Winter 17 Updated Impressions

Hello, I figured I should make a blog post, so here is another talking about my current takes on stuff I’m watching this season. I have only finished a small number of shows thus far, but this is practically a final impressions post at this point.

In unrelated news, I’ve been watching Gundam 00! You can see my progress here if you are interested.


ACCA continues to be amazing. The plot has begun moving, the gears are all turning, few twists are left and it is about to hit the coupe climax. I’m an episode behind (haven’t seen 11 yet), but I’ve loved basically all everything. The aesthetic in particular continues to move me and there are these fantastic little character exchanges scattered about. In episode 10 for example, the branch chief asks for a cigarette then offers it back when requesting help. It is an amazing ode to all of the cigarettes Jean was given throughout the show as folk tried to butter their way into his loyalty.

Folk complained a little about how long it took, to get rolling, but to be perfectly honest, I almost wish it never started rolling.  Just seeing Jean visit all those districts, take in the local culture, and eat food with Nino and his sister was enough for me. There’s a bit of an involved story going on so that always feels like the it’s overshadowing the ambiance a little but hey. I hope it ends well!

Demi-chan wa Kataritai

demi chan sensei

I haven’t seen the 11th episode of Demi-chan yet, but for the most part it has remained cute and charming (especially vampire girl!). That said, I’ve had a few quips with it….

Under a non-harem context and the accompanying taboo as the main focus I think I might enjoy a teacher-student relationship (sorry I’m a sinful human), but it feels so blegh here and entirely antithetical to the otherwise fun banter the cast has with one another. It hasn’t been too bad for the most part since Machi’s crush has been one sided, but episode 10 suggested that perhaps Takahashi had some feelings for her too and I didn’t really enjoy that.

In my previous impressions post, I mentioned a concern of mine with respect to the succubus teacher:

A fair few folk complained about the sensei thing, but a personal grip of mine that no one else noticed, was the succubus working hard to ‘not seduce men’. I don’t know, but to me, it feels wrong to suggest she to be the one to take the onus of that responsibility. I was all up for shipping her with the buff, many sensei, but if her reasoning is as flimsy as ‘he wasn’t seduced by me, so I love him’, then it feels like a pretty weak ship.

They did one good thing recently and that was Sakie learning Takahashi was seduced (he just didn’t show it). She somehow came to like him even more and even decided to sort of try and seduce him over! That was lovely. I don’t really know what conclusion her conversation with him in episode 09 ended up at, but it kind of felt not as sex positive as I’d have liked?

Episode 7 really soured me though. Apparently there’s an entire police division setup because some succubus use their powers to make men sexually assault them and then sue the men or something? It was not good. Like, of all the crimes they could have picked, it just had to be false accusations of assault. I don’t know, it felt like such an archaic way of thinking. It’s fine to cause a conflict between society and demi-humans, but this felt like such a backwards way of doing it.  If you insist on using ‘seduction’ as a cause for concern, it could have been augmenting any other crime (like knocking out guards by seducing them before a robbery or purse snatching an enamored rich person), but nope they just had to pick fake assault.

To me this is a rather strange show. The girls are cute, Takahashi is hot, Sakie is hot, the interactions between the girls is cute and great as are the themes of fitting in and accepting differences. Their is an undeniable charm to it all and little quirks like Machi handling daily tasks or Hikari biting arms or Yuki liking gag manga are all good. Heck Hikari and Himari’s sibling relationship is one of the best this season. But sometimes, the show’s view of the world (politics as we call them) rears its head and it is not so great. It is mostly really good though so yeah, weird feeling.

I’m not sure if I’ll get around to finishing this show despite only being two episodes from the ending. That said, I saw screenshots of the final episode and it looks to be a good swimsuit episode! I’m very tempted to watch it.


A few weeks back I let the Fuuka episodes pile up then watched all the way up to episode 7 and really liked some of the development. It was a hard watch for me because I’m bad at handling drama, but there was some good stuff in there…then I stopped once more and well some discourse happened on twitter and I kind of haven’t bothered watching any more. I have some idea of how the anime will end and it kind of doesn’t feel like it will be fulfilling enough for me to bother. (Maybe I’m just making excuses to hide from Fuuka drama. Who knows.)


This is the one airing show I’m actually up to date with and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Maidragon is such a treasure. Everything I said in the previous post still holds true

We don’t deserve Maidragon. We really don’t. This is such a good show. There is this undercurrent of family, warmth, empathy and acceptance that runs through the whole thing and it is just so good. Combine that with stellar character interactions, lovely visuals, some great comedy, lovely faces and a charming atmosphere you get one of the best shows this season.

