Quick Impressions of some Spring 2018 anime

Hello! The season is well underway and I have seen very few anime, but I figured the ones I’ve seen I should talk about!

(I started this post some time in April but oops)


Dances with the Dragons


While Dances with the Dragons’ execution is more than a bit lacking in my opinion, I do sort of like these kind of straightforward action, slight suspense shows. The second episode seemed to have kick-started the mysteries behind stuff and I am looking forward to seeing them play out if the show can keep me watching for that long.

There is a whole bunch of world building lore and stuff the show has that I just utterly ignored because I rarely care about it.

One thing I really like though is that the red haired main boy has a girlfriend and they are very intimate. Their relationship is not the primary driver of the show of course, but it is nice! And it gives me something to look forward to (I am just a sucker for physical relationships). If anything I wish that relationship was the core of the show because well that’s my taste.

Devils Line

[HorribleSubs] Devils Line - 01 [1080p]-00h06m11s788t.jpg

I like the flowers

I watched one episode of Devils Line and had to reread the summary to recall what happened in it lol.

[HorribleSubs] Devils Line - 01 [1080p]-00h05m01s468t.jpg

Never trust the ‘nice guys’

I do like vampires so I am tempted to watch more, but it is not an especially good show I feel. It is more than a bit umm rapey and the whole ‘vampires can’t control their thirst and lust and thus must unfortunately be put out of their misery’ is not a theme I like. I didn’t watch past the first episode and don’t really intend to at this point.

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory


I never thought the day would came where we’d get another season of FMP but here we are. Here we are. I have read a bit of the novels (and some summaries) and I know they are a bit too sad from here on and it is less of the over the top humor that made FMP originally so endearing but still we get the Kaname and Sousuke ship so I can’t complain.

(For now)

(I haven’t kept up with FMP….but really should get back to it someday. I just…don’t want to see my kids suffer ;_;)

Gundam Build Divers


Yessss! More GBF, well GBD I guess but hey, more of the same kind of thing even if the technology is totally different and they have in game avatars and stuff.

One thing I really like is how wholesome the two main boys are. They are always complimenting one another and it is a very supportive friendship!

I like the Campion too! Most of the adults seem like good kind folk. I do miss the Meijin though, but hey can’t have everything.

I noticed a fair few um production hiccups now and then unfortunately, but hey I guess.



This show about a bunch of psychic powerful brats owning adults is downright hilarious. The comedic timing is just perfect. There are some touching bits here too about a girl from another world finding a foster parent who looks out for her, but also it is just very funny.

I am slowly catching up. Episode 06 has to have been one of the most emotional episodes this season. Wow, it left me in tears.


Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-


EXTREMELY HUSBAND OGRE also wow this scene was absolutely divine. The anime has a few of these little bits where an ayakashi pops out unexpextedly and so good

Ah, somewhat problematic shipping (a sort of forceful arranged marriage in this case), my kind of questionable jam. In truth this show starts of a bit shady and our initial impression of the manager (main guy) is understandably rather harsh but he becomes far more endearing by the third episode. This show is really helped by having a strong, spunky female lead.

I also tend to like mostly lowkey youkai shows and while this obviously doesn’t have the same relaxed tone as say Natsume, it kind of fits the bill. As of the ninth episode this is like my favorite watched show this season. I really like it.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes


Woah! We’ve got the classic’s remake here. I haven’t seen the original so I can’t compare the two (though its clear one or two changes were for the worse).

I didn’t find the advanced tactics especially advanced in the first episode. I mean….charging in to take out individual fleets one by one before they attacked you together seems very common sense.

Though the doughnut tension (whether they’d break off) was pretty neat! And that’s mostly what I am interesting in watching that kind of ‘woah where is this heading’ tension. That and the friendship between Reinhardt and Sieg. 🙂

Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari


I was enjoying Last Period. It is a silly little fluff anime with cute characters and constant dunking of mobage and gaccha.

There’s not much else for me to say, but it is cute!

Magical Girl Ore


Now, this anime features an idol girl who transforms into a macho boy when she does her transformation.

