Summer 16: Some Final Thoughts


I haven’t posted much at all recently, but figured I’d make a quick post with some thoughts on anime that ended several weeks back.

91 Days


I watched a few episodes, but fell way behind. It seemed cool, but not really my thing. I’ve heard mostly good things, so maybe I’ll pick it back up someday.

Sweetness and Lightning


Image from MAL

Watched one episode then no more. Don’t ask me why because I did like that first episode a lot. From what I hear the quality did dip a fair bit, so I might not really bother catching up.

Fukigen na Mononokean


So fluffy and good!

One of the few anime I actually finished. I liked it a lot! It was nice, sort of relaxing, though not as serene as say Mushishi or Natsuki. Still, a pleasant watch with colorful backgrounds and a nice cast.

Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!


I have one episode left that I have not yet seen! I really liked KonoBi. The second last episode is so good. The show as a whole is excellent. I liked the manga, but the anime is even better. Watch it!

Musou Gakuen HxH

[HorribleSubs] Masou Gakuen HxH - 12 [1080p] (00_06_22.216) 0002.jpg

The class watch of the season. I sort of liked the notion of using sex as a powerup tool and some of the sex scenes were rather hilarious, but all in all, I wasn’t particularly enamored with the show.

The characters (MC-kun especially) felt kinda lifeless and I did not care about the conflict at all. Still, a whatever, not bad, classy watch. It had some very good special effects during a few of the fight scenes though. (And some creative censorship -NSFW)

And in case you were curious, the above effects were made by Takumi Sukanohara (thanks Kvin)

Mob Psycho 100


Another anime I actually finished! If I had the energy to do so, I’d write a long post talking about this show and each sentence would basically amount to “I love this show”. MP100 was so good. It is the absolute must try from last season.

The visuals alone made it worth looking at, but that story of an awkward boy doing his best was so good and on point. I am not kidding when I say I love almost everything about this show. I probably messed up tagging my tweets, but you can find a few here.

Also that little extra bit in the final episode, which was animated by the mangaka himself, was rad.




I should finish this show. I have two episodes left (or well 4 half-episodes). Very cute. Super cute! I don’t normally note VAs, but Kakuma Ai’s slurry voice is so perfect for Yuki. The show doesn’t have much ‘animation’ but more than makes up for it with very cute visuals.

I understand not wanting to check this out because you aren’t comfortable with a stalker girl turned lover, but if you are sort of okay with that, do try this super cute show. It was a real blessing.


Nejimaki Seirei Senki Tenkyou no Alderamin


I have not finished Alderamin, but in my opinion this is probably the least watched actually good show from Summer 2016. Put aside your initial worry and be forgiving of the first episode, this is a rock solid show. I don’t mean it is especially exciting or innovative per say, but solid. It is definitely not a bad watch.

New Game!


I watched one episode of New Game! and then enjoyed the rest through screenshots on twitter. I should watch the rest for the faces and the occasional low-key fanservice (both of which are things I enjoy), but not especially interested for whatever reason. Good stuff though!

Qualidea Code


Best Girl

Another show I should finish someday. I made it much further than most people!

If Alderamin is my number one pick for most unwatched, underrated show, Qualidea Code is my 2nd choice and would easily be my first if it didn’t have a whole slew of production problems leading to some very half-baked animation (please be fixed in Blu-Rays ;__;).

Why is Qualidea Code good? Because it

  • is nice and simple
  • features an excellent, vivid cast
  • has a few great story twists
  • has a fantastic OST
  • has excellent ships
  • has excellent character banter
  • has some genuinely sad moments

Okay, she’s also great. Actually, everyone is great.

Ugh, honestly I had more fun with Qualidea Code than with almost anything else this past season. It is good. I can’t totally recommend it because at times the production issues do become very jarring and the drama is a little high (for baby me), but I oh so badly wish I could. This is the kind of anime I love. It has hints of cute romance and love with no silly love triangles too.


Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

Regalia - The Tree Sacred Stars 158.jpg

I think I watched one or two episodes of this? It got delayed to Fall. I might pick it back up when I get the chance, but no real rush. The mech designs are very cool.

Scared Rider XechS


I think I’ve seen three episodes? Good fun show. It is not terribly gripping (part of why I haven’t seen more), but a campy watch.


I like the boys but both girls, especially blond teacher, are very good.

Shokugeki no Soma S2


AHHHHHHHH! Season 2 was even better than season 1. I love Soma so much. I’m a huge fan of the manga and the anime delivers in every way possible. So glad I got to finish it.

Taboo Tatoo


I watched a good chunk of Taboo Tatoo. How do I describe this show. The visuals are sparse, but I really enjoyed the fight choreography. The visceral, try hard, nature isn’t really my thing but this anime is very anime. It felt like one of those early 2000’s shows in that respect. Hard for me to find better words for it at the moment.




Best anime of all time. Well, maybe not, but it is a pretty innovate, cute short! I should finish the last four episodes.

Kyoukai no Rinne


Rinne ended its second season! And while I was sad to see it go, news of more next year is enough for me. I love this show. It had a few production hiccups, but all in all, it kept me happy week to week. Now if only Mamiya Sakura and Rokudou will finally get together then all will be well.

Mahoutsukai no Yome OVA


Ahhh, this was really nice. I like what I’ve read of the manga and was worried about what a prequel would look like. The OVA didn’t really alleviate those fears (since it is set in the present) but gave a glimpse that maybe it won’t all be bad.

Things I should have tried, but didn’t:

  • Amanchu! (someday)
  • Arslan S2 (I really liked S1 too)
  • Berserk (bad CGI I hear but I might read the manga someday)
  • D.Gray-man Hallow (Fell way behind the manga and remember little, so I have to rewatch and or reread before seeing Hallow)
  • Days (Sports not really my thing, but I hear this was good.)
  • Handa-kun (I love Barakamon, so definitely should look at this someday)
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! (Waiting to eventually watch Love Live S2 before this though I know it is not explicitly necessary. No rush)
  • Orange (heard good things but it is hard for me to start somber slightly drama heavy shows like it ;_; )
  • ReLife (I’ve read a good chunk of the manga, so no hurry here.)
  • Planetarian (edited in: supposedly the good Key show)
  • Rewrite (I know it is not good but I’m a Key apologist. I hear the VN is not bad though!)
  • Servamp (Mira likes it, so it probably isn’t bad.)
  • Time Travel Shoujo (heard a few whispers about it being good)


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