Not much to say at this point. Toxic Muffin was created on 11th July 2010, so that the great Reiseng could rage about stupid characters, or go kyaaa over others. That is all.
Quick note: All images on this blog are copyright material of their respective creators (that probably isn’t me), and their use in this blog is strictly for the sake of fandom and whatnot. If you are a scanlator/subber, and I used one(or more) of your pics, and if you don’t like that, then contact me and let me know. Oh, and if something I said offended you, please let me know. I am a pretty stupid guy, so normally I don’t know when I have offended someone.

About Reiseng
Reiseng is a soon to be university student living in Canada(He actually is one now!). Reiseng has been watching anime/reading manga for a few years now, but not nearly as much as a good deal of other people. Reiseng normally doesn’t talk in third person, but in this case, Reiseng will make an exception. Reiseng wonders if you have gotten tired of hearing the word Reiseng yet, Reiseng certainly hopes you have.
Reiseng likes manga/anime of the romance genre for Reiseng is a fan of pure love. Reiseng doesn’t like silly things like love triangles, becuase Reiseng likes pure love. Reiseng also likes some action series, because Reiseng enjoys watching badass characters do badass things.
Reiseng also likes the word badass, it has such a nice roll to it, Reising wishes that someday Reiseng will be called badass.
Anyways, Reiseng hopes you enjoy this blog, Reiseng will work hard, and try to keep this blog true to Reiseng’s true self and enjoyable for you readers.

What is a Reiseng?
Frankly speaking, I don’t exactly remember the meaning of the word, but a good friend of mine chose it for me, and he said that it suits my personality. So, I decided to trust him, and started using this name.

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