Sakamoto’s white line march was perhaps my favourite skit yet.

I love Sakamoto Desu ga. I find it to be genuinely funny. It is not for everyone, but the exaggerated “Sakamoto can do anything and look good while doing it” skits are totally my thing and never fail to make me smile, if not outright laugh.

The 7 or so minute long skit at the beginning of episode 7 was not only funny, but also rather endearing and heart warming.

Sakamoto desu ga 27.jpg

Post opening, the episode starts with three young boys doing what three young boys are almost expected to do. They play a game of dribble the rock as far as you can. It is a game almost anyone can relate to. It is a near universal game dabbled by little kids worldwide over.

Sakamoto desu ga 6.jpg

The boys encounter Sakamoto who is not only playing the same game as them, but is leagues better. Sakamoto uses his mastery of physics (or outright defiance of it) to pass through a segment the kids fail at. The kids chalk it up to Sakamoto being a high school student and swear they’ll get better when they’re his age.

A bit later, the children are following a white line when they spot Sakamoto doing the same thing. The single line march that follows is probably my favourite Sakamoto sequence. Sakamoto leads the children in an amazingly happy walk. The music alone made it amazing.

Sakamoto desu ga 48.jpg

Eventually they reach an abrupt cut in the white line and the children are dismayed because they can’t go further. To make it worse, they realize Sakamoto can still go on because he can jump longer than they can.

Sakamoto desu ga 58.jpg

The STOP is also a form of symbolism, I guess. Cool.

Just as it all seems over, Sakamoto pulls out a toilet roll. It gets knocked out of his hand and in true Sakamoto fashion, it continues the white line and provides a continuation of their little march.

Sakamoto desu ga 66.jpg

Now that little conclusion is funny enough on its own (who uses a toilet roll like that??!), but it is Sakamoto’s kindness that I really admire. He didn’t have to do that. He could have jumped ahead and left the kid’s behind, but he chose not to. He chose to extend their little marching fantasy and to any kid, something like that means a lot.

Sakamoto desu ga 68.jpg

To a kid, any grown up (i.e. a high school student in anime land) is automatically cool. Heck, a kid once told me I am cool (and that couldn’t be further from the truth). Sakamoto is cool (the coolest even), but what makes him amazing is that almost everything he does concludes with an act of kindness.

Sakamoto Desu ga 241.jpg

Sakamoto has a contest with a bird and ends up saving the bird from a storm. He has a pushing contest with a delinquent and ends up calling a taxi for the delinquent. Sakamoto learns a ghost is in love with him and ends up printing a thank you. So on and so on.

Sakamoto desu ga 94.jpg

Sakamoto may have been playing for his own amusement, but once he noticed the kids had joined in, he made sure that they’d have fun too. That they’d get to stand with him and that they’d get a proper end and not a disappointing cut in the road. I liked that a lot and found it genuinely endearing.

Sakamoto desu ga 80.jpg

I want an autograph too!

I love little stories like this where older characters play along with kids and don’t patronize them for being kids. Of course, Sakamoto is himself rather childish, but that just means it is okay to keep being a kid even when you are grown up (as long as you don’t run into people and can dribble your way through them).

Sakamoto desu ga 15Sakamoto desu ga 16

Apologies for the inconsequential post, but there is just so much childish glee and happiness in that little march, I had to jot my thoughts down. >_<

Sakamoto desu ga 76.jpg


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