My one criticism is that if anything the show tries to pull out too many jokes that it lacks the comedic timing to nail them. Hinamatsuri doesn’t try to pack in every kind of joke it can, but it absolutely nails whatever it tries, in comparison Mahou Shoujo Ore tries everything it can (I mean it has idols and magical girls) and nails some of them, but it makes up for it through sheer effort and gutso.

I admire this show for the camp as well how fun it just tries to be and some of it I have found genuinely incredibly funny. Good show!

Megalo Box


I haven’t kept up with Megalo Box out of laziness but I watched the first few episodes with my brother and good lord this show is just quality. Like extremely high quality. Wow. I can’t even sum up exactly what’s good about it, but beyond just the extremely high production values, the story beats were all clicking and you really really root for our very good main character.

Like Hinamatsuri, episode 06 was a real emotional punch (heh). Fantastic.

Nil Admirari no Tenbin


I am probably one of like 3 people who has checked out the first two episodes of this show. I love romance and I can’t help it. The character designs are very good. The main girl is cute/hot, the boys are pretty cute/hot too (albeit not very novel at all), but all in all it is not an especially enticing show.  (Keep in mind though I am not the target demographic for it, it may very well be a very serviceable otome adaptation.)

Persona 5 The Animation


I have barely played the Persona games, so I actually rely on the anime to keep me kind of up to speed with the games all the cool kids play. The Persona 5 anime some two episodes in has been pretty good thus far! Ryuji and Ren are cool together and some of the stylish stuff from the game looks stylish and cool here too.

I am also rather fond of the oppressed youth theme the anime seems to have going on.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online


Oh no main girl is cute

“I can’t believe SAO is finally good” seems to be the sentiment passed around my timeline and while I can’t really compare to the original SAO (having seen so little of it), Gun Gale Online is a lot of fun!


Oh no, she’s too good

I love the music, I love our little protagonist who’s hot in real life and cute in game. I love her extremely good black haired sister and I love how Ren is hilariously hell bent on just killing people in game (to the point she gets nicknamed the pink devil) but is also cute. This show seems like fun, chill MMO shenanigans.


Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

[HorribleSubs] Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai - 02 [1080p]-00h03m44s391t.jpg

Tada-kun is legit my favorite show of the season. Some folk compare it to Nozaki-kun and in some ways the two shows do have a similar tone to them, but Nozaki is far funnier. To make up for it though, Tada-kun hints at romance that might actually have an ending (SHAKES FIST AT ALL MY GOOD SHIPS IN NOZAKI-KUN).

[HorribleSubs] Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai - 02 [1080p]-00h18m42s121t.jpg

The President may be an oppai pervert, but I adore this kind of ‘I hate you, actually I don’t but let’s pretend I do’ relationship, I am sorry

I just really like Tada-kun. It is 100% my kind of show from the pretty girls, to the mostly cute interactions and the overall very pretty look for the anime. Also Alec is hot and so good, oh so darn good.

[HorribleSubs] Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai - 02 [1080p]-00h06m57s334t.jpg


END OF MAY UPDATE: I left the above because I wanted to be true to my past feelings BUT GOD I SALFJHLASKFJHDASLKFJDASLKF JHDSALF you see episode 06 happened and I despised it so so so so so so so so much. I just argh. My goodwill was betrayed!

I just wanted a nice straightforward romance with some light comedy but noooo, gotta give me a love triangle literally no one asked for as well as fiancee drama and argh everything ahhhh. I even came to dislike Alec and that is just man why.

Oh but episode 05 was like the best. THE BEST FRIEND IS SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD.

[HorribleSubs] Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai - 05 [1080p]-00h17m56s242t.jpg


My Sweet Tyrant


This is cute. Main boy is a bit on the creepy side with his secret photos but other than that, I like this a lot.  Main boy’s hot and cold sides are cute and I love how the girlfriend totally understands him even when he’s brash. Helps that she’s cute/hot too.

Crossing Time


The incest siblings are hilarious

Kinda hit and miss depending on who the people at the railroad are but this is generally very cute and fun! I like it.

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