Quick Winter 17 Impressions

Happy New Year everyone! What do you mean it’s been a month already. It is not 12 PM yet! Okay, I’ve been bad about this blog this month and this post too isn’t very thorough. Still, I wanted something out this month!

Anyway, this is just a quick list of the few (surprisingly many this time) shows I’ve watched and some thoughts.




Best show this season. The intrigue, the lovely character designs and look, all of it is so rad. This show is referred to as a ‘slow burn’ and it is, but it totally has me hooked.

Akiba’s Trip: The Animation


I enjoyed the first episode, but haven’t gotten around to watching more yet. There are plenty of other anime this season taking up my time.

CHAIN CHRONICLE: Haecceitas no Hikari


I think I saw one episode of the TV version? I enjoyed it, but have since been confused over whether to watch the TV version or the movie version. I’ll probably get back to it sometime because fantasies are my jam and the main girl is very cute.

Side Note: Few tweets here

Demi-chan wa Kataritai


Ah, Demi-chan. This show has the best faces, some lovely characters and fantastic little character animation. It is fundamentally warm and charming….but…

I don’t really mind problematic relationships (in fact I like them!), but it feels a little iffy here. On the one hand I admire the teacher’s ‘it is science, no holds barred with respect to questions’ nature, but on the other, asking his students some of the stuff he asks is a little over the line. Also not too fond of a harem angle with three students, hypothetically, aiming for a teacher. If it was just one and the entire show was about them making it work, I’d lap up the problematic relationship with glee.

A fair few folk complained about the sensei thing, but a personal grip of mine that no one else noticed, was the succubus working hard to ‘not seduce men’. I don’t know, but to me, it feels wrong to suggest she to be the one to take the onus of that responsibility. I was all up for shipping her with the buff, many sensei, but if her reasoning is as flimsy as ‘he wasn’t seduced by me, so I love him’, then it feels like a pretty weak ship.

Sill, Demi-chan has its charm. The cast is, all things considered, lovely and vampire girl’s faces are 10/10. Also the Sensei’s (both of em) are hot as heck. I want to marry Succubus-sensei and to have Scientist-sensei crush me with those arms.


Okay, ahem. Anyway, I’ll try to keep watching Demi-chan!

IMPORTANT NOTE: THE ABOVE WAS WRITTEN BY THE THIRD EPISODE I THINK. THE ONE RIGHT AFTER WAS VERY GOOD. GLAD I WATCHED ANOTHER ONE. Sensei X Sensei is now a very good ship and they better get married. I’m still not too fond of the harem angle but eh.


Not putting in a shot of the main girl because mole singer girl is probably best girl.

Not putting in a shot of the main girl because mole singer girl is probably best girl.

Against perhaps my better judgement, I am watching Fuuka! I say against my better judgement, because as a spiritual successor to Kimi no Iru Machu, you know it is going to start a few wars, cause many facepalms and in general, be terrible for your heart.

Still, thus far in Fuuka, the girls are cute (MOLE MUSICIAN GIRL IS BEST), and the romance sort of fun. I think I am old enough to enjoy these love triangle shows for the shenanigans they pull. I hope I am anyway.

One not romance related complaint I have is that the ‘we are gonna make a band!’ angle is really rather meh and it is made all the worse by having a very average, not a musician, protagonist. If the show had started with him as a talented bass player being roped into a band by Fuuka, then I’d have liked both him and the show a lot more. Protagonists who’s only defining feature is the ability to have conversation with two girls are rather boring. (I’ll give him props for being a funny twitter user though.)

Oh and best boy is the blond best friend. He is very good. He may even be my favorite side character this season.

Hand Shakers


The most surprising thing about this season (especially to me) is that I’m somehow still up to date with Hand Shakers. I do not know why exactly. The story isn’t anything special and the characters, while occasionally cute, are not especially charming. The visuals…well…enough has been said of the ‘controversial’ (to say the least) approach the studio has taken. The end of the first episode with the spinning camera actually made me dizzy!

Still, I have watched the three episodes out thus far. Will I watch the fourth? Only time will tell.



We don’t deserve Maidragon. We really don’t. This is such a good show. There is this undercurrent of family, warmth, empathy and acceptance that runs through the whole thing and it is just so good. Combine that with stellar character interactions, lovely visuals, some great comedy, lovely faces and a charming atmosphere you get one of the best shows this season.

I have a silly habit of tweeting ONE EYE LOOK, but this one is right up there as one of this season's favorite shots. God, she is this adorable goof maid most of the show, but also a frightening dragon. The contrast works really well!

