Some thoughts on Hundred

Apologies for neglecting this blog for a while now, but well, that’s nothing new. Yes, I know I haven’t covered WSJ for god knows how long and I am too lazy to write a catch up post. Spoiler: One Piece is still amazing, Bleach has its moments and Naruto ended long ago.

Anyway, I figured I’d jot down some thoughts on Hundred since I am actually sort of enjoying it! There is little cohesive structure to this post, but then again, that’s also nothing new. Major spoilers from episode 7 are in this post, but I doubt anyone cares about that for this show. READ THIS ANYWAY.

Opening a post with a super handsome, maybe evil, boy is always a good move.

Opening a post with a super handsome, maybe evil, boy is always a good move.

I watched Hundred up until episode 4 or so then stopped for a while and caught up day before yesterday. I am happy to report that despite the quarter season slowdown, it got better after the fourth episode. Well, mostly better.

Hundred 2016-05-16_013

Oh hey, a reference to cute carrot boy and to < REDACTED-SPOILER YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT >

I care little for Sakura

She does have a few good faces up her sleeve though. Wait, she isn't even wearing one.

She does have a few good faces up her sleeve though. Wait, she isn’t even wearing one.

Let’s start with the obvious meh. Sakura is boring. Having one overly affectionate character in Emilia, or whatever her name is, is more than enough. The whole “you encouraged me into singing” thing was not terribly interesting and mostly unnecessary. (I will admit to finding some amusement in how overdone her tragic past was.)

Fortunately, Sakura’s presence is not an outright terrible thing. All harems have a worst girl and as far as worst girls go, Sakura is really not bad. If anything, she is not bad at all. She is just mostly boring.

Hundred 150

I am still not really invested in the story

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-17_002

I will admit that Hundred has charmed a little and won me over by throwing every possible anime direction at me. We’ve got cute girls; a naive, but well meaning MC; several beach scenes; several boob run ins that defy many laws of physics; accidental boob flashes; walking in on someone; some human modification stuff; some good guys acting like bad guys; some- oh you get the idea.

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-16_007

I am charmed, very charmed, but the exact specifics and grim nature of the setting are of little interest to me. I don’t think it is important for them to be interesting either. Hundred’s main selling point (for me) is the harem antics and the over the top chuuni edge.

That is to say, it can afford to make the villains slightly goofy and to tone down its occasional attempt at creating a grim setting. I mean I don’t want it to go “THIS IS AN LN ADAPTATION WINK WINK BUY OUR BLU-RAYS YOU DWEEB TRASH WINK WINK“, but to maybe not worry so much about saving civilians from Savages or humanity’s struggle against them (I think it has already toned this down a bit in more recent episodes).

Tight mech body suits are still bad

Hundred 354

This isn’t Hundred specific, but why do so many anime these days insist on dressing up the cast in ugly latex outfits when they are fighting monsters? I do not know.

Hundred 164

I wish it were better made

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-17_010

Some of the fight scenes look pretty decent, but it does feel like visual quality dips pretty significantly now and then. I feel like the direction could have been a bit more creative as well. I think?

Even silly shows like Hundred can be much more entertaining if they are well made. Oh well, I shouldn’t really complain too much because when the art is right, the characters look very nice (Claire especially).

My little sister and romantic rival can’t be a reactor this cute

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-16_010

Not going to lie, I was expecting something simple like a collection of Savage cores or what have you to be powering the ship, but as it turns out, it is a young girl! I should have known. In hindsight, it is an obvious thing, but it is still pretty funny.

Fritz and Latia are a very good background ship

Hundred 2016-05-16_005

Fritz and Latia may lose out to Hayato and his harem in screen time and plot relevance, but their friendship is clearly the best friendship present in the show. I would very much like it if we got an episode focused solely on these two and am hoping they somehow end up a couple by the end. Good side ships are important and through their very existence can almost make up for sub-par main ships (e.g. Nisekoi for many folk with its Ruri/Shuu ship).

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-17_013

They are the only two featured in the new ending. THAT HAS TO BE OFFICIAL SHIP ENDORSEMENT. I LOVE THOSE COSTUMES. I guess that’s what they were shopping for.

The worst thing that could happen would be for one of these two to die “tragically” just so we can plot movement or some silly rage fuelled move from the other characters. I would not like that. I would not like that at all.

"A speedo is nothing compared to that silly suit they keep making me fight in." - Fritz

“A speedo is nothing compared to that silly thing they keep making me fight in.” – Fritz

Hayato has the occasional moment

Hundred 2016-05-16_003

I approve of this look.

When I say Hayato has the occasional moment, I mostly mean that he can be pretty handsome at times. He isn’t a terribly interesting character, but eh, I can’t expect all harem leads to be utterly badass like Daimao’s Akuta or reasonably well defined like Nisekoi’s Raku (yes, even if you don’t like him, he is not a bad character) and Monogatari’s Araragi (too high of a wall for any male MC really). Still, some level of individuality close to Date a Live’s Shido would have been nice.



Okay, okay. Goofy water spouting is a very good thing and we need more of it.

Okay, okay. Goofy water spouting is a very good thing and we need more of it.

Emilia is still very cute

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-16_001

Our favourite childhood friend has been a bit neglected these past couple of episodes, but sort of came back into the limelight with the seventh episode and the “SUPER SHOCKING UNBELIEVABLE” reveal of her royal heritage. Well, to be honest I wasn’t actually expecting it because I’ve always thought her background as some ordinary person was fine.

