Fall 2016 Initial Thoughts


This blog has been starving for content, so let’s make do with a nice easy post! I haven’t seen too much this season (spending all my anime time rewatching Detective Conan!), but figured I’d jot down a few thoughts anyway.


And no, before you ask, I have not checked out the season’s blockbusters: 3-gatsu no Lion, Yuri on Ice, Hibike Euphonium, Flip Flappers and Gi(a)rlist Number.



I am enjoying this a lot more than I expected. I watched the first episode, enjoyed the visuals a lot but didn’t care as much for the violence. Then the 2nd and 3rd episodes gripped me regardless. It is the kind of cartoon violence I can sort of tolerate and now I really want to see more of this war between Drifters and Ends play out!

I also liked the variety of Ancient Names that got used here. I was enjoying the Scipio-Hannibal banter a lot and really liked it when Scipio stood to the defense of his arch-rival. Definitely looking forward to more. It is the kind of mostly thoughtless anime that I can watch and enjoy. No real drama or expeditious amount of brain power required, just straight up entertainment!





Keijo is the classy watch of the season and what a watch it is. I LOVE KEIJO!!!!!!!!  ! Someday I’d like to talk about how great the cast is, how Keijo!!!!!!!! totally accepts itself for what it is and just how donright fun the full package ends up being.

I’m honestly not one for Sports Shows but this one is remarkably good in my opinion. You’ve got fierce competition, strong friendships, teamwork, super techniques/moves and a very lovable cast. The main character in particular is especially endearing and just the right amount of genki to be lovable and not so much she ends up insufferable.

There is a lot of so called ‘fanservice’ but I wouldn’t even classify it as lewd per say. Not entirely sure why but this really doesn’t feel like an ecchi show.


The Magical Girl Raising Project


Image from MAL

An anime where famous aniblogger Reiseng gets turned into a Magical Girl. How lovely!

I watched and enjoyed the first episode, but then didn’t really get around to watching more. I’m not sure if I really want to though because dark stories about kids potentially killing one another aren’t really my thing you know.



I enjoyed the first episode of O;9 and the two after even more. Occultic;Nine is surprisingly rad. The mystery is cool and the anime plays time and space really well. It is confusing if you try too hard to parse it, but if you watch it with a more relaxed, less picky frame of mind, the experience becomes much more pleasant.

My mantra with usual ‘confusing’ shows applies here. There is no need to parse every detail or everything going on. All will be explained by the end and if it isn’t, then maybe that’s fine too. Actually O;9 is reasonably straightforward with its mystery so I don’t know if I’d even call it confusing.




I’m one episode behind Nanbaka but enjoyed what I’ve seen thus far. The visuals are colorful and the anime tries to be fun. My biggest complaint though is that I don’t really care much for the prisoners. No, it is the Superintendent and the Warden that I actually care about.

I love these colors so much!

The show appears to be heading towards a tournament format starring the prisonders and I’m not sure if I’m too interested in that.

Please, observe the warden. She’s the best. I SHIP HER WITH BALD DUDE!

Ninja Girl and Samurai Master


Very cute and good short!

Shuumatsu no Izetta


Image from MAL

I watched a few minutes of the first episode but kinda didn’t want to watch more, so I stopped with the intent of picking it back up later. I hear there’s been some controversial fan-service in episode 04, so maybe I’ll pick it up for that. My motives are never pure. (I also hear the history angle is sorta neat.)

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru


Image from MAL: These two are the cutest ship

Sword Boys is good. There are many cute faces and the slice of life life of the sword boys is rather endearing. And the boys are cute. Some are very cute. Good fluff. (I hope I don’t get bored of it though!)


I forgot to mention it in my Summer Final Impressions Post but Thunderbolt Fantasy is the anime of the year.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari


I love he genuinely liked the accessory and didn’t play any ‘NOT FOR BOYS’ nonsense.

I’m 1 or 2 episodes behind on Udon no Kuni, but enjoyed what I saw! It is a nice show with pretty visuals that features an adult playing a not-cringe inducing role. The Tanuki boy is absolutely adorable and must be protected at all costs.

The pace is very laid back and slow and totally suits the show…but for some reason, it isn’t terribly gripping. I might get to watching more when I get the chance.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda


Taken from MAL. Main girl is fab.

I saw the first episode and liked it! I’ve read a bit of the manga so I knew what to expect, and they did it justice. I should probably watch more…I suppose my one main quiffle is that I’m mostly only interested in one ship, so most of the cast feels superfluous.



Taken from MAL (note Rich girl sitting on the poor boy)

The first episode was all right and only served to remind me of how much I missed the original cast BUT THEN IT GOT BETTER. I don’t know if I just got used to the new cast or if they did something better but http://www.Working is actually good! I am looking forward to every episode that comes out and believe me that’s an accomplishment.

I actually really like the Main Character. If you stopped watching because you thought he was too normal, then pick it back up. He’s slowly being turned into a blunt, slight asshole and it is glorious. The rich girl is fantastic as is ghost girl. The floor manager is the weakest link amongst the girls (I miss Todoroki) but even she’s pretty likable. The boys are all likeable in their own way too (though I miss SATO).

There’s no Yamada either, which is a bit sad, but we’ll make do. One thing I really do like about this new Working is that the brand of violence is much more tolerable. I could not stand Inami in the original and hated her relationship with Souta because it just felt so ugh. I’ll admit she was cute at times but it wasn’t a happy ship for me. This Working plays it much safer and I’m so happy for that.

Gakuen Handsome


Short of the year. These boys are so handsome and good.



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