What’s most impressive to me is that somehow it has remained good and has even gotten better in some ways. It’s…yeah. I can’t bring up the words at this moment, but it is very special. Do try it if you haven’t!

If you hang around the same twitter waters as me, you would have seen a lot of Maidragon screenshots and I want to note that the angle we often emphasize with those tweets is not necessarily this show’s strongest trait. Some folk tweet all of the gay scenes because that is important to them. Other folk die over cute Kanna and so on. It’s hard to convey in screenshots sometimes (or even short gifs) the warmth and family feeling this show has. That is my personal favorite part of it. Tohru, Kobayashi and Kanna act like a cohesive, loving family. Fafnir and Takiya are also very much a family. And that’s what I love most about this show (that and the package as a whole is really well put together).


I’m pretty far behind on Konosuba, but I should finish it someday. It is more Konosuba, and is thus just great.

Masamune-kun no Revenge

I haven’t finished this show yet, but good lord did it have an amazing pick up around episode 8-10. The relationship stuff got pretty serious. There were tears, almost sex, rejections and questions. I have a feeling it will not end on that high of a note, but that was a surprisingly in-depth jump into the weird romances these kids are weaving. It might have come too late for most folk though and I’ll admit my own love for the cast isn’t especially high any more. (I guess you could say I don’t really like anyone enough to force myself through drama.)

I do want to finish it though….I think it deserves that.


The second arc of Seiren was pretty good! The popular consensus was that it was significantly better than the first arc but many of us like Tsuneki slightly more than gamer senpai. In my opinion the first arc really needed another four episodes for something that ambitious, but I did enjoy the more sensual approach to the romance, it just didn’t match the ending we got.

The second arc is better structured and has a very rewarding ending, but to be perfectly honest I didn’t like the highs as much as I liked the highs of the first one. I found the video game backdrop rather boring. Still, the ending of the second arc was excellent and left me happy.

The least cute and least exciting girl, but still had some cute moments

The third arc was pretty good. I didn’t think I’d like the kouhai much, but like all of the Seiren girls she has another side to her archetype and ends up great because of it (she’s very frank about the weirdest things like underwear). This is the arc where the romance is very front and center and because they are childhood friends, the awkward introduction is missing and the transition from strangers to close friends/partners (biggest problem with the first two arcs) is non-existent.  I do think they dragged it out a bit too much and it wasn’t terribly exciting of an arc. Oh well.

Please give us a second season with the other girls teased in the opening.

especially for her


I’ve fallen two episodes behind here, but this had some good moments (mostly the boy love scenes tbh) and is not a bad watch. The weak production is a real shame though and it does feel like the script isn’t well written. The story in the background is pretty standard good stuff, but the execution feels slow and is often not too interesting. All that said, I admire the show for being pretty damn gay. I admire that a lot! Some tweets.

Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki is all kinds of fun. You get to see fascists destroy stuff. You get to see God try to dunk fascists. Great stuff!

Jokes aside, there are times where it dips into some serious stuff and it has had moments of extreme clarity. You should read Bobduh’s post on episode 7 if you haven’t already. Episode 8 took it even further. It was a terrible, difficult episode to stomach and really drove in some of the horrors of war (especially for civilians). All things considered, Youjo Senki is an interesting show to say the least. I don’t know if it will end well, but the ride thus far (has been very much worth it.


ēlDLIVE has had its ups and downs, but as a whole I enjoyed it! The little Middle Schooler romance is at first a minor distraction as is Chuta constantly losing his confidence, but the cast as a whole is lots of fun. Even the romance improved a bit towards the end. They had some really cool friendship stuff going on with Chuta and his childhood friend. Episode 5 in particular was really, really good. I was close to tears by the end of it. The climax of episodes 7 & 8 came close to hitting that high and the final episode came even closer. Adding blue boy to the cast was a very good idea. Dr.Love makes me happy whenever he’s on screen.


Surprisingly it ended very well and I liked the final episode a lot! I would be game for a second season.


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  1. #1 by Rocco B on March 28, 2017 - 10:15 pm

    Nice post!. I personally felt that Fuuka played on coincidence more than anything. Konosuba is pretty good. The comedy can’t get a bit repetitive. I dropped Masamune, just like anyother romcom high school show. elDLIVE I enjoyed. Sure it isn’t as good as hitman reborn. If you look real closely Dr.Love looks very similar to another character from the hitman reborn uni, Lambo. I might need to give maidragon a bit more time, since i stopped watching around epi 4. Overall good post, keep it up :D.

    • #2 by Reiseng on March 31, 2017 - 12:18 am

      Awww, thanks! And yeah, even if I love it a lot, no pressure on coming to enjoy Maidragon. We all have our tastes

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