I have a silly habit of tweeting ONE EYE LOOKS, but this one is right up there as one of this season’s favourite shots. God, she is this adorable goof maid most of the show, but on occasion is also a frightening dragon. The contrast works really well!

If you were to ask me what were my two favorite shows this season, it’d be ACCA and Maiddragon. Seriously, if these two keep it up, I need little else this season. Maidragon is lovely. Please check it out!



More Konosuba. More good stuff. Aqua needs to be dunked on, as do most of the characters in this show and I’m glad we get to see more of this dunking!

Masamune-kun no Revenge


The character designs are really good and pretty. Despite the not super gripping execution, somehow I’ve kept up! I stopped reading the manga after some time, for no real strong reason, but will hopefully keep watching this. Some of the production drops (or what looked to be that to me) in the newest episode concerned me, but eh.

Also Assistant girl is best girl. Her x Piggy MC = best ship.





Ahem. Anyway I enjoyed Seiren’s first girl and first arc a fair bit. For those who are knew to the Amagami SS style, Seiren takes a reset approach to love. So, we are going to get 4 episodes dedicated to a romance between one girl and the MC before it resets to a different girl. It is a pretty solid format for sticklers of simple romance like me. It does mean quality could vary a lot arc to arc and it is pretty strongly focused on only one relationship which has its downsides.


One of Seiren’s main selling points is how kinky it is. Yes, I said kinky because it is. It is not lewd per say or R rated, but a bit more exploratory of arousal than one might expect. The MC gets turned by seeing her feet, seeing her in his sweats and even dreams of having her dominate him while he sits on the toilet.


It is great in how sort of open minded it is about depravity. Shows like Shimoneta and Prison School are totally my jam for this reason and Seiren is a fluffier version. It is great.




I might be one of 3 people watching this show. The story is kind of slow. It is not very well executed at times and the animation could also do to be better. But, it is a simple easy to watch show. The relationship between the main two is not bad and amazingly gay and there are lots of great faces. And some of the comedy is actually pretty funny!

Urara Meirochou


I only saw one episode, but I enjoyed it a lot! I’ve been so distracted by other shows that I haven’t gotten around to watching more.  This is such a cute show. Some folk did not like the ecchi-ish bits, but I considered them not antithetical to the cute nature of the show. I’m not sure how that works, but it works for me and I enjoyed all of it. It looks really nice too!

Youjo Senki


Episode 1: This is amazingly bad good. I feel terrible liking this fascist anime, but it is so aesthetic with the ‘war for the fatherland’ thing, I can’t help but like it.


Every episode after: OMG. THIS IS ACTUALLY GOOD.


Youjo Senki is an anime about a ruthless Japanese Business man who gets reincarnated as a loli in some version of Germany and fights in their war (an extended WW1 I think). At first it is crazy, but then the little in between details get filled in and it turns into a show about Tanya shooting herself in the foot, repeatedly. Her absolute denial of God despite speaking to him is hilarious, as is seeing everything go against her wishes. It is a lot of fun!


Oh and the ending has some really good illustrations.

p.s. Frog girl has a strange face.



An anime by the Akira Amano, the creator of Hitman Reborn!

This show is very Reborn. The wimpy middle schooler accompanied by a young-sounding voice of reason is so Reborn! Still, that’s not an implicitly bad thing. The girl this time around, while not too much to my liking, is more interesting that Kyouko girl. More so, the show features all kinds of zanny alien designs as well as orbiting space ships! What’s not to love about that. Oh and good faces too. Also the ending here is very pretty.

With respect to the cast, I find the main girl way too mean spirited and the main boy hasn’t really won me over but I’m willing to see him change for the better (likely the point of this show). The aunt is really sweet though and I wish we say more of her relationship with her basically adopted son.


Quick Rating

  1. ACCA/Maidragon
  2. Seiren
  3. Demi-chan
  4. Konosuba
  5. Youjo Senki (Tanya)
  6. Fuuka/Masamune kun no Revenge
  7. Spiritpact
  8. ēlDLIVE

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  1. #1 by Karandi on February 1, 2017 - 3:46 am

    ACCA is definitely the show that has impressed me the most from this season. Whether it can end as well as it has started is still to be seen, but I’m really caught up in the story and characters at this point and am just loving each episode.

    • #2 by Reiseng on February 1, 2017 - 8:27 am

      Nice. I’m happy to hear just how well liked it is in our circle. It deserves all this praise.

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