Quick Impressions of Fall 2017 Shows

Hello, I haven’t posted this month, so let’s make the easiest post possible and simply gloat about stuff I have seen thus far this Fall 2017 season. Oh and also Happy Halloween!!! I hope you had a spooky day.

This season has a LOT of good anime and there are a fair few series I should check out but haven’t and a fair few I’ve seen but fallen behind on because of unrelated things.

Note: Apologies for including tweet links in a blog post all the time but I feel I talk enough stuff by livetweeting it, that it is often more fun to just read my tweets.


The manager….irks me. He is just insufferable and that’s a shame because I love slightly questionable het ships. Actually I am glad the show keeps trying to dunk on him and Maika has shown no anime feelings for him, so that’s good.

Criticism aside, the REST OF THE SHOW IS GREAT. Omg all the girls and the green haired boy are great. Sadistic Maika is, umm to use my crass casual language, very <eye emoji> (I find even regular Maika to be very good actually) and I have a big crush on cute blond girl and the new red haired onee-san and even college loli is fantastic (sorry I am terrible with names but trust me that’s my fault, not the shows).

Overall a pretty fun watch, I just wish the manager…would stop existing.

Code:Realize – Sousei no Himegimi

This is frankly speaking a tad dull and slow for my tastes BUT I find the main girl to be very cute and pretty. The boys are pretty good too. The steampunk in London setting is pretty well realized actually in that it doesn’t feel like background window dressing but is also not the constant focus of the cast (both crimes the Clockwork Planet adaptation, another thing with gears, constantly comitted).

The fact that all of the boys are named after famous monster stories like Frankenstein or Van Helsing or Dracula just makes it all the better. This is a London with steampunk gears and vampires and evil assassin organizations.

Van Helsing is the best boy


hm, I am not fond of how Garo treats women who are not part of the main cast and I have some mixed feelings about its treatment of the disenfranchised (maybe a post on this some other day) BUT the main cast is lovely. I love big boy Sword and his goofy big strong boy nature. I didn’t find Sophie all that interesting at first, but episode 04 really sold me on her. Sophie is a fantastic complement to SWORD (thus far) and I am really looking forward to more. Also that lady in episode 03 can kick my butt. Please.

The camera in Vanishing Line can be a bit too busy for my taste but overall I am a big fan of the aesthetic, most of which is inherited from the previous Garo and complemented with a trash American movie look (trash being a subjective, but positive in my case, word here).

I love Sophie, she’s a good kid

Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2

I really liked the first season and the 2 episodes I’ve seen of S2 have been really good. I still need to watch more and haven’t at least in part because it is not on Crunchy and I am lazy. The visuals, the opening and the ending are so good. What a fantastic low-key show about bureaucracy in HELL.

Houseki no Kuni

Houseki no Kuni or Land of the Lustrous is extremely GOOD. A few folk on the TL liked the manga a lot and I can see why. Land of the Lustrous is just good. How do I even talk about what is good about it. The gems are all super lovable, dad priest is amazing (and voiced by JOUJI NAKATA), the visuals are all CG but I actually like them here and it is just a nice show with melancholy as its base. Houseki is a fundamentally sad show, but it is incredibly beautiful in its sadness, and in its grief. It really is lovely.

Imouto sae Ireba Ii.

They are such good friends

ImoSae isn’t a show I’d recommend over Gems or one of the other very many good shows this season, but I’d be remiss in pretending this isn’t one of my favorites this season. It is tempting to say this show is trashy good, but really I think it is just plain, capital G, Good.

I should get around to writing a post on what is good about it, but the adult cast, the extremely good sense of comradery and some of the poignant  creator moments all make up part of a cohesive well put together package I adore. It helps that I not so secretly love slightly perverted stuff but really the show as a whole just appeals to me.

Episode 04 may have been my favorite episode this season (thus far) because it was just so gosh darn funny and it had some perfectly timed humor too. Not to mention the accountant lady….was extremely hot because she could do taxes. That’s it, that’s the wonder of this show. A character jumps to the top of the best girl rankings of the season simply by virtue of being good at taxes.

Tweets here

Just Because!

Just Because! is good….very good. I have heard a production collapse is inevitable and that’s just sad because this show pulls out the deft teenage life touch so well. I don’t really know how to describe it but there are very real genuine relationships here and them being almost mundane in their scope (simple romance problems) make them so high school and that’s great. The incredible character acting (the way they move) is top notch and really brings the cast to life.

Children of the Whales

This is technically a Netflix show but I watched 2 fan-subbed episodes and this show is a visual spectacle. Like, holy crap, if you are like me, it is worth checking out for the gorgeous look and atmosphere alone. The ending of the 2nd episode caused me great pain (in a mostly good way…), we’ll see if I get around to watching more but I dig this a lot.

Net-juu no Susume

This was probably my number 1 recommendation this season and mostly still is. MMO Junkie’s main lead is completely relatable and lovable. There are lots of cute faces and really powerful, supportive friendships of give and take and ah I don’t know, I am sure lots of good cheesy words could be used to describe this show. For the curious you can find some of my gushing tweets here.

Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara

YESSSSSSS, Soma is one of my favorite Shonens and I am so glad to have it back! Everyone is hot and good and the food looks tasty. It is all I can really ask for (and the Shonen friendships and the support they give one another is extremely good too).

 Girls’ Last Tour

I have seen one episode and I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to watching more because this is the real good stuff. It is a laid back post-apocalypse moe blobs being friends show and that’s exactly what we really need in this pre-apocalypse world. I seem to be paying more and more attention to visual direction these days because my jaw was constantly on the floor the entire first episode. This is a breathtaking world. It is sad and lonely, but the churn of the vehicle and the dim headlight bring it all to life.

The idolm@ster sideM

I am only 2 or 1 (depending on whether you count episode 0) episodes in and slowly making my way through this season’s best idol show. It is good, very good. I am still not a big fan of idols per say but these are good boys. Lawyer dude and main Jupiter dude are the best thus far.

Two Car

I watched two episodes of Two Car and haven’t really continued on because while I appreciate the character designs and stuff, I found it kind of dull. It is probably not my thing though going by the S&M screenshots I saw of episode 04, it may have certain scenes that are my thing.

Love is Like a Cocktail

What a super cute short. Chisato is attractive and cute, her husband Sora is cute and the two together melt me. This is a nice cute watch.

That’s all I’ve checked out thus far this season and pretty much all of it I like on some level. It is a good season. Now how many of these anime will I (infamous not-finisher of anime) actually finish, well, that’s a whole other question.


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