicable here, with the addendum: Part 2 was much more consistent.

I could probably spend a long time just talking about nearly every fight in the show, but I will try to keep it short. Note: All of these 12 Day posts implicitly have spoilers, but I am making special note here in case you are a special person who still hasn’t been spoiled on Dio’s powers. If you are, don’t read this post. Go watch the damn anime.

Screenshot (826)

Khnum’s Oingo and Thoth’s Boingo

Screenshot (789)

The two brothers were hilarious. I loved seeing them plan out that elaborate plan only to have it blow up hilariously with almost no interference on the part of the main crew. The way Joseph and Polnareff messed with Oingo, without even realizing he was not Jotaro, was hilarious. They made him do the cigarrete trick and then that hilarious scene where he tries to run away and they just stare at him suspiciously before throwing him some toilet paper. Amazing. The whole thing was hilarious. Ahahaha. This anime is too funny and too good.

Screenshot (799) Screenshot (800) Screenshot (802) Screenshot (805) Screenshot (816) Screenshot (817) Screenshot (819)

Thoth and Hol Horse teaming up was also funny especially that infamous “put fingers in Polnareff’s nose” scene.


Screenshot (752)

The Mariah fight was memorable and great because it featured a lot of Joseph Joestar. Anything that features Joseph automatically becomes great. His “OH MY GOD”‘s and “SON OF A BITCH”‘es alone make everything he does amazing.

Screenshot (754) Screenshot (755)

The entire Mariah fight was basically one laugh after one another. Joseph and Avdol make a surprisingly great comedy duo! The homerotic positions in particular were hilarious.

Screenshot (729) Screenshot (730) Screenshot (731) Screenshot (732)


Screenshot (672)

Pet Shop (the evil bird) was fucking frightening. God, that Iggy fight was intense. That bird. That bird will haunt most of us forever. Even after it was finally defeated, I kept expecting it to come back somehow. Poor Iggy, but the way he ended that fight was pretty cool and brave!

Screenshot (673) Screenshot (674) Screenshot (677)


Screenshot (700)

Both of the D’Arby fights were fantastic, but out of the two, I prefer the first gambling one. It was a sheer game of guts and seeing Jotaru win by doing nothing but bluff was fantastic. Kid finally put that stoic mug of his to good use!

First the cigarette and then the damn drink. Freaking Jotaru. Amazing.

First the cigarette and then the damn drink. Freaking Jotaru. Amazing.

Vanilla Ice

Screenshot (687)

You think with a name like Vanilla Ice, Vanilla Ice would be calm and cool, but nope. This guy was obsessed with Dio. In retrospect, the fact that he had been turned into a vampire was obvious, but at the time, I didn’t notice it, so I chalked up his continued persistence to sheer will and determination. And he was determined. Determined to wreck anything that Dio didn’t like. What a scary villain!

Screenshot (688) Screenshot (691)


What was just as cool was Polnareff right after Iggy saved him. Polnareff had this incredibly sad, goodbye scene the episode before but then 44 opened with him alive and Iggy moving on. Polnareff laments Iggy’s fate for a bit and then just blasts Vanilla Ice with sunlight. That final little shove, pushing Ice into the sun was amazing. Oh and Avdol and Iggy’s spirits leaving amidst the sunlight was really nice and touching.

Screenshot (695)


Screenshot (783)

Everything. Everything about Dio and the way he used his powers was an amazing treat. Unlike most people, I had somehow not been spoiled on Dio’s powers. Amazing, I know. I was actually hoping it wouldn’t be time control, since that is sort of cliche, but given the time this was written, I think it was still fairly original back then.

If I had to pick one moment in those final episodes that amazed me the most, it would be the change to the opening.

God. That changed opening is just perfect. Dio just walks in and just takes total control of the entire opening sequence. It is so cool and downright frightening. Fucking Dio. He isn’t one of anime’s most iconic villains without good reason. It is one of the most creative things I have seen done in anime this year.

Oh and of course, the infamous Dio throws roller scene was memorable as well!


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