Spring 16 Initial Thoughts Part 2: Moe has saved anime once again

I procrastinated a little bit on writing another post and now, woops. There are just so many anime out there and woops I like most of them.

Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention these past couple of seasons, but it would appear that our good friend Moe did not take kindly to being forgotten and struck back with a vengeance this season. That is why in this post, I’ll only talk about a few excellent cute episodes that have aired this season.

Sansha Sanyou 451

Pan de Peace!

Pan de Peace! 65

A short, but it’s pretty cute and with lovely animation. All of the girls are cute with good faces and they love bread. That’s really all that matters.

Ordinarily, Pink haired loli would be worst girl, but she has a chuuni side to her, so that makes her pretty decent in my eyes. I actually also liked the short boob joke(s) in episode 2 because they were low key, no drama affairs. Not a bad short to keep your eye on or catch up on in one sitting.

Shounen Maid

Protect that, err, frown.

Protect that, err, frown.

Okay, this one isn’t really that moe, but I think it sort of counts!

hmm. So, Shounen Maid is pretty cute and the uncle is pretty great. Chihiro hasn’t totally won me over yet, but I have no grievances with him.

Some of the mom backstory scenes made me very sad (and not only because she was a bit cut throat with her “WORK AND EARN MONEY” comment). I actually really liked how Chihiro hadn’t really “realized” that she had moved on and then it just built up over time and by the end of the episode he had accepted the fact that he will never go home again and he’ll never see his hardworking mom again. That made me sad. Poor kid. ;___;

Shounen Maid 138 Shounen Maid 139 Shounen Maid 140

The show itself could probably do with looking a little bit better. It is not that its bad per say, but visually it is not terribly interesting. I like the lighting a fair bit though, some picturesque images.

Shounen Maid 199

Anne Happy

Anne Happy 154

I am glad the central theme connecting these characters is just misfortune and not lifelong illness as I had somehow surmised at first. Had this been another anime where girls are cute one second and then suffering deep trauma the next, I’d have almost certainly dropped it. Fortunately (heh!), it is not!

Anne Happy has lovely visuals and excellent animation accompanying them. These slice of life, cute moe shows live and die by how well they can pull off cute faces, cute movements and nice, soothing backgrounds and Anne Happy delivers. The backgrounds are especially lovely.

What I also liked about the execution is just how well directed it is. The anime just flows so smoothly and the use of chibi/static image accompaniments is really good.

Anne Happy 83

The background music is also used to really good effect. The music is surprisingly good at creating a tense atmosphere without ever actually deviating from the show’s tone. It just goes to show you that you can have a cute girls doing cute things anime that actually has cute dramatic tension accompanying it!

Anne Happy 97

Anne Happy also has a surprisingly good sense of humour. I wouldn’t claim it is super funny, but I had a small smile on my face the entire time during the first episode and sometimes that small smile turned into a full fledged grin. I was curious about what taboo construction boy Ruri likes (I assumed it was some older construction worker dude), but the truth was surprisingly funny, albeit kinda disappointing(since I am always looking for taboo ships~).

If you buy into it even a little, you realize this show is really good at setting up its “I am overly cute and will give you diabetes” tone. It knows what kind of show it wants to be and smoothly flows along.

If I had one minor thing to nitpick, it would be that while the anime flows smoothly, a lot of it (the first episode’s first half especially) feels like it could actually benefit from being just a tad bit longer. When I watched it for the second time, it actually felt a bit like I was watching it at 1.1 speed.

As for the characters themselves, they are all lovely. I like all three of the girls that have been introduced thus far. They are all easily  distinguished from one another and while having relatively simple motives and personalities, they don’t feel like I’d find them in too many anime. That’s good! Honoka is probably the least interesting, but she more than makes up for it with her enthusiasm, optimism and all around cuteness. The bunny introduced in the second episode is best, also only, boy.

Anne Happy 143

Both the opening and the ending are fantastic. They are super cute and catchy.

I wrote the above before watching the second episode, and I just want to report that the second episode is even better than the first. Lovely.

Anne Happy 191

Sansha Sanyou

Sansha Sanyou 336


No really. That’s the phrase that echoed constantly through my head as I watched this episode. The character movements, their faces, the cute images, all of it was perfect. Even better, this is written by Arai Cherry (the author of Mikakunin), so yeah!

If there is any small minor complaint about the first episode that I have, it is that some of the jokes lasted just a tad bit too long and the pacing isn’t perfect. The animation and direction more than makes up for it though. Also the anime face game is super on point. Excellent.

Good work Yoko. Your >_< face is going to save anime.

Good work Yoko. Your >_< face is going to save anime.

Sansha Sanyou’s main competition, if you could call it that, this season would be Anne Happy. If I were to compare the two, I’d say that Anne Happy is better its pacing and has a better idea of the tone it wants to set. Sansha Sanyou is better directed and arguable cuter. I think I also like Sansha Sanyou’s cast a bit more. That said, both have had excellent first episodes (Anne Happy’s second episode is pretty great too).

Sansha Sanyou 332

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 9

This is everything I wanted. This is perfect. The comedic timing, the tone. All of it was on point and perfect. I liked the first episode a lot and then I liked the second episode even more. I figured that the entire draw would just be the main two boys and while that’s part of it, short girl is perfect and super cute too!



I loved Ohta. He is best best friend. I love Tanaka, his dedication to the art of laziness is amazing and I love Miyano’s raw enthusiasm for the silliest. Most importantly, I just love how the cast (Tanaka and Ohta especially) play off of one another. I think one thing I really like is that neither Ohta nor Miyano are trying to change Tanaka. They’ve accepted his listlessness and either support him, admire him or simply just hang out with him. It is lovely and it feels really natural.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 201

Ohta carries him not because Tanaka refuses to go, but because Tanaka is lazy and listless. SUCH AMAZING FRIENDSHIP IS UNHEARD OF

Ohta carries him not because Tanaka refuses to go, but because Tanaka is lazy and listless. SUCH AMAZING FRIENDSHIP IS UNHEARD OF

The show itself looks really nice and welcoming. I like the character designs and I love the little transitions and side stories sort of thrown in there.

Just look at this transition.

Just look at this transition.

Most importantly, I think Tanaka-kun is genuinely funny. It is not absurd, ridiculous funny, but this is the kind of slice of life funny I love so much. Oh and it helps that their anime face game is so on point! GOOD SHOW (at least these first two episodes). I am looking forward to seeing the other characters being introduced and naturally I am keeping my eye on ships. Oh and the opening and ending are lovely.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 342


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