Conceited Asshat’s FAQ

Conceited Asshat’s FAQ

[This page is still under construction. Expect more questions and answers soon. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Here is my ask FM if you are interested.]

What was your first series of posts

I guess my first consistent series of posts were my Weekly Shonens, remnants of which you still see today. I started those posts because I read Shonen on a consistent, weekly basis and felt that I could cover them at least to some degree. I was also more of a Shonen fanboy back then.

Unfortunately, I have come to slightly dislike those Shonen posts over the years. They are ugly, boring, simple summaries and opinions that clutter my front page because I am too lazy to post anything else.

So, why do you keep posting them?

14th Dec 2016 Edit: I stopped posting Weekly Shonen due to sheer laziness earlier in 2016. Since then Bleach has ended and while I still read One Piece week to week, I don’t feel like covering it, or anything else for that matter, weekly. Apologies to anyone that read these posts. I am glad they exist.

I don’t know. I guess part of it is tradition, part of it is a desire to see at least this much through to the end and I guess I figured that they would add consistency to this blogs posting schedule.

As is evident from the late posting of the last post, that last like of reasoning is totally false. Having said all of that, even though I don’t look forward to my weekly posts (I hate obligations), I do kind of enjoy writing the posts themselves.

When it comes to the big three in particular, for one reason or another, I feel that I can afford to drop any hints of quality control and simply rant. Of particular enjoyment to myself are my little segments on Bleach which normally go along the lines of : “Stuff happened. Stuff was shitty. Kubo you are an idiot. Bleach is shit.” Creating those simple posts is quite enjoyable. 😛

I guess all I was trying to say was that contrary to popular belief, those posts are not actually this blogs raison d’etre. They are just there. Ideally, I would have a lot more semi-interesting posts up, but I am not the greatest at managing time (read as: I am lazy).

Did you cover any anime episodically

I did try to cover a few anime episodically (namely Okami-san and Guilty Crown), but I only got like 3 or so episodics written up and those were very exhausting, long posts. When it comes to episodics, I end up having too much to say, and my hoarding self hates holding back, so, I end up saying a lot.

Future plans?

I am now shifting to a more editorial-esque approach. I say editorial, but it is really more of a “I post what I want, when I want kind of thing.” Woops, I gave away too much information. I also want to write more posts on mangas as well. There are many good mangas out there, and other than a few exceptions, most manga blogs are really just volume reviews (absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it is just not my cup of tea).

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