I guess the creators felt every member of Hayato’s harem (including himself with his “divine blood” <- LOL) had to be sort of special. Whatever. It is mostly irrelevant because she is very cute, especially when pouting.

Hundred 2016-05-16_010

Her clingy “I LOVE YOU HAYATO” thing is very cute, but I do hope we get a bit more. I am actually starting to ship her a bit less now because she almost works better as a good friend. Then again, their date was pretty good. If the other girls went away, and let the two spent several episodes exploring town and trying on clothes, that would probably be good. Yes, okay, I am still sort of shipping her. Sort of.

Hundred 2016-05-16_004

New girl has good faces

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-16_015

The new girl introduced in episode 7 has some good faces. I am glad she was introduced for those alone.

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-16_018 Hundred Ep7 2016-05-16_020

Claire is really good

Hundred 2016-05-16_008

Perhaps the biggest surprise, and the thing that I definitely did not expect last season when I was scouting out upcoming anime, is that I would come to really like Claire. I didn’t like Claire when I saw her in the trailer. I didn’t like her in the first couple of episodes either. She was a haughty tsundere, student council President. I shouldn’t compare Hundred willy nilly to other anime, but I’ve never been super fond of the overly serious, cocky, trigger happy Student Council President that is of course also a tsundere.

But then something happened. At some point, Claire became the most interesting character in Hundred and she did so with very little actual screen time. This is because Claire actually has quite a few cool sides to her.

The first side of her that we see is this overly serious “the rules are the rules”. I totally despised that side at first but came to really like it when I realized she is probably struggling to balance her own ethics with the orders received from her brother and co.  I might be reaching a bit high with this comparison, but in some ways she reminds me of Sonozaki Noriko from Kiznaiver.

Kiznaiver 389Hundred Ep7 2016-05-17_004

Yes, both of them like viewing security camera footage.

Sonozaki is initially presented as this authoritative figure in charge of the Kiznaivers, but it is soon revealed that she reports to a committee and is thus forced to impose challenges she herself is not comfortable with. It is true that Claire likes to follow the rules, but she is also definitely playing this balance rope game with authority she doesn’t really like.

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-16_011

There is also the cute, slightly jealous side to Claire. I liked seeing her get mad when she was spying on Hayato as he was on a date (well, she wasn’t really spying, but close enough). The arguments with Emilia and Sakura are a bit overdone, but they are mostly harmless and part of why we are all watching this show.

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-17_005


A third side to her is her attempts at flirting with Hayato. No, this is a different side from the jealous one. I love seeing her do her best to get a date with him or to impress him with her bikini (only to realize her assisstant had removed it – woops). It is very cute. Actually, I don’t even know if she is still a tsundere….Sure, she isn’t very upfront about her feelings, but she definitely knows they exist and she definitely wants to act on them (though slightly less enthusiastically than Sakura/Emilia).

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-17_006

Aww, look at how happy she is.

I actually sort of want Claire to win the shipping war now because in many ways, she is the only one with no history with the MC and while their relationship did start of rocky, she has definitely done her best to get on his good side. I do wish her two assistants were more interesting. I think I’d enjoy a Claire-Hayato date episode, but those two would just ruin it if they were present.

Hundred Ep7 2016-05-16_005

Oh,and  when her hair is down, or when the camera zooms in on her, she ends up really pretty. She is no doubt the prettiest girl in this show.

Hundred 2016-05-16_001Hundred Ep7 2016-05-16_008Hundred Ep7 2016-05-17_009

Speaking of the ending, I like both endings  a lot and I have come to really like the opening. It is very good at getting you excited.




  1. #1 by Karandi on May 17, 2016 - 4:05 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I dropped Hundred and I don’t see me picking it back up as I found Hayato incredibly boring and wasn’t interested enough in the enemy or problem to care whether they end up winning. Glad it is getting better though.

    • #2 by Reiseng on May 17, 2016 - 5:04 pm

      You are welcome. 🙂

      Hayato is indeed not very exciting. He just goes on missions and hits things and makes funny faces when girls play with him.

      So yeah, Hundred isn’t really something I’d recommend watching unless you either have spare time or just want a reasonable, fanservicy, light hearted anime.

  2. #3 by Highway on June 19, 2016 - 1:40 am

    I dunno if you read my post after a few eps of Hundred, but I figure they called it that because that’s how many other shows they ripped off parts from. It doesn’t do too bad with ripping that stuff off, and let’s be honest: every show rips off stuff.

    I find Emilia tiresome. I actually don’t find her charming at all, and holy cow, she’s been stalking Hayato for 10 years.

    I think Sakura is fine, she’s better for me than Emilia or imouto-Karen.

    Claire has been the best part of the show. Like you, I like that she’s not really a tsundere, nor is she particularly shy about her designs on Hayato. She just has to ride that balance between being the person in charge and trying to get the guy. That’s been the best part of the show, especially because she doesn’t seem to have no chance.

    The monsters are terrible. That ‘Dragon’ one was just awful, and the whole fight just ridiculous. Total abuse of “Talking is a Free Action”, total abuse of any tension, just a horrible fight.

    The show’s not bad, but I’m an episode behind, and I think “I’ll catch up” and I watch the week-old one and think “Man, I can’t watch another episode…” So I stay an episode behind. I wish it was better, but it’s not awful.

    • #4 by Reiseng on June 21, 2016 - 9:03 pm

      I fell pretty far behind now, but yeah. I was beginning to find Emilia tiresome after a bit too. Claire was only getting better and had one or two badass moments too like right before getting Hayato’s dragon blood thing.

      The show as a whole, yeah….

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