Quick LN Rec: Unwanted Undead

Hello, here’s a quick post to make my once a month quota!

Consider giving Unwanted Undead, a Light Novel by Okano Yuu, a shot. It is licensed and you can buy/preview it on J-Novel Club if you like (note: they aren’t sponsoring me or anything I am just linking em….).

undead adventurer vol 2.PNG


A mediocre adventurer lad is adventuring like usual when he dies. Then he finds himself reincarnated as a skeleton monster! Knowing that monsters can, should they kill enough monsters, evolve into higher more intelligent forms, he sets out to to evolve so he can both communicate with humans again and become the strongest adventurer.

As he gets used to his new body and it slowly evolves, he becomes far stronger than his previous mediocre self. He never had any aptitude or skill before despite all his hard work, but in this new slowly evolving body, he can be much stronger and his dream of being a great adventurer is within reach!

unwanted undead 1 bones.png

From the manga adaptation


  • One questionable assault scene, like think a vampire biting without consent scene.
  • Some old fashioned gender politics etc but at least it is usually presented as ‘that’s the unfortunate way this society is’ and not ‘that’s the way it should be’.
  • A reference to slavery via a very bizarre contract negotiation that happens in other countries and I’m praying to God that our MC doesn’t get a slave. He doesn’t like the idea at all so I’m hoping he never gets one but protagonists have broken my heart before…

Good Stuff

  • Very Engrossing, it is like those young adult novels idiots like me can’t put down. I have to read every new volume in like 1 sitting.
  • Straightforward fun little story. It’s one of those stories where the protagonist has a good set goal in mind (become a vampire and the highest ranked adventurer), knows very roughly how to get there and just goes dungeon exploring to try and move closer to his goal all the while building his relationships and making new friendships.
  • It feels like an isekai, but isn’t one. There are a lot of game elements but no UI, no ‘lol I’m a nerd’ references. The protagonist is a citizen on the world but the world itself is very much the world of an isekai, stuck in a game story and I like that a lot!
  • Mostly cool relationship between the protagonist and a close scientist friend. They respect one another and understand one another well. I’m not sure what romance options this series will explore (looking like a love triangle atm and I’m hoping it doesn’t end up a harem).
  • Pretty fun magic system that I mostly ignore because I’m lazy but the protagonist does have a unique talent if sorts with it and it is fun seeing him blow stuff up!

Anyway if you like reasonably straightforward isekai-like fantasy adventure stories with a pinch of vampire and human monster elements give this a shot!

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