Toxic Muffin is 6 years old!

Or well, it was on the 12th of July, but being fashionably late is just part of the brand, really.

Warning: This post is a bit mushy and a tad bit personal. If for some silly reason, you actually thought I was cool, you might not want to read on.

Ao no Exorcist 01 Reverand

I made this blog over 6 years ago now! I’d claim it’s been a wild roller coaster, but really, it’s been more of a travelator.

For more on the history and some muffins, you can read my 2 year anniversary post. This time around, I’ll be more serious and take a look at the blog in its current state and what I’d like for it to be.

The Bad Things

Screenshot 2015-12-25 20.44.03

Self-deprecation and self-criticism is really just who I am at this point, so I am going to go all out here. Don’t worry, the post won’t end on such a negative note.

A dearth of content

This is the immediate most obvious failing of this blog. As of writing this, there are 388 posts on here. Most good blogs will hit that in like 2 years, not the 6 taken here.

A lot of that can be blamed on laziness, sometimes real life stuff and sometimes both. I have several drafts where I started writing a post, but then got stuck and somehow forgot about it. I have even more ideas in my head that I never even tried turning into posts and when I did, they’d often end up dead end drafts.

Most recently, I have totally stopped bothering to make Weekly Shonen posts. They were the main stay of this blog, but I haven’t written one since January 31. I’m still reading WSJ too, but once you fall behind on blog duty, it is surprisingly hard to bring yourself to catch up.

Another, just as bad, recent failure was not completing my 12 Day Posts from last year. December was a pretty rough month for some reason and for the first time since I started writing them in 2011, I was unable to do so.

A dearth of good content

Protect that, err, frown.

This is also sort of obvious. Typos and grammar mistakes litter posts that don’t really add anything new to the thought sphere anyway. Most posts are just header lists and often lack any sort of common theme or cohesion to them.

This blog isn’t going to win any prizes, but I am not too concerned about it. For me at the moment, I think it is more important to jot your thoughts down than it is to inspire great thought from others.

Of course, I still think you should try to execute them well, which is why I’d rather use a segmented list instead of large blocks of text that have no connection to one another. And of course, I do want to write posts people enjoy and maybe take something away from. It is just not at the forefront right now.

I suppose worrying about good content is best left to those disciplined enough to make something out of it.

Improvement Plan

Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 27

When you have to fill out one of those cheesy progress forms, be it for work or school, they always ask you on what you plan to do next, how you plan to improve etc. Sadly, I don’t have too much of a plan there.

I’d like to be able to watch an episode or a series, then immediately write down my thoughts, especially if it resonated with me. Ideally, I’d like that to be a twice per week thing, but realistically, even once a week wouldn’t be bad. That’s what I’d like.

Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening soon. There is so much stuff I need to or want to do, so it’s hard to make any kind of dedicated promise. I will do my best to stick to at least 2 posts per month (I slipped earlier this year for the first time…), and hopefully write more when the gusto, but all in all, this will probably be a slow year. :/


Boku no Hero Academia 387

The above section may not suggest as much, but I actually have a fair bit of love for, and pride in, this blog. 388 posts may not be a lot of posts, but it is still 388 posts! That’s at least an hour or two per post and with some of them taking several days to write! It is a small, small achievement, but it is still one! I may have stopped writing the Weekly Shonen Posts back in January, but I still covered a lot of chapters (sort of, there were a bunch of combo posts, but I did my best).

  • Bleach 416-655
  • Naruto 506-698 (Also Chapters 700+1-10 which was the Sarada manga. Never did cover those final 699/700 chapters…)
  • One Piece 596-814

It’s actually making me feel emotional that these single weekly posts can add up to be a sort of respectable number.

The quality of my WSJ posts has always been sort of mediocre, but there are other posts that I am very proud of. My 12 Day posts are a mainstay of this blog and I may have slipped last year, but I wrote them in 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 (okay 2014s slipped into Jan 2015). In fact, I wrote a total of 25 posts in December 2012. That’s still one of the coolest things I’ve done on this blog.

Humor is something I wish could tap into more often because the few times I’ve successfully done so for a post have made me very happy. For example, my Kyoukai no KanataNagato Yuki,  Chitanda posts still make me smile when I read them. My one post on Eureka 7 Ao and on Guilty Crown are interesting at least in concept.

Resolved Conflict Name Shu at a crosroad.
Conflict Resolvement Type Let the Penis Decide

Still cracks me up every time.

I don’t think I’d use this kind of language anymore and I am becoming the very person I mocked, but my guide to Anime Studios still makes me chuckle a little. Moving on to more serious posts, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I think nailed it with why I love manga and while I desperately need to write more recommendations, the few I’ve written do a good job of selling some good stuff.

My post on Nichijou is pretty long and thorough and rather unique in that it doesn’t cover the one thing Nichijou is best known for (the animation, something I was totally clueless about then). I still like my post on Hyouka 22, which sort of delved into photography. And of course, I am very proud of several of my 12 Day posts. Go read the one on Shirobako, on Gatchaman Crowds (where I ramble about Hajime) and on Sengoku Collection Episode 5.

takagi san 28 i like it

More so than being proud of a specific post on here, I am proud this blog exists. We all have different takes on what constitutes a successful life. For me, success would be leaving some work (fiction, non-fiction, cool software etc) behind for others to remember me by. This blog, despite its small size and lack of visibility, is very much a small record that I existed. You know, someone might stumble into it someday and think ‘oh someone wrote this’. That’s important to me. This is also why I’ve never expanded this into a team blog. It has always just been a space for my work and my work alone.

Finally, it’s rather depressing to admit, but in many ways, this blog is the only achievement I’ve got. Sure, I finished High School, finished my Undergrad and did a few internships along the way, but those are just check marks everyone expected me to check. All of my classmates accomplished the same and many with much better success than me. This blog, for all its flaws and blemishes, is my sole achievement. It is something I did for myself and while it is far from where I want it to be, it is much better than nothing at all.

It took me a few years to realize it, but I do genuinely love this place. I love this little inscription I carved out for myself in some corner of the internet. I can’t make any guarantees about post frequency and quality, but I do hope you are willing to stick with me for the foreseeable future because I am not going anywhere.

Thanks for reading. Here is to another year of Toxic Muffins. ^_^

edit: Oh and of course, it is only because I started this blog, that I went onto twitter and made many of the great friends whose company I love so much.


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  1. #1 by certainlyawitch on July 16, 2016 - 12:50 pm

    388 articles is alot of articles however you put it. Every little bit counts. Congrats on running a blog actively – even with it’s ups and downs – for six years!!

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