Some really quick mid-seasons thoughts


Sorry. I have neglected this blog for about a month now due to many bad reasons. I will try to catch up on Shonen at some point, but for the time being, I figured I’d share a few simple thoughts on a few of the anime I have watched recently….I say few because I have fallen behind on near everything this season.


Winter 2016 Anime

Dimension W

dimension w

I am one episode behind on Dimension W, but I will watch it soon after this post is published. Dimension W is still fantastic. For the most part the episode quality has remained consistent and my interest in the series has only grown more with each one. Episode 7 might have been my favorite episode from the series thus far. The backstory was not unexpected, but it was presented so well, it hit me hard.

Oh and both the opening and ending are still fantastic.


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 466

As of writing this post, KonoSuba is the only full length series I am to date with. KonoSuba is downright hilarious and still about as charming as the KonoSuba girls. Wait, no, I meant something cute and charming like the KonoSuba girls. Wait, no. Yeah, it is charming, cliche similes escape me!

I could talk about how the show keeps playing with your expectations and how every time you expect a game trope, it turns it around, but that’s such a lame description of it. The show’s strength is in how  the entire cast has their own gimmick (dumb explosion magic, general Aqua stupidity, masochistic knight and a surprisingly blunt MC) and how wonderfully and goofy everything ends up being because they stick true to their incompetence. Okay, that isn’t a particularly great way of describing it either, but watch KonoSuba or keep watching it if you already are!

Sekkou Boys

Sekkou Boys 17 Sekkou Boys 18

I am somehow up to date with this show and damn, if it isn’t amazing. This is some real funny shit. And like, there are a bunch of historical/religious references that fly by me, but everything is funny because of how overdone it is. The show’s real charm point though is how well defined the sculpture boys really are. Miki is a fantastic lead. I love her reactions to the antics of her idol boys.

Ojisan to Marshmallow

Ojisan to Marshmallow 48

Ah, I love this show. It is pretty funny, reasonably sweet and just all around a good watch for the five or so minutes it lasts. The new rival introduced in episode 7 was surprisingly not detestable, but really the Hige x Wakabayashi ship is still sailing strong.

Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi 89

I am one episode behind, but I will catch up real soon. I LOVE DAGASHI KASHI. My opinions on it haven’t changed since one month ago and if anything, I have only grown more fond of the crew. HOTARU IS HOT. SAYA IS CUTE AND AMAZING. THE BOYS ARE GREAT. The animation is lovely. The relationships are incredibly sound. Saya and Hotaru feel like actual friends. Saya and Coconuts are adorable childhood friends. Even Endou, the eccentric older brother has cool shades and plays a funny role. I love them all.



Believe it or not, I am only one episode behind on Norn9 and that too because I didn’t realize episode 8 one was out. I forgot about Norn9 for a bit and then picked it back up. I marathoned all 4 episodes after episode 2 in one rapid rush for some reason. It had a slight dip around episode 4 but Norn9 is actually very interesting! It has solid shipping with actual romantic development and just as importantly the world itself is still enticing. My only complaint is that the black haired girl seems to have a ship locked with creepy white haired dude who even pushed her down (though at least he apologized and admitted he was wrong…). The ship shown in the opening with her and cool mysterious villain dude is much cooler!

The main ship with pink haired girl and what’s his face is very cute and has actual romantic development. None of that “OH NO DO I LOVE HIM” extended over 10 episodes nonsense!

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Confession: I am two episodes behind. ;____;

I am sorry. This show deserves better. It is hands down the best anime this season and the first five episodes have been some of the best episodes I have seen in recent memory. The way the character relations develop, the drama, the visual direction, the amazing background music, all of it is fantastic.



  • Erased: Fell pretty behind. I do want to catch up someday though
  • Reikenzan: Lack of subs made me fall behind, but some recently came out, so I will catch up!
  • Phantom World: Fell pretty far behind, but it is probably still totally my thing. I should catch up.
  • Grimgar: I haven’t bothered watching past episode 4. I hear Yume is still very cute and new girl is probably cute as well. I am not super interested tbh, but those damn backgrounds are so good!
  • Luck & Logic: I don’t care for anyone other than Athena and MC, so I am not really sure if I should ever bother catching  up.
  • Active Raid: Not really sure why I stopped watching this. I guess it stopped grabbing me?
  • Shoujo-tachi: Not sure if my slight fondness for the cast is enough to overcome the love triangle drama or the show’s general lack of gripping events. Maybe if others tell me it is good…
  • Ao no Kanata: No real interest in this, but apparently the shipping isn’t all that bad here….

For everything else, I am probably too lazy to bother with at the moment, though I might catch up on Bahamut for Classy.

I was going to post some thoughts on some other older anime I have seen recently, but I will leave that for another post. Feel free to recommend stuff I should catch up